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How To Start A Property Maintenance Business: 5 Surefire Tips

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property maintenance

property maintenance

Choosing a good business niche is always difficult but a property maintenance business is sure to prosper! Generating good sums of revenue with personal profits, this trade is a good start!

However,those that have freshly ventured into the entrepreneurial field must be stumped on how to actually take the leap so here we have produced a basic guide to help you start your very own property maintenance business.

Windermere Management brings you the 5 simple steps to give you a boost and get your trade on the road!

1. Dynamic Plans:  

A good property business manager has foundations strengthened with logical thinking and well-planned blueprints. You need to efficiently consider all aspects such as budgeting finances, backup plans, and originality.

Think what will set you apart from other such businesses? Here are some useful starters:

  • Create offers and packages at cheap prices
  • Highlight your specialties
  • Advertise and promote efficiently

You can even offer services that other businesses usually do not offer so create a versatile business that will be convenient for customers of they want repairs and cleaning. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!


2. Stock supplies:

To expertly maintain a property, you need specific equipment and products to deal with the variety of issues that present themselves. In order to start such a business, you need to first rack up a deal with a trusted supplier who will take responsibility for keeping a check on your inventory and restocking the supplies that have been replenished.

All tools required are basic handyman equipment that are easily available so make sure to purchase a good supply pong with backups. It is never good to have faulty equipment or finished items when called for a job.


3. Keep tabs with technology:  

Stay up to date with modern tools such as cutting-edge, cloud-based software. The apps available in this age will not help keep you organised but also your team as well with prompt communication between staff.

Keep notes about your suppliers and save directories to quickly communicate with them if you are out of a specific product. You can even ask the apps for solutions to certain common problems that you have!

You can also create records of previous jobs and download pdf reports to help with future endeavours. Even field workers can take advantage of such software by being able to take photos, notes, and quickly correspond with other field workers!

For further information, check out the link: Property Maintenance Software


4. Start from Scratch:

Do not bite off more than you can chew, remember to always start small and never burden yourself with orders you will not be able to complete. Do not cram your agendas by taking on difficult jobs with limited quantity of supplies.

This will only create chaos and customer dissatisfaction along with unresolved tenant issues. Always keep track of your projects and take on q small amount at a time.

If you do happen to get more offers then it’s time to think of expanding your business!


5. Entrepreneurial Advice:

Ask around other entrepreneurs and established firms about suggestions and advice to start your business. Gather tips and work on them instead of disregarding them. Such renowned businesses usually have a lot of valuable advice up to their sleeve owing to years of expertise.

Network efficiently and create an entrepreneurial circle to ask for help and supplies in dire need. They can even provide you with insight on how to budget efficiently. They also have sources and can even settle good deals for you with certain suppliers!



To sum it up, starting and expanding businesses are difficult but important milestones in one’s life. Their success depends solely on the individual’s hard-work and the time he will willing to spend on his work.

The success of your endeavour greatly and upon your efforts so go out there and get it with the help of these tips!







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