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5 Reasons Why You Need To Have A Residential Car Garage

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A residential garage is of utmost importance. The garage should be spacious, safe, and be used for different purposes. Despite a garage being beneficial to a homeowner, many of them ignore these benefits. One of the reasons that homeowners ignore their garage is because of garage clutter. This happens when there are no proper storage systems, which hinders the efficient use of a garage storage space. Garage clutter accumulates fast where it builds up to the point of relegating your vehicles to the outdoors. The primary purpose of a garage is vehicle storage. When you start using the garage for this purpose, you’ll realize how much you’ve been missing. The following five reasons explain why you need to have a residential car garage. Contact Fair Dinkum Builds for a quote and advises whether to have an attached or detached garage.

1. Keeps Vehicles Secure

It is a no-brainer that keeping your vehicle in a garage keeps it secure. Even with up-to-date auto alarm systems, leaving your car in your driveway puts it at risk of being stolen. Luxury cars are a desirable target for car thieves, but this is not to say that vehicles not in the high-end category are not stolen. Theft of popular models such as Toyota Camry and Honda Accord fuels a black market for auto parts such as catalytic converters, airbags, tires, and rims.

Other than being stolen, your vehicle can be a target for vandalism. Your vehicle’s window can be broken to enable vandals to take items inside your car; they can also scratch the car’s paint job. The consequences of vehicle theft or vandalism include:

  • Inconveniences of not having a car
  • Emotional anguish due to the theft or violation
  • Dealing with your insurance company when making a claim

Some insurers require you to have garage parking as a condition to obtain premium cost-cutting benefits.


2. Protects the Vehicle from Weather Elements

Modern trucks and cars are designed to withstand different weather conditions, but they have their limits. Even if you regularly wash your car, wax and rust-proof it like clockwork, eventually, they will start to show the effects of the elements. Ice, snow, and rain quicken the rusting process, with road salt being bad for vehicle bodies. Even light frost or dew over many years can take a collective toll on your car.

Homes in warmer climates are susceptible to the disadvantages of parking in a driveway. It is very uncomfortable to enter a vehicle that has been parked in the sun because of excess heat. Hail is also damaging to your vehicle, as UV exposure leads to premature fading of your car’s interior colors and paint job.

Apart from weather elements, the vehicle can be damaged by exposure to airborne elements such as pollen, dirt, and dust. The vehicle can also be damaged by tree sap and acidic bird droppings. The detrimental impacts of weather-related factors should be enough to make a residential garage a necessity.


3. Protection of the Vehicle’s Components

A car has several rubber components, including hoses, pipes, wiper blades, bushes, and many others. The rubber components prematurely wear out when exposed to cold temperatures, wind, rain, and the sun for a long time repeatedly. Worn-out vehicle rubber parts cause unnecessary problems such as squeaking and rattling. Avoid these problems by parking your car in a residential car garage.

Parking your car inside a garage keeps the engine oil at its maximum viscosity for a smooth engine start-up. When inside a garage, the temperature under the car’s hood is stable and does not fluctuate with a rise or drop in temperatures. This extends the life of the engine as it is always running smoothly.


4. Residential Car Garage keeps you Safe

Using a residential car garage also has the benefit of keeping you safer. A locked garage where you enter on the interior side of your home is a safer environment than a driveway when accessing your vehicle. When you get home and drive into your garage, a person wanting to harm you will be reluctant to enter your home. However, if you park in your driveway, they might have fewer reservations. For extra peace of mind, some garage door openers let you keep track of whether your garage was opened while you were away. Other security features allow you to turn on the exterior and interior lights before arriving home for extra safety.


5. Increased Efficiency of Air-Conditioning

When you park in a driveway, the car becomes too cold or too hot, depending on current weather conditions. When you start your car when it is too cold or too hot, the car’s air-conditioning will work extra hard to heat up or cool down the interiors, depending on surrounding temperatures and user preference.

Apart from solely using your residential garage for car storage, you can utilize the space for many other things. You can have an extra living space, bar, or gym. A residential car garage can also be used to throw a party. It gives you security as you’ll be inside without your house getting messy or mishandled by your guests.



A residential car garage can be unsafe, and you should take proper precautions to prevent disasters. One essential thing to have is garage door sensors. When the infrared beam running along the garage base is broken, the door will not close. There are also things that you cannot keep in the garage, such as fire extinguishers and propane, as they can explode. Also, avoid excess plugging of electronics in garage outlets as it can cause an electrical fire. If you would like to build a residential car garage.







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