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5 Of The Best Fire Extinguisher for Car: A Fireproof Guide

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Car fires are rare incidents. You can always say that they did not originate on the car itself but from other external causes. It can either be human-induced or chemical-ensued. Either way, if your car is on fire already, you have to get out of it. Even if the light started small, it will be just a nick of time before it would grow big and raze your vehicle. It is a horrible sight.

Fortunately, you can still prevent a significant blaze by having the best fire extinguisher for a car. Just like the fire extinguishers in your home or office, car fire extinguishers are still used a preventive measure to control the blaze. Nothing can make you feel safe if you have the right knowledge and amenities to ensure your survival in case tragedy strikes.

Well, there are different variants of fire extinguishers that you can get for your car. But specific qualifications would guarantee that a particular fire extinguisher is fit for vehicle purposes. I will discuss them later. But for now, let me enumerate some of the fire extinguishers that you can install on your ride. Do you want to uphold the safety of your family or passengers? Get any of these following units then!

Let the extinguishing start!

Best Fire Extinguisher for Car: 5 Recommended Options

Product Name


Repelling Agent


Fire Type Class

Editor’s Choice

Aerosol (foam)

2 Pounds

A, B, and C



.5 Pounds

A, B, and C

Budget-Friendly Pick


1 Pound

A, B, and C

High-End Option

Sodium bicarbonate

1 Pound

A, B, and C

Niche Pick for Portability


1.2 Pounds

A, B, and C

For me, one of the excellent and most efficient fire extinguishers for a vehicle is the First Alert AF400-2 Tundra Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Spray. It has a practical use and simple ergonomics. You don't need to do any preparatory setups before you can discharge the solution that it has. By just pressing its nozzle, you can already tackle sudden bursts of fire.

One of the best aspects that this fire extinguisher has is the reach of its discharge. Correctly, it can throw the aerosol four times longer than most of its counterparts. Therefore, there is no need for you to get close to the fire just to put it out. It is not a safe thing to do, especially that we are talking about vehicular fires here. The spray coverage of this fire extinguisher is extensive, too. As a result, aiming is not necessary anymore.

Another ergonomic feature that the First Alert AF400-2 Tundra Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Spray has its portable size. You don't have to worry where you are going to place this because it is compact. It can be stored in your trunk or even inside your car. Moreover, it is light, too. This fire extinguisher doesn't require too much muscle work before you can use it. One hand usage is possible here.

After you have applied the aerosol, you don't have to worry about the mess (except for the potential damages caused by the fire). You can quickly clean the formula by just wiping the area with a clean cloth. It doesn't leave any unwanted scents, too, which makes it very car-friendly. Also, take note that the entire formula is biodegradable and doesn't emit pollutants or other harmful chemicals. 

We like

  • Clean and environment-friendly
  • Easy to use container (shoot and spray)
  • Spray coverage is full and long
  • Lightweight and compact construction
  • Effective fire extinguishing formula

We do not like

  • No particular drawbacks

The Mini Firefighter MFF01 Fire Extinguisher Eliminator has all that it takes to keep your car from being burned to crisp. It is as compact as the First Alert AF400-2 Tundra, which is already a good news. After all, we are looking for a small fire extinguisher that we can easily store in our vehicles. It is also lightweight, which improves its intuitiveness and usability.

This particular fire extinguisher is capable of stopping fire which is caused by different elements. It can put out gasoline, electric, or oil-related razes. Therefore, it is a versatile tool that you can rely on anytime. The fire professionals have already approved the formula that this fire extinguisher all over the world. Aside from being useful, the component is non-toxic and doesn't release any harmful chemicals. It is also biodegradable, too.

Just like the First Alert AF400-2 Tundra, The Mini Firefighter MFF01 Fire Extinguisher Eliminator allows easy clean-up. It doesn't produce too many residues after you sprayed it on a particular region. Just wipe it with a damp cloth, and you can't see any residues at all. This fire suppressant is also emitting no foul odors.

The Mini Firefighter MFF01 Fire Extinguisher Eliminator uses a unique formula that inhibits and cools down the fire source. In this way, it doesn't just stop the fire. It also prevents it from reigniting again, which is truly dangerous. Meanwhile, the foam that it releases expands significantly (around 30 times than its original size). But once the fire is out, the foam contracts immediately. Thus, messy residues are not available here.

We like

  • Biodegradable and non-irritant solution
  • Foam expands adequately to control the fire
  • Prevents re-ignition for fire
  • Clean output (doesn't leave residues or mess after application)
  • Portable and lightweight container

We do not like

  • Some finds it too small 

3. Fire Gone Pre Loaded Fire Extinguishers - Budget-Friendly Choice

While it is true that the price of Fire Gone Fire Extinguisher is not that low, it still offers a reasonable package. For the cost of one, you can get six canisters of this fire extinguisher. If you have a limited budget, this offer by the Fire Gone company is the best route that you have. However, don't ever think for a second that their fire extinguishers have a cheap quality. Oh no. That's not the case.

As you can see, the Fire Gone (FG6-067-106) Pre Loaded Fire Extinguishers contains a unique formulation that can quickly eliminate fire. It can prevent the spread of the raze thanks to the quick range of foam. The nozzle that it has is very functional, too. A quick press will instantly release the fire retardant foams. You don't have to panic anymore as the fire extinguisher can quickly act as you do.

Take note that just like the first two fire extinguishers that I have listed, the unit that we have here is capable of repelling Class A, B, and C fires. These classifications are some of the potential causes of car fires (e.g. electrical and mechanical failures). Therefore, by having this fire extinguisher, you can be confident that you can tackle unexpected combustions in your vehicle.

When it comes to its ergonomics, the Fire Gone (FG6-067-106) Pre Loaded Fire Extinguishers is perfect for vehicle and home applications. Since they are not big, you can store them in any tight spaces inconspicuously. They are lightweight, too, so handling the fire extinguishers are not a problem, even if you are a child. Furthermore, the reach and coverage of the spray of these fire extinguishers are enough to put out the flames quickly and adequately.

We like

  • Comes in a package of six
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Storage is not a problem
  • Clean and mess-free application
  • Fire formula is effective and non-harmful

We do not like

  • Only ideal for small fires
  • The cans may leak if not stored properly

From its appearance alone, anyone can guarantee that the H3R Performance MX100C Fire Extinguisher is suitable for severe fire killing applications. Although it has a compact size, it still has the capability to burst down any fire before they grow big. This product is made in the United States. It has also been graded by fire professionals to check its overall quality. The fact that it is on the market already is hard proof that the fire extinguisher works beyond fine.

It is particularly strong, especially if we are talking about its formulation. Specifically, it is using a sodium bicarbonate dry chemical as its extinguishing agent. It also contains non-caking elements to ensure that the foam won't get messy after you sprayed it. The combination of these compounds and other additives allow the fire extinguisher to smother the flame. It can also assure that the operator will not get electrocuted in case electrical components and liquids are involved.

Meanwhile, the construction of its container is indeed durable. The cylinder is made out of pure steel, making it a seamless canister. All the valves and other components are made of steel, too. The material has been coated as well to resist rust and corrosion. It is incredibly rugged and durable. You can expect that it is not susceptible to leakages and damages.

Using this fire extinguisher is not that difficult. Its design comes from standard-sized fire extinguishers. If you know how to use those fire extinguishers, then the H3R Performance MX100C should not bring too much trouble to you. Also, let me emphasize that the spray coverage and reach of this unit are adequate to put out moderately large fires. 

We like

  • Durable and rugged container
  • Highly effective fire extinguishing agent
  • Extensive spray coverage
  • Doesn't produce too much mess
  • Still lightweight and compact

We do not like

  • Expensive (but a worthy investment)

5. Fire Command Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Foam Spray - Best Car Fire Extinguisher for Portability

If you want a fire extinguisher that you can merely put anywhere in your vehicle, I suggest that you should try the Fire Command Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Foam Spray. It is an extremely compact fire extinguisher that you can store on the panelboard of your vehicle. The size of the canister is small enough that even your children can hold it adequately. But of course, I don't recommend that you should let them handle items like this.

Yes. It is true that this fire extinguisher is made to be portable. But this doesn't mean that its performance is something that you can belittle. The Fire Command Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Foam Spray has better range and coverage than most of its competitors. You don't need to come too close to the fire just to put it out. Just keep a safe distance and let this fire extinguisher do the dirty work.

Just like all the fire extinguishers here, the Fire Command Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Foam Spray uses an environment-friendly formulation. The entire foam is biodegradable and doesn't contain any harmful chemicals. You can guarantee that it is non-corrosive and non-pollutant. Of course, it is also effortless to clean. Just wipe the foam with a clean cloth and the residues will be gone!

For sure, using this fire extinguisher won't send you headaches. It is among the most ergonomic fire extinguishers that I have ever tested. You just have to press its nozzle so that the extinguishing agent would be sprayed out. And unlike most of its counterparts in the same category, the Fire Command Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Foam Spray is not susceptible to leakages. That is something I can guarantee.

We like

  • Compact and extremely portable
  • Environment-friendly extinguishing agent
  • Easy to clean and mess-free application
  • Seamless canister to prevent leakages from happening
  • Adequate spray coverage

We do not like

  • It runs out very quickly

Choosing the Best Fire Extinguisher for Car

Travelling the long and winding roads is a relaxing feeling. Nothing can just beat the sensation of driving your wheels smoothly on any terrains and pavements. But once the unexpected happens, these breezy scenarios would be gone in an instant.

Care fires rarely take place. Among the types of car accidents and troubles that you can encounter, light is the last thing that you can expect. But my point here is this: it is within the realms of possibilities. And when it does take form, it would be difficult to troubleshoot it. The best thing that you can do is to leave your car and get as far as possible. The explosion that can be created by the fire is nothing to be ignored.

Best Fire Extinguisher for Car

However, if you have a car extinguisher on your vehicle, your life and property can still be saved. If you can prevent the fire from spreading, you can effectively save yourself from dealing with costly and lethal damages.

Of course, if you are a car owner, you will undoubtedly want this kind of insurance. While it is true that your car has been built to resist this type of hazard, some unusual things can happen. These are the natural shocks that catch us off guard.

But on the flipside, take note that the standard fire extinguishers that you can usually see on buildings do not fit on this application. After all, they would be too big for your vehicle storage. You might get them in the trunk of your car, but hey, that is not proper. The best route that you have here is to invest in a fire extinguisher that is for vehicle use.

So how to get the right one? Well, read the following sections to find out.


You can see different types of fire extinguishers on the market. But for your car, you should get those compact units. These models can weigh less than four pounds, which makes them very easy to handle and store. Usually, small fire extinguishers have specialized canisters that contain powder-based extinguishing agents.

You can expect that their performance is still as good as the standard fire extinguishers. However, you should be aware by now that their output is not that great. That is a given already because they are mini versions of their big brothers. But if you use them properly, any fire can be thwarted by them.

Take note that if you are using a commercial vehicle, the law suggests that the NFPA regulation should approve the fire extinguisher you get. Moreover, its weight should not exceed five pounds. Heavier than this and you suffer difficulties from using it.

Fortunately, you should not spend too much whenever you are planning to get a fire extinguisher for your car. The smaller the unit is, the cheaper they are. That is a win-win situation for you. You are getting a safety amenity for your vehicle without paying too much.

Foam or Powder

Even if it does rarely happen, you should be aware that a lot of components of your car is susceptible from catching fire. From upholstery down to the electrical parts, each of them is not immune from getting blazed. Therefore, the formulation that is being used by the fire extinguisher should be able to tackle them.

Two agents are commonly suitable for fire extinguishers: foam and powder. The powder-based agent is widely utilized because it has better longevity than foam. Specifically, dry powder is the appropriate choice for vehicles. It is comfortable to use and clean. However, take note that the fire repelling agent on components can only tackle class A, B, and C fires. Therefore, a powder-based fire extinguisher is effective against electrical and fuel-related fires. They could also dissipate flames caused by paper, cloth, and upholstery.

Best Fire Extinguisher for Car

On the other hand, the foam is still a useful fire repellant. However, it is hard to clean, and its lifespan is not that loan. Some parts of your car can even absorb the chemicals contained in the foam. It can result in severe car damages. But on the brighter sand, the foam provides better control than powder. You can efficiently target the foam to the affected area without breaking a sweat.

Interestingly, some manufacturers today are using a different type of fire extinguishing agent. Specifically, this is the carbon dioxide repellants. They can quickly put out flames without producing any traces or residues. The spray that these fire extinguishers provide is similar to snow. The carbon dioxide agents contain the fire then evaporates afterward. Notably, this type of extinguisher has a long lifespan (can last more than 20 years). But beware; they can't guarantee that they can stop the fire from reigniting.

General Specs

Other than those two factors that I have mentioned, here are some of the specs that a car fire extinguisher should possess. These features would guarantee that will be able to use the device efficiently.

  • Weight - Around 4 pounds or less (the ideal weight is around 2 pounds)
  • Shape - Cylindrical and elongated because they make the fire extinguisher practical and compact
  • Construction - The body or container should be from aluminum or any lightweight material
  • Setup - It should be pre-filled. Otherwise, you can't use it immediately
  • Mounting - The ideal car fire extinguisher should come with a bracket, clip, or a mounting system. These amenities allow better storage for the fire extinguisher.
  • Control - There should be a modification that allows you to control the amount of spray being thrown by the fire extinguisher

Some Other Considerations

Some areas will require you to purchase a car fire extinguisher that has been approved by the national laws. It is a kind of warranty that would tell you that the item you bought doesn't contain harmful chemicals and can efficiently do its job.

If you have acquired a car fire extinguisher already, it is proper that you have it checked by a fire professional every one year or two. In this way, you can assure that the device is still in its top condition.

Also, you have to know that the particles of a fire extinguisher can get separated from the concoction. Over time, the powder will eventually solidify and coagulate. Therefore, you need to hand the fire extinguishers to the professionals so that they can loosen the clump of dust. Meanwhile, the pros are capable of replenishing and replacing the foam in foam-based extinguishers.

Make sure that you will be able to check all the components of the fire extinguishers now and then. Do not be caught off guard. Otherwise, you won't be able to respond appropriately to emergencies.

Final Verdict

Despite this guide, I am still hoping that there will not come a time that you are going to use the fire extinguisher that you have bought. After all, car accidents are not a good thing to experience. It can strike fear and trauma to the driver, which can somehow lower their confidence in driving.

But of course, it is better to have a safety net than nothing at all. The reason why I featured the best fire extinguisher for the car is for you to get prepared at all times. Regardless of how much you maintain your vehicle, if something unexpected happens, the entire thing that you can do is to solve it. You don't have to wait for firefighters anymore in these sudden and dreary scenarios. If you have a fire extinguisher, fight the flame immediately. Don't wait for the damage to spread anymore.

The car fire extinguishers that I listed here, like the First Alert AF400-2 Tundra Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Spray, are reliable partners that you should always take while you are on the road. They would ensure that every trip that you have is hot but fire-free!

If you have some questions or suggestions, just ask me in the comment section below. Also, feel free to hit like, share, and subscribe buttons, too!





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