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5 of the Must-know Types of Electric Sanders That You Should Get

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In some people's perspective, having more than one sander is a bit too much. But if you are a serious worker or a professional remodeler, you will realize that your task on the field is pretty diverse. Therefore, it is pretty given (and practical) that you should invest in the different types of electric sanders.

In the market today, there are around five types of stationary and portable sanders. Of course, each of these units has intended applications. Before you head to the market, make sure that you know the capabilities and functions of these sanders. In this way, you will spend less time in choosing. Here are they!

5 Types of Sanders

1. Belt Sander

Types of  Sanders

If you want to remove significant amounts of materials in a large working space or surface, then a belt sander is the right tool for you. It is an excellent device if you are dealing with doors, edgy portions, and tabletops, and even floorings. It could also work for squaring jobs and designing wood (e.g., smoothening your doors to let them fit).

A typical belt sander is using a set of abrasive papers that you can spread through rollers (hence, the prefix belt). There are portable models for belt sanders, and there are stationary units, too. When you want to get a belt sander, make sure that it should have a sanding frame. This particular component is a useful design that efficiently inhibits the sanding depth.

2. Orbital Sander

Types of  Sanders

An orbital sander is rather a lightweight type of sander. Therefore, it is quite easy to maneuver and control, even with one hand. Because of this, there is a tendency that you can damage your workpiece if you are not careful using this tool. On the flipside, you cannot expect that an orbital sander is not ideal for large-scale jobs.

Specifically, an orbital sander is a great option for smooth and delicate sanding, especially of wooden materials. You could also use this to round pointy edges and even sand hardened surfaces. Some professionals are using them to remove dried varnish or paint.

In the field today, orbital sanders are commonly known as quarter sheet sanders. The reason for this is quite simple. This type of sander is typically compatible with one-quarter sheets of 9 x 11" sandpapers. The device comes with clamps (spring-loaded) that secure the sandpaper in place. Meanwhile, the square pad of the orbital sander will vibrate in an orbital motion, which allows sanding in multiple directions.

3. Random Orbital Sander

Types of  Sanders

The random orbital sander is quite in a mixture of an orbital sander and belt sander. Because of the similarities, you may think that a random orbital sander and an orbital sander is the same. In fact, their components have same nuances and design. You can only spot their difference through their sanding pad. Ironically, an orbital sander has a square-shaped sanding pad. Meanwhile, a random orbital sander has a rounded pad.

With this slight difference alone, each device has distinct functions. The rounded pad of the random sander is moving haphazardly. Specifically, these pads vibrate on small circles. Through this motion, a random orbital sander is an excellent tool for removing stocks and fine sanding.

You can use a random orbital sander whenever you are working with wood. However, do not expect that it can work as fast and efficient as a belt sander. Moreover, it is notable that this tool is quite harder to control than its orbital counterpart. But despite this, many would still claim and confirm that the random orbital sander is a versatile choice.

4. Detail Sander

Types of  Sanders

One of the most useful tools that you can get into your workshop is a detail sander. Often called "corner sander," a detail sander are ideal for sanding spaces and corners that other sanders cannot reach. This particular sander has a compact head (with triangular shape) in where you will clamp the sandpaper. There are some models of detail sanders that comes with rubberized bits. These pieces are available in various sizes and shapes.

Just like any other sander, a detail sander requires you to move it consistently. Otherwise, you will get a notch or a groove out of your working piece. Furthermore, you should practice controlled but the light usage of the tool. You should not be afraid to make multiple passes as long as you don't damage the material you are using.

5. Multi Sander

Types of  Sanders

The multi sander features the same capabilities of orbital sanders and detail sanders. Therefore, it is safe to assume that this is a highly versatile tool. This particular device is an excellent choice if you are dealing with contoured surfaces. But of course, it can still work with flat and evenly surfaced materials.

You have the freedom to connect specialized attachments on a multi sander. Through these accessories, you can easily work on architraves and skirting boards.


These are the different types of sanders that you can get on the market today. Each of them has various applications in where they work suitably. Because of the different jobs that you can encounter on the field, it is a good realization that investing in multiple power tools is necessary. They make your life easier while still maintaining your working pace and efficiency.

When looking for a sander, always pay attention to its speed. Specifically, the tool should come with a variable rate, as it will allow you to adjust the power of your device depending on the materials that you are working. Moreover, it would be beneficial on your part if the sander has a dust attachment. After all, sanding generates a lot of dust.

Of course, we thoroughly recommend that you wear your protective gears when dealing with power tools. On their own, these devices are not that harmful. But there are situations in where they can cause accidents. If the inevitable strikes, better sure that your body (especially your eyes and hands) are all protected.

Did you learn from this article? If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, just drop them in the box below. We will try to answer them for you.





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