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Top 6 Home Improvements To Make 2020 Memorable

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Home Improvements to Make 2020 Memorable

Each new season ushers Best Home Improvements interior and exterior décor solutions. In 2020, it will be all about comfort and affordability. In order to make the year memorable, you will need to lighten up the place and add a couple of indoor and outdoor features that will actually raise the value of your home in the long-run. We have selected Home Improvements to Make 2020 Memorable that will mark 2020 in terms of home décor.

Steps To Best Home Improvements to Make 2020 Memorable

Tending to the front façade

Best Home Improvements


Apart from the usual methods to boost curb appeal, in 2020 you will have to accentuate the front façade. Start the makeover by repainting the front door and perhaps changing the color into a more vivid hue, like orange, light blue or yellow. This will divert the attention of people from more important issues like faulty gutters.

Secondly, the house number plaque has the potential to become the centerpiece of the façade. Forget the regular small piece of tin format and go with large numbers in italics that can be imprinted straight into the wall of the house. This will give out a sense of stateliness and opulence, creating the illusion that the inside of the property is more luxurious than it really is.


Increasing storage space

Additional storage space is something that popular year after year because it’s a practical solution. You can never have enough of extra space to store your belongings, so every square inch counts. There are numerous ways in which you can increase storage space, apart from adding extra cupboards.

One neat solution is to extend the reach of the existing units by extending them all the way to the ceiling. Not only will this method add extra storage room but you will no longer have to dust the top of the cupboard. Furthermore, you can add shelving to any niche you have on the wall. Open closet storage is a trend in interior design that will continue well into 2020.

Best Home Improvements



Sprucing up the bathroom

One of the rooms that you spend the least time in during the day is the bathroom. However, due to the main function of this room, a few extra details will prepare it for the upcoming season and they will definitely influence the overall value of the house.

Carefully selected details that are not costly to out up but could translate into big money when the house eventually goes up for sale. For example, a towel warmer is a luxury detail that future owners will know to appreciate. Furthermore, you can adorn the vanity mirror with a white led strip light around it to accentuate the mirror. Finally, a potted plant like bamboo or fern is ideal for the bathroom.

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Best Home Improvements

Kids friendly Patio


Build a backyard tennis court

If you want to make 2020 memorable for your outdoor living space, then you need a truly remarkable improvement. Since most yards feature a basketball court, you should be unique and build a tennis court! This is easier and cheaper than you might think at first, provided you have enough room in your backyard. After deciding on the surface (we recommend grass or a hard surface), all you need to do is erect a fence around a court and add some tennis court lighting to be able to play after dark. Then head to the nearest sports shop to buy a pair of racquets and a set of tennis balls and the fun can start.


Valuable plant life

We’ve mentioned earlier that ferns are the ideal houseplants for the bathroom. In fact, you could have a full-scale garden, like a flower pot here and there has the potential to turn over the atmosphere in the entire house.

Plants give out an impression of homeliness that will make your house more desirable and pleasant to live in. The basic notion is that you and your family are well inside this house and a lush plant life is the best indicator of this. Spread the plant tactfully throughout the house to show potential buyers that they are not purchasing mere real estate but a real home.


Saving money by installing a thermostat

Another thing that people go crazy about these days is modern technology and automatization. Needless to say, this costs money but there is one trick that you can apply when it comes to the heating system.

Namely, the thermostat unit is small in size but usually, manufacturers don’t spend much on its design. This is where you step in and order a trendy, space-like design with digital numbers and sleek black house.

The function of the device will remain the same but its appearance will make a huge impact on the overall atmosphere inside the living room. It might seem childish but the reality is that people adore such gadgets and this trend is likely to continue in 2020.

These are just the top 6 home improvements that will trend in 2020 but the list does not end there. Essentially, every improvement that increases comfort and the value of your home is in vogue this season.







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