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Best DIY Projects For Your Condo Unit

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living room

living room

Condos are the most sort after housing options these days because they are quite affordable compared to detached houses. With detached homes, you can build to your style, but most condo units come in a particular design.

Some units are quite smaller compared to others. If you look at the Condos in Toronto and compare them with condo options in Vaughan, you will notice Toronto condos do not have as much space. Condos generally don’t come with large spaces, but you can get a considerable size in your one or two-bedroom condo in Vaughan. There are many ways you can maximize your space, and if you have bought a new Condo, you can make it your style by simply doing it yourself. You can check out linens wholesale here.

Most people prefer to organize their home by themselves, it is cheaper, and it gives you something to do especially during the holidays. You can keep yourself busy around the house by transforming your condo unit. Here are some DIY projects you can do, to give your Condo a new look.

New Curtains

You can install new curtains in your Condo unit. If you want to dare to be different instead of using the regular drapes or window blinds, you can choose to find curtains from the kitchenware department. Table cloths come in amazing colors and patterns. Besides that, you won’t be the first to try it. Many people have used tablecloths to make beautiful dresses. Before you buy your curtain fabric, make sure it is the appropriate length to cover your windows, and that the fabric can be pierced. You can then mark out 2 to 2.5 inches at the tip of the fabric and fold it in an accordion style. Insert a pin at each point to hold the folded part in place so you can insert your curtain rod. If you are going to cut and sew the fabric, sew using backstitch so the hem looks neat.


Color Coordination

If you normally had a paint color strip, it is good if you haven’t disposed of it. You can use a color guide to help you pick out paint for your condo. You can choose bold colors like fuchsia or warmer colors, whichever you prefer on your wall. If you have time on your hands, you and your family can start painting. It is always better to pick soft neural colors because they have a way of bringing in light inside your condo. Not only that, but lighter colors also make your space seem a lot bigger. 

Paint Chip Calendar

If you still want to do more fun things with your paint stripes, you can make a paint strip calendar yourself. Most bookstores have these things, but it’s fun to do it yourself.

Buy a simple plastic frame and a sheet of glass from the hardware store. Line, the paint stripes on the plastic making rows of seven and five columns. You can use these to create labels for days of the week. Then you frame the plastic with the glass and hang on the wall. You can always change the dates and mark out special dates using a whiteboard pen on the glass. It would be easy to clean if you want to make any changes.


Bookend Bookshelf

Since you are strapped for space in a condo, you can’t install a full-length shelf. You can make a bookend shelf which does the same thing but saves more space. Buy a metal one from your bookstore, then install it yourself. You can give it a floating look to complement your home décor. Using a drill to make holes, you can screw the stand into the wall.

Don’t think of DIY projects as stressful work. It is fun doing it, and you can come up with lots of projects to transform your condo unit.






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