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5 Of the Best LED Work Light On 2017: A Complete Guide

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Working on construction sites and other harsh fields is not easy. Aside from the typical "unfriendly" environment, there are a lot of elements that could harm you quickly. This particular predicament is the one that compels professional contractors to have full gears during their operations.

Among the most outstanding amenities that a contractor should bring is the best-LED work light. After all, it is quite difficult to accomplish any task if your working area doesn't have enough illumination.

The natural light from the sun is not always available, even during daytime. There are specific places on the site (e.g. interior rooms and underground basements) that the light can't reach through. In the night, these LED lights are necessary.

If you always encounter these circumstances, then we firmly advise that you get a LED light. Of course, the unit that you should choose should be suitable for your intended application. Specifically, it should have a heavy-duty construction and can run for a long time!

In this article, we will list some of the tested-and-proven LED work lights out there. Many professional contractors have seen working with these illuminating devices. Therefore, it would be great if you try any of them for yourself. Here are they!

Top-Rated Options for the Best LED Work Light

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But before we discuss the specific features of these work lights, there are some things that you should know first. Specifically, you should be aware of the fundamental capabilities that a LED work light should have. Otherwise, you won't get the right unit that would fit your needs and requirements.

How to Choose a LED Work Light

There are different variants of work lights on the market today. Of course, these numerous options might become stumbling blocks in your selection process. But if you have the right knowledge, you can quickly overcome the confusion in shopping. Take note of these following features so that you won't get lost:

Power Source

LED Work

The first thing that you should consider in choosing a LED work light is its power supply. You cannot just expect that these devices will just illuminate by themselves. Specifically, there are two types of work lights according to their energy source: the corded and cordless units.

Just as its name suggests, a corded work light is a device that gets its power from the electricity derived through a cable wire. It is the best option if you want a continuous lighting on your workplace. If you are expecting an overtime on the field, then corded models are an excellent choice. But on the other hand, you can expect that their mobility is limited. Depending on the length of the wire, you might not be able to move that far from your original position.

Meanwhile, a cordless model brings the convenience of portability in the field. It is the work light that you should carry, especially if you are tackling distant areas and hard-to-reach places. Since they are portable, most of the cordless LED work lights are compact, which makes them lightweight. But on the downside, you should know already that their operation time has limits. Therefore, you need to be quick whenever you are using this option.


If you are going to opt for a cordless LED light, make sure that it offers rechargeable batteries. In this way, you don't have to replace the battery anymore once their juice runs out. They might be expensive. But for long term use, they will become cost-efficient.

Types of Batteries

Of course, it is a given that power tools are using different types of cells. Even a simple device like a LED work light is following this scheme, too. In application, the battery will eventually affect the performance of the tool. Therefore, you should be wary of what you pick.

  • Ni-MH - There are a lot of professional contractors that say that Ni-MH is the best rechargeable batteries. It has a long lifespan and doesn't contain too many toxic contents, unlike its NiCad counterpart.
  • NiCad - In the previous years, NiCad batteries have been the top choice for rechargeable batteries. Ni-MH batteries eventually replaced them because of their original toxic composition. It makes their disposal very difficult. It also notable that their power is not as high as Ni-MH.
  • Lithium Ion - If you have the bucks, you better opt for Lithium Ion batteries (or Li-ion). They have a seamless and powerful performance. Even Ni-MH can't match them. Many power tools on the market today have unique variants which mainly accommodate this type of battery. Of course, they also work with LED work lights.

Light Source

Aside from the source of power, you should also determine the light source of the LED. You might think that LED light sources are the same. But if you intend to buy a LED work light, you should know that they have different categorizations. Choosing the right source will give you the advantage on the field.

  • Straw Hat LED - This type of light source has a wide, short, and flat envelope. Because it has a broad width, it can provide optimal illumination through the same light diffusion. In work sites, you can utilise this type of LED work light as a kind of reflector. Among the types of light sources, this is the brightest.
  • SML LED - The Surface Mounted Device (or SMD LED) is the latest innovation in LED work lights. It has extreme versatility in the field, as you can use it in various applications. It is quite compact, but the illumination that it provides is bright and powerful.
  • COB LED - Many are still new to the Chip-On-Board LEDs. Specifically, this type of LED light has its diode chips arranged in a manner in which they can provide a focused lighting. COB LEDs contain a high number of chips, which allow them to generate extreme light intensity. Furthermore, this device is easy to operate and doesn't require too much maintenance. Its heat release is minimal, too.


Here are the following designs that are pretty prevalent on modern work lights:

  • Bullet Point 1Magnetic Base - This particular option improves the optimal performance of a work light. Just as its name suggests, a magnetic base attaches the work light firmly to the ground. But of course, the field should be made of metal. Otherwise, it won't become stable and unmovable. Some work light models have swivel buckles so that you can move them quickly.
  • Hanging Hook - If you want a hands-free operation, you ought to opt for a work light that has a hanging hook. It is an excellent choice if your working place has hooks where you can affix it. Since it is naturally elevated, the lighting coverage that it has would be broad.
  • Pivot Stand - A pivoting stand enables adjustability to the work light. Specifically, it makes the work light versatile, as you can modify its position to adapt to your working field.

Regardless of the design that you choose, ensure that the entire work light has a durable construction. Some of us are working on deleterious and harsh working sites. A flimsy tool might not be able to survive if it has a brittle build and weak wirings. Moreover, it should be immune from harmful elements such as dust and water.

Full Review of the Best LED Work Light

These are essential features of these work lights. You can know more about them in the next section. If you want to explore their current prices, then just click their corresponding links.

One of the most ergonomic choices that you can have a LED work light is the Snap-On 922261. It is a corded work light that features a guaranteed 2,000-lumen illumination. It is extremely bright and requires less maintenance. After all, even the LED bulbs are durable themselves. You don't have to replace them.

It is also notable that this LED work light consumes less power than most of its counterparts. It is an energy-eating monster that would burden your electric bills. You can use this device in both indoor and outdoor applications, making it extremely versatile. Carrying it is not a problem either, as it comes with a padded handle. We also like how this device remains cool even in extended usage. It has lots of conveniences already.

Another ergonomic feature of the Snap On 922261 is its adjustability. Specifically, it comes with adjustment knobs for its angle. You can tilt in any angle that you want. The changes are made in fine increments, too. Therefore, it can give precise lighting whenever you need it.


  • Bright illumination
  • Wide light coverage
  • Easy to carry and manoeuvre
  • Low energy usage
  • Durable construction


  • The location of the light switch is quite hard to reach

The Hallomall Spotlights Work Lights is another excellent option for a LED work light. It is a 15-watt LED device that comes with three modes: high, low, and strobe. It has a magnetic base that allows 360 degrees rotation so that it can accommodate various illumination needs. The overall light output of this work light is around 1000 lumens. Therefore, it is a highly bright model.

Of course, the power of the Hallomall Spotlights Work Light works well because of its lithium-ion batteries. They are rechargeable through the use of its integrated USB ports. You can also use these ports to charge your mobile devices, too. There is a sense of safety that you can feel whenever you are using this light. Particularly, it has two flashing lights (red and light) that you can use for emergency purposes and explorations.

Despite its heavy-duty construction, this device is extremely compact and portable. It is surprisingly light, too. It can work on various applications as well. You can take it during camping or night fishing. This light has IPX5 waterproof rating. Therefore, you can guarantee that this tool can survive in wet conditions.


  • Durable construction
  • Extremely bright lighting
  • Usable in various applications and emergency purposes
  • Stable magnetic ground
  • Adjustable lighting angle


  • The waterproof cover on its back is somehow flimsy
  • The adjustment knobs loosen quickly

If you want a pure work light, then we recommend the DEWALT DCL023 8V Max Worklight. DEWALT is not a new name to us, especially in the field of power tools. This particular brand has been consistent in producing high-quality construction, DIY, and artisan amenities. Even their work lights are sturdy and functional, too.

For a compact device, this one is extremely bright. It can produce up to 80 lumens of light, which is sufficient enough to illuminate dark spots and hard-to-reach areas. It is the best option that you can get if you are always working on dark places where large work lights won't fit in. This work light from DEWALT can slide into your pocket comfortably. It also features a 2-zone light pattern which improves its overall functionality.

Moreover, you can guarantee that this work light has a durable construction. It doesn't break even if it slips accidentally from your hands. That is a good thing, as some of us are quite clumsy with our tools. Having a running time of 5 hours, the DEWALT DCL023 is an ideal choice for those who like to work overtime!


  • Small but durable work light
  • Bright illumination
  • Perfect for tight and confined work places
  • Pretty decent running time
  • Quick charging time


  • The coverage of the illumination is not that broad
  • Doesn't have brightness settings

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  • Powerful illumination
  • Professional-grade lighting components
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Adjustable lighting angle


  • The hinge only allows 90 degrees of pivoting
  • The switch is a little difficult to push

The Torchstar Cordless Rechargeable Work Light is an energy-efficient option, thanks to its COB LED light source. Albeit this fact, this work light is still capable of unleashing 210 lumens of light, which is extremely bright. We couldn't believe at first because it has a compact design. But when we switched it on, it certainly illuminated a regular-sized room.

This particular work light has an ergonomic design. Its head can rotate 180 degrees. Moreover, the latter can also pivot 180 degrees. Meanwhile, the hanging hook can turn as well. Specifically, it can turn 360 degrees. Aside from the hook, this one also features a magnetic base. If you are working on a metal surface (such as steel), this one is an excellent choice. It allows you have a hands-free operation whenever you are working.

The Torchstar Cordless Rechargeable Work Light claims to have a 30,000-hour lifespan. If it is indeed true, then investing on this work light is a great move! But for the meantime, you'll just have to be happy with its fluid functionality on the field.


  • Extremely adjustable
  • Comes with a hanging hook and magnetic base
  • Quick charging feature
  • Sufficient illumination
  • Affordable


  • Known for having defective chargers
  • The exterior casing is somehow flimsy

Final Verdict

A LED work light is a necessary tool that every contractor, maintenance specialists, and DIYers should have. It provides immediate visibility to your working area if in case the light coming from the sun doesn't reach there. Of course, even during daytime, this tool is usable, too. After all, it is pretty natural for workplaces and job sites to have confined, ensconced, and hard-to-reach areas.

Among these lighting devices we featured, it is the Snap On 922261 that simply stands out. It is a perfect tool for heavy-duty applications, as it can produce 2,000 lumens of light. Moreover, it is has a durable construction and features adjustability, which you highly need when working.

But if you want to get the right work light for you, better check all these options we featured. In this way, you can assess which one of them can meet your requirements.

If you have any questions, comments, and suggestions, just ask us. We will be glad to answer them.





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