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Household Essentials To Keep You Warm During Winters

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Winter Essential For Winter Survival

Beyond the winter blues and chilly winds, there is so much to look forward to in winters! Finally, the cold came, and although we can think otherwise, winter is a good time to save on our electricity and gas bills while keeping you warm throughout.

Finding cheaper alternatives to keep our house warm is essential if we want to reduce expenses that soar on these dates. If you do not want to abuse the heating, you have to condition your home with some household essentials to keep warm and prevent the cold from entering. So, take note of these items and some tips with which you will certainly be able to heat your home, getting a pleasant temperature and a cozier home.

Household Essentials

Household Essentials

Household Essentials Steps

Hot Water

Issues with Electric Water Heaters

Issues with Electric Water Heaters

When it’s extremely chilly outside and the water in your tap freezes halfway, you understand the importance of hot water. When you quickly need to use bearably temperate water and do not have enough time to wait, a RapidHotWater device comes handy and saves the day.

Blinds And Curtains



Blocking air currents is probably the very first thing you should do when it comes to maintaining the temperature of your home.

During the day keep blinds and curtains open to let the light and heat from the sun, and close them at night to prevent heat from escaping.

Open the curtains if the sun is shining outside the window - this will allow its rays to penetrate into the room and fill the room with light and heat (though not very strong – in winter the temperature will increase by a maximum of 1-2 degrees). But in the evening and at night it is better to close the curtains – they will act as a heat insulator, blocking cold air flows.

Second Curtains To Prevent Loss Of Heat

After dusk sets in, the windows become an enemy of heat. It quickly goes out through wooden frames dried up from time to time; this is a common problem in old houses and apartments. Do not throw out used old bedspreads and blankets; you can make a second layer of curtains from them, which will hide behind the elegant ones.

Locked Windows To Eliminate Heat Leakage

renovate windows

renovate windows

Close up the cracks in the window frames - this work will take you just a few minutes, and the price will cost you only a few rubles. It is agreeable that this is much less than an additional zero in the receipt for paying electricity bills. In addition, this will save you from drafts.

Close The Smallest Slots On Door Frames

Another penny way to reduce the energy bill by 10-15 percent is to close the gaps around the front door. It does not hurt to do the same with the door in the vestibule in front of the apartment.

Put Foil Between Battery And Wall

Part of the heat that the batteries give is burned by the cold that penetrates the walls. Put a barrier between the battery and the wall, for this, a foil panel is best suited; you can get it from the most ordinary place, kitchen. The foil reflects heat back into the room, preventing it from escaping through the cold wall.

Double Glazed Windows

If you plan to make a home renovation, one of the best options is to opt for double glazed windows. Only with this choice can we directly save more than 10% on the heating bill. If we did not have it or we could not afford it, why not pretend it? There is a special sheet that can be placed in single-pane windows and mimic the same effect. You can attach the sheet to the window frame using double-sided adhesive tape and then fix it with a hairdryer.

Wood Or PVC Carpentry

In addition to the double glazing of the windows, wood and PVC are materials that provide good insulation. If you notice that even when the windows are closed, the air enters, you can also place weather-strips.


Choose The Right Carpet

Choose The Right Carpet

Apart from being a very useful decorative element and giving a sense of comfort to your home, carpets have the ability to retain the heat of the room, in addition to significantly reducing their loss that occurs mainly through the floor. However, on the other hand, what could be worse than getting out of bed in the morning and feeling the cold floor under your feet? Even three layers of woolen socks will not save you from ice tiles in the bathroom. So, the carpet on the floor is not such a relic. For winter, it is better to choose coatings with a high pile, such models are pleasant to the touch and perfectly protect against cold air.

Ceiling Fans

Do you remember the school curriculum? Warm air always accumulates above, while cold air moves downward. Correct this situation even within your apartment, use a ceiling fan. It will disperse the air, the warm one will lower below, and there it will mix with the cold. This, of course, is not a complete heating system, but an extra plus sign in our piggy bank of the struggle for heat. It is strange to think of heating your home with something that is used to tackle the heat, but this household item actually works. A ceiling fan can also be useful for you to heat your home. Hot air rises up and the ceiling fan is a great way to lower it. Change the orientation of the blades and set it to a minimum to move the air. In this way, the hot air moves laterally go down the walls to the floor and go back up the center of the fan.

Hot Water Bag 

This is not going to help you keep your house warm, but you will be able to warm the bed and avoid that cold moment when you go to sleep. Also, if you use a hot water bottle when you are relaxed on the sofa, you can leave it on your bed shortly before bedtime, so the bed will be hot when you go to sleep. You can also dress your bed with flannel sheets and thicker blankets.

Bake Something

Winter is a great time to bake bread, cookies, and cakes. When you are finished, leave the oven door open so that the heat "moves" into the kitchen. But it is only important that at this time there are no children and pets in the kitchen; take them to other rooms for this time!

The process of making dough or filling alone is quite energy-consuming, but if you turn on another stove, the kitchen will become the warmest and most comfortable place in the apartment. And the delicious aroma, which in a matter of minutes will fill the entire space, will attract everyone to warm them by the stove and personally control the last stages of making a cake or cookies.

Light The Candles

If you live outside the city, but for some reason, there is no fireplace in your five-story building (this is bad luck!), then you can easily compensate for this omission with candles. Yes, even the most ordinary candles placed on your work or dining table can produce enough heat to keep you warm. And if you turn your wit, then you can make a candle heater yourself, which will warm no worse than a fireplace or stove. But the main thing about this whole thing is safety rules and attentiveness.

Hot Beverages

Yes, what could be better than sitting and drinking hot aromatic tea or hot chocolate when a blizzard rages outside the window? Such drinks will warm both body and soul. But there is one small nuance: when a person drinks something hot, he begins to sweat. Sweat evaporates and cools the body - instead of warming up, you start to freeze. Therefore, it is important to remember the clothes - they should be warm and made from natural fabrics. The ideal option is to wear thermal underwear or at least a cotton T-shirt under the sweater, as it absorbs sweat and dries quickly. By the way, do not lean on alcohol in the hope of warming up - it will not work out! Alcohol lowers body temperature.


Yes, a four-poster bed can turn any bedroom into a royal bedchamber, but initially, this design was not determined at all by the desire to make a luxurious interior item, but rather by the desire not to freeze. Thanks to the dense fabrics, a peculiar greenhouse effect is created, which retains heat throughout the night. If your bed does not have a canopy, then you can achieve a similar result simply by hiding your head in a blanket.


Basement Dehumidifiers

Basement Dehumidifiers

The higher the humidity in the room, the more you will freeze. The fact is that water vapor (humidity) absorbs more heat than dry air. It should be noted that dampness is the most favorable environment for the development of mold and other microorganisms. Getting a nice dehumidifier for yourself will definitely help you keep warm in winters.




It will allow you to manually adjust the room temperature at different times of the day. For example, when you sleep or at work, 18 degrees is enough. And by the time you wake up or come home from work, he will automatically heat the room to 22 degrees or higher. This simple action can save you another 5% to 15% per year on accounts for each year!

Warm Balcony

This will be a double barrier to drafts and colds. Double glazed frames are preferred. Sashes are better for swinging, but not for those that open according to the principle of a sliding wardrobe. The walls and floor inside are best covered with wood paneling. Or use a structure on a wooden frame, inside of which there is a heater.

Block Access To Cold Air In Chimney

If you live in an old house, as happened to me in my university years, then it is likely that yours also has a chimney. Or even a fireplace. And its pipe, by the way, is an excellent conductor of cold from outside to your apartment. Close the passage with an inflatable balloon or a large balloon. Only at its end must there be a rope so that, if necessary, it is possible to pull and pull the container back.

Wrap A Blanket Over A Water Heater

This will keep the water hot longer by using a wool blanket, for example, at least 25 percent. Also, old cropped winter jackets, especially Alaska ones, will do. All the same, they would have thrown it out, and they would still serve it, just for a different purpose.

Additional Layers In Clothes

Always keep a warm stole or sweater on hand to throw around when you start to freeze. This is better than turning on the batteries or thermostat again. Moreover, the clothes will help you warm up faster than the house warms up.


Home gym

Home gym

Exercise accelerates blood, and it warms us. Just a couple of minutes of squats, push-ups, or even just dancing or jumping rope exercises, you will not only feel warm but also get a lean body for the spring season. And maybe save on a last-minute fitness subscription.

Warm Bed



Electric blankets can be dangerous and feed well on your already expensive electricity. Use a wool blanket, it is the warmest. And put the old one in a second layer on the mattress, so it will be warmer.

Benefits Of Pets

Children and Pets

Children and Pets

If you have a cat or dog at home, you can teach her to fall asleep at your feet. Unlike a heating pad or hot water bottle, which will cool down over time, pets will warm your feet continuously.

Cover Ventilation Channels

The heat goes unnoticed through the ventilation ducts, especially if you live on the upper floors. Since the holes cannot be closed tightly, equip them with special doors or a piece of cardboard. This will help increase the temperature by 5-7 degrees.


These items will help you enjoy the warmth of your home during chilly winters. Finally, it is all in the mind. You may not believe it, but scientists have proven that the brain is able to control body temperature. So, if you want to warm yourself, think about how you would spend the July day on the shores of the Indian Ocean, or remember this long-forgotten feeling of hot sand under your feet. Well, is it already warmer?

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