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8 Of The Best Countries In Europe For Bird Watching That You Should Check Out

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bird watching

bird watching

Birdwatching is a very interesting and exciting scientific sport, and it is also a great way to get into the wild and enjoy nature more intimately. There are several amazing destinations in the world for birdwatching; however, if you plan a visit to Europe, this is an excellent post for you.

Mentioned below are eight of the most amazing countries in Europe for birdwatchers, and if you are planning a birdwatching trip after this pandemic is over. The travel bans are finally lifted, check them out.

The United Kingdom:

The UK is perhaps one of Europe's best places for bird watching; it is home to many different species of birds and is primarily known for its shorelines, wetlands, and fascinating islands.

Farne Islands, off the Northumberland coast, are among the most recommended bird watching spots in the UK. You can take an exciting boat trip to the islands, and you will see several puffins, terns, and kittiwakes that live and breed here. However, keep in mind that since these islands are protected colonies, you might have to stay in the boats. Therefore, look for best long range scope that you can buy.

You should also visit Loch Garten in the Scottish Highlands, where you will be able to spot the Osprey, which is one of the rarest species in the United Kingdom. While you are here, you should also look out for the Capercaillie, which is the giant game bird in the UK.

The Rutland Water is another fine spot for bird watching in the UK. Located in Rutland, which is the smallest county in the UK, this spot is home to many magnificent birds like the Egyptian Geese, ospreys, and Tree Sparrows, which are quite a rare sight. The Rutland water is also home to the British Birdwatchers Fair, the largest of its kind in the United Kingdom. 

So, if you visit Europe for a birdwatching trip, the UK must be on your list of destinations.



France is a popular country for many reasons, but few people know that it is also an excellent destination for bird watching. There are several amazing spots in France that you need to check out, and the Camargue Wetlands on the Mediterranean coast are on the top of the list. You can see many migrating birds over here, including the likes of herons and egrets.

If you move towards France's southern part, you will be treated by the sight of Europe's most magnificent bird, the Golden Oriole.



The Lake der Chantecoq, in the Champagne region, is one of the most highly recommended spots for bird watchers in France. It is, in fact, the largest human-made lake in western Europe. You can witness massive numbers of cranes and several other species on this magnificent lake when they migrate in spring and Autumn. If you are fortunate, you might also be able to spot the white-tailed eagle soaring above the lake.

France is a country with several fascinating bird watching opportunities, and it should be on your list of countries to visit in Europe.



Spain is a great country to visit. The breathtaking beaches and spectacular sunsets in Spain will make your trip truly memorable. However, if you are a fan of birdwatching, you need to visit the Ordesay Monte Perdido National Park.

This massive 15000 hectares UNESCO designated park is widely regarded as one of the best places to visit for birdwatching on the entire continent. The park is breathtakingly beautiful, but it is also home to several fascinating species of birds. You can find the magnificent golden eagle over here. You will also be treated to the sight of Ring Ouzels, Water Pipits, and the rare Black Woodpecker in this fantastic national park.

Furthermore, the district of Extremadura is also an excellent place for birdwatchers. Several amazing species like the Black Stork, Golden Eagle and, Peregrine Falcon can be spotted in this cultural border district of Spain.



Since the last few decades, several central European countries have become very easy and affordable to travel to. Apart from their exceptional natural scenery, they also present some excellent bird watching opportunities.

With the Adriatic Sea on its coastline, Croatia has become one of the most popular countries for birdwatching, and once you visit it, you will see exactly why.

A place called Nin, in the Zadar region of Croatia, is one of the best spots to visit on your trip. You will be able to witness spectacular birds like the Kingfisher and the Kentish Plover in their natural habitat. Furthermore, you will also be able to spot Little Egrets and Black-winged Stilts in this area. And keep in mind that these birds are just a few of the hundreds that inhabit Nin.

Another popular bird watching destination in Croatia is the island of Pag, which is located in Lake Vrana Nature Park. Both of these spots are exceptionally beautiful, and you can spot a wide range of birthers here as well.



Iceland is undoubtedly one of the fascinating countries in the world. It is the second-largest island in Europe, yet it has one of the lowest populations, which means that most of the natural sanctuaries in the country are untouched and ripe for wildlife, including many species of birds.

The first spot to check out in Iceland is Lake Myvatn, which is located in the north-central region. This spot is famous for inhabiting a minimum of 15 different species of breeding ducks, that are believed to be exclusive to Iceland. You will be able to spot the unique Barrow's Goldeneye and the Harlequin Duck on the river draining from this lake.

During the breeding season, you will see the Scaup, Common Scoter and the Long-Tailed Duck feeding insects to their ducklings on the lake. Apart from ducks, you will be able to spot several other rare species in Iceland, including the Great Northern Diver and Ptarmigan.



Greece is another exceptional country in Europe, which, apart from its several other fantastic attractions, is also an excellent spot for bird watching. If you visit grease, the first spot you need to consider as a bird watching enthusiast is Lesbos.

This friendly, fascinating, and cultural place is home to some rare bird species and several familiar ones. However, the best part of the trip will be witnessing the extremely rare Cinereous Bunting and Krupers Nuthatch in their natural habitat. However, these birds are quite elusive, so you could have to spend a considerable amount of time trying to track them. You can also spot several migrating birds at Lesbos, including pelicans and crakes.

Therefore, if you want to combine your birdwatching trip with exceptional and sunny white-sand beaches, Greece is a must-visit destination in Europe.



Scandinavian countries hold a special place among birdwatchers. If you visit Sweden, there aren't too many places as impressive as Svartdalen, which is not far from the capital city of Stockholm, either. This bird watching destination is so popular that you can also hire local guides to take you to the best spots to witness the several bird species in the region.

Most prominently, you will spot several species of nesting owls, including the likes of Urals, Pygmy, Great grey, and Tenderman's Owls. Moreover, there are some rare species of woodpeckers in this region, including the grey hooded woodpeckers and the three-toed woodpeckers. 

If you aren't excited enough to spot these rare birds, Svartdalen also has the common rosefinch, Spotted Crake, and Capercaillie in its versatile habitat. Moreover, several species of gulls and terns also enjoy the lakes of this fantastic spot.





Close to Sweden, Finland is another wonderful spot for bird watching, particularly owls, although there is quite a diverse variety of other migrating and nesting birds. If you are a severe birdwatcher, Oulo is the place to be.

Oslo is perhaps the best place in Europe to spot owls as around eight of the ten native Finnish species of owls can be found.

You will be able to spot the Great Grey Owl, a magnificent bird, both in terms of its size and the way it flies. Moreover, you will also find Europe's smallest own, the Pygmy over here. Furthermore, you have to check out the hawk owl if you visit Finland on a bird watching trip.

If you move to the harbor near Oulo, you will also see several wading birds, including sandpipers and terns. If you visit in May, you will also be able to hear the elusive Red Wing at night, which is unique to this region of Finland.


Final thoughts:

The world around us is beautifully surrounded by different destinations from which one can choose from. Amongst the different continents of the world, Europe is a great destination to travel to, and among many other attractions, it also has many amazing destinations for birdwatchers. Therefore, I hope this post helps you enjoy your birdwatching trip to Europe as much as I did.



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