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7 Things You Should Consider When Painting Your Home

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Thinking of redecorating? Read this article to find out what you ought to think about before you pick up that brush.

Painting your home is a wonderful way to breathe fresh life into the property. Rearranging the room is enough to give your mind a fresh perspective every time you walk into it. Recall the saying that a change is as good as a holiday? Changing a room in your home can have that same refreshing effect. However, we are not all skilled enough to pick up the paintbrush and start working away. Here are some things to think about with regard to your skill level as a painter.


The 7 Things to Think About Before You Paint

These seven things to consider before you decorate might save you having to wasting money or time.


1 – Consider a professional

Hiring a professional house painter can give you the expert finish for which you are hoping. If you are thinking of selling your home, or if you want to impress your relatives on family occasions, then hiring a pro painter is necessary. A house painter in San Luis Obispo says that good painting increases a property’s real estate value


2 – Is the room ready?

Pro painters know to prepare the room when they show up. You cannot just decide to paint and begin that moment. You must prepare the room by removing soft furnishings and furniture that get in the way.


3 – Are the carpets safe?

If you live in a carpeted home, it is far too easy to spill a few drops of paint on those carpets. No matter how much you try to avoid it, the chances are a spill will happen. Protect your carpets using waterproof dust sheets for the best chance of avoiding damage.


4 – Is the paint correct?

Have you tested different color swatches on the wall? If so, did you then test whether you wanted a matt or a gloss finish? Do you need interior, exterior, or radiator paint?


5 – Did you prime the walls? 

Priming the surfaces you are about to paint will make your paint go further. Primer creates a sort of barrier between the wall you are painting and the paint itself. Your paint won’t sink into the plaster in the same way as it might when you just paint straight onto the wall. Primer can save the need for two coats in some cases.


6 – Don’t forget the masking tape

Part of preparing the space involves placing masking tape – or painter’s tape – along the edges that you wish to remain clean. Use masking tape to block off areas you don’t want to paint means you get cleaner, sleeker lines.


7 – Paint, then roll

Using a roller is faster, but it is not a precise enough tool to use toward the outside areas of a wall. Instead, go around these areas with a brush first, then get as close to them as you can later use the roller.







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