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What Are The Possible Causes Of A Leaky Faucet?

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Causes Of A Leaky Faucet

Causes Of A Leaky Faucet


A leaky faucet is probably not the direst emergency homeowners could face- after all, as long as the water is not spraying everywhere when you turn the faucet on, it may not seem like an urgent fix.

But far from it, leaky faucets are not completely harmless, and this is because they can negatively affect your water bill significantly. This is not to mention that the incessant dripping is a major annoyance, and depending on the location of your faucet, it can even keep you from good night's sleep.

More importantly, if a leaky faucet is left for long, it can gradually turn into a more expensive fix in the long run.

That said, we shall have a look at some of the common causes of a leaky faucet and how to avoid them.

Causes Of A Leaky Faucet Issues

Issues with the O Ring

The O ring is an integral component that is attached to the stem screw and plays a crucial role in holding the handle of the faucet in place.

Over time and with regular use, however, the O ring can get damaged or loose, and when this happens, you might start experiencing leakage from beneath your faucet’s handle.

The good news is, replacing the damaged O ring will fix this issue, though it requires professional assistance to get it right.


Corroded Valve Seat

A valve seat provides the connection between the faucet and the sprout in the compression mechanism, and if the leak appears to originate from the sprout, it could be an issue with the valve seat.

Corrosion of the valve seat can occur due to various reasons; the accumulation of water sediments is perhaps one of the more common reasons.

For whatever reason, the corroded valve seat usually results in leakages around the spout areas.

That said, it easy to avoid faucet leakage caused by the valve seat by regularly cleaning the valve.

Causes Of A Leaky Faucet

Single handle kitchen faucet

Worn Out/Loose Washer

Over time, the repeated use of the seat washer screw becomes loose, and the friction between these two parts can wear the washer out.

When this happens, you’re likely to experience dripping, especially around the spout.

Fortunately, it’s easier to mend this problem by replacing the washers. However, unless you’re a DIYer, it's not easy to replace the washer, and you need a professional who will easily change tap washers.


Leaking Disc Cartridges

If you have a disc cartridge type of faucet, the wearing out of the inlet and outlet seals can result in a leaky faucet.

Fortunately, there’re several ways to remedy a leaking cartridge, and one of the maintenance actions is ensuring that you clean the faucets from the water sediments.

However, if the cartridge is beyond repair, you will need to do a replacement.


Change in Water Pressure

Change in water pressure or unstable water pressure is a less popular reason for a leaky faucet, but it does not rule out the possibility.

Too much water pressure forces water to find alternative means of getting released, and it's here that the pressure takes a toll on the faucet.

In most cases, leaks caused by a change in water pressure are usually manifested only during certain times of the day.

Now, if you believe the off-balance water pressure is probably what the reason behind your leaky faucet is, we would advise that contact a plumber to help in reducing the pressure in your household.

Causes Of A Leaky Faucet

How to fix dripping faucets

Broken Plumbing

Broken plumbing is yet another uncommon reason for a leaky faucet; in most cases, a broken plumbing system is usually caused by a broken pipe of the fitting.

A busting plumbing fixture is in most cases, caused by constant use and age, which causes the faucet components to break and start leaking.







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