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Best Cryptocurrencies To Buy In November 2022

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The cryptocurrency market is expanding, bringing more and more new and promising projects. They are engaged with currency transactions, blockchain games, DeFi projects and metaverses, and developing crypto platforms for trading. In this article, we will mention new projects to invest in fall of 2022 and discuss one of the most popular tokens recently launched by the WhiteBIT exchange.

For those who did not keep track of newly added crypto assets this autumn, here is the list:

  • Metaplex (MPLX)
  • Sweatcoin (SWEAT)
  • Tamadoge (TAMA)
  • WhiteBIT token (WBT)
  • Point Network (POINT)

These are young and up-and-coming crypto projects. Their tokens are listed on popular crypto platforms; otherwise, you can buy them directly by registering on their official resources. To check out their cryptocurrency exchange rates, use one of the biggest crypto platforms (for example, WhiteBIT).

Talking about the best cryptocurrency for trading, we recommend looking for the leading crypto assets on the Coinmarketcap ranking. Solana, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cardano, XRP, and many other digital assets with a large capitalisation will be suitable for daily trading and long-term investment. Let’s switch to the WBT token.

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What is WBT, and Where Can I Use It?

WhiteBIT is one of the biggest crypto platforms officially functioning in Europe, having European registration and complying with all the regulator’s requirements. Recently, the platform issued its internal cryptocurrency – the WBT token. The token was developed based on the ERC-20 standard. The token’s price is growing – as of October 2022, one WBT costs $11,47. In September, it was $3,8.

The token holders receive discounts on trading fees and, in some cases, even zero fees for working within the platform. Also, token holders access other products developed with the WhoteBIT exchange.

So far, the token is available on the WHiteBIT exchange only, but listing on other large crypto platforms will not be long to wait. Listing on a popular crypto platform, Huobi, will occur shortly, and the first pair will be WBT/USDT.

Considering that WhiteBIT is rapidly developing and expanding its application scope, WBT is the best cryptocurrency to buy, for when it receives a listing on other large exchanges, its rate will likely boost.