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4 Features That Make The Best Kitchen Sink

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How To Make The Best Kitchen Sink

Single handle kitchen faucet

Single handle kitchen faucet

A kitchen is not and will never be complete without a good and functional kitchen sinks and faucets. In choosing one or two for your kitchen, functionality, and durability take center stage as the design is merely secondary. Of course, however, you would also consider whether or not your chosen sink will mesh well with your kitchen’s overall design and theme.

If you are planning to have your kitchen renovated and you don’t have the extra budget to hire an interior designer to help you choose with your fixtures, we have enumerated four features that make the best sink. Read on and be in the know of what is the best kitchen sink for this year.


1. Durability

The sink undergoes through so much, such as hot liquids, oily substances, or scorching pot bottoms. Probably one of the most used and abused parts in the kitchen, a functional kitchen sink must be made of the most durable material. There are different materials of kitchen sinks, but stainless steel tops the list. Apart from being the most reasonably priced material, it also has versatility in style that matches most style or theme of the kitchen. Most importantly, stainless steel is durable- has excellent resistance to hotness and protects the sink from hot liquids, pots, and pans.



2. Practical Design

Sink manufacturers will amaze you with their wide variety of designs offered. But before you lock in your sights of a sink, consider its design practicality as well. When considering a sink design, think about a variety of factors. This can include the number of dishes and utensils do you wash on average.

If you wash 10-15 plates and utensils on the average and have big pots and pans, then it is better if you choose a deeper sink. Do you drain your dishes, and if so, where do you place them? Sinks with straight side designs provide you with more space to place dishes. Furthermore, sinks with flat bottoms will allow you to pile up more plates and glasses without the worry of them falling over.


3. Effortless Cleaning

Clean the Drain and the Sink

Clean the Drain and the Sink

No matter how beautiful your kitchen design is and how expensive your fixtures are, if you have a dirty sink, you will not like it. Another factor to consider when choosing a good kitchen sink is the ease of cleaning said sink. Stainless steel material is probably one of the best since it is easy to clean.

No matter the grease and dirt, they will not stick to the steel. Just forego scrubbing it with abrasive sponges or wire brushes and steel wool so as not to leave tiny and deep scratches on your sink. You can opt to use baking soda and water, or you can also try vinegar. These liquids are abrasive enough to wash away the grease, food particles, and bacteria clinging onto your sink without leaving ugly scratches or marks on your sink.


4. Kitchen Sink Accessories

There are also accessories for your sinks that would make your kitchen life better. Sink grids, for example, will help avert the sink from scratches brought about by baking dishes or heavy pots and pans.



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