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Hire Plumbers Checklist. To do lists for Hiring Best Plumbers

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A Simple Homeowner Hire Plumbers Checklist a Best Experienced Certified, Professional Plumber

We often need plumbers to solve the drainage, water heating, and other water-related problems at our home. But some people don’t know how to hire a certified and professional plumber. They often hire the wrong person and waste their money. Therefore, we are going to provide a checklist that will help you to get a professional plumber you need. You need to follow the checklist to avoid any scam or wastage of money.

Look For Recommendation for Reliable Plumbing Service

The first thing that you can do is ask friends and family if they know plumbers that they trust or recommend. They might know someone who has done any work for them. You can call such a plumber without thinking much about him. If not, you can start searching online and look for a website to hire a plumber with just a few clicks.

Hire Plumbers Checklist

Do You Need a Professional Plumber or A Toilet Repair Kit

Confirm the License

Hire Plumbers Checklist

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The license proves that the plumber is certified and professional. You can trust a professional plumber to complete the task with perfection. So, make sure to see the copy of the license before you hire any plumber. Some plumbers make excuses, but do not trust them until they show you the license.

Checking the Insurance

Hire Plumbers Checklist


In many cities, liability insurance is necessary. Ask whether the plumber has insurance or not. If he has insurance, then it is beneficial for both the plumber and the customer. The insurance will cover you from any injury to the plumber and cover him from any damage to your property or neighbors'.

Make Sure the Hire Plumbers Checklist  Can Solve the Problem

Hire Plumbers Checklist


After explaining the problem to the plumber, ask whether he can solve the problems or not. Sometimes plumbers don’t know about the problem and they waste time identifying the cause. So, it is better to ask first. You can also ask about his experience in the field.

Confirm the Time or Priority

Plumbers work for many customers, and they have a priority list. You can ask them about the priority of your work and request them to solve the problem as soon as possible. Never forget to ask the estimated time so that you can be ready at the time. The plumbing work should be done under your supervision.

Take Written Estimate of Work

Hire Plumbers Checklist

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After the plumber has identified the problem, then ask him to provide a written estimate of work before he starts work. Often people don’t ask about the expense and they start the work. In the end, they get a huge bill. So, it is better to take the estimate in the written form and negotiate if possible. Do not believe in the verbal estimate, a written one is necessary. You can also confirm what the plumber needs to fix the problem.

Ask for the Guarantee of the Work

Hire Plumbers Checklist

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Many times,the plumber completes the work and the problem happens again after a few hours or days. If there is no guarantee, then you will have to spend money again to solve the problem. Ask for a guarantee so that you can inform the plumber if the problem happens again.

Confirm the Payment Method

Hire Plumbers Checklist

How To Save Money

Some plumbing services will ask you for an advance fee. Never give any advance fee before the completion of work. Some websites also take an advance fee, and it can be a scam. Always make sure, you ask about the payment method. Most plumbers take payment via cash. Large plumbing service companies can have different payment options.

Final Thought

We have provided you a checklist that you can follow to save your money and time. It is necessary to take care of the listed things to get a professional and certified plumber. You cannot trust any plumbing service, it is necessary to ask for insurance, license, estimate, payment methods, etc. So, follow the checklist while hiring a plumber.





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