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How To Sleep Better? Inevitable Better Sleep Tips

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Tips On How To Sleep Better

 How To Sleep Better Steps

1. Changing the way you think about sleep

People with insomnia usually have anxiety over how it is going to affect their health in the long-term. There is very little evidence suggesting insomnia has an impact on a life span of a person, and for many people to know insomnia is not going to kill them is the relief they need to reduce their anxiety. There is a myth of having to sleep for eight hours a night. The truth is the amount of sleep needed will vary from one person to another. Each person needs a certain amount of sleep to remain alert most of the time, most days of the week. Even people who get quality sleep will have sleepless nights once in a while – no one is going to be alert and lively the entire day – which makes it all about knowing the right amount of sleep your body needs.

How To Sleep Better


2. Sleeping, sex, and getting dressed

If you want to deal with the feeling of staying awake (How To Sleep Better ) when in bed, people need to separate activities they do when awake from their place of sleep. Your bedroom should be limited to three things – sleeping, sec, and getting dressed. Anything else that is not here is an awake activity, and when you do them in the bedroom, it will make it harder for you to fall asleep when lying in bed. Do any other activity outside your bedroom.


3. Tea and temperature

There is a lot of information on tea and other caffeinated drink. The two rules that we have been following over the years are;

- Cutting intake of caffeine and having it before 1 or 2 pm

- Keeping the bedroom cool

The claim that a warm room is good for sleep is just a myth. The body wants to lose heat at night. Try keeping the temperature in your bedroom at 18 degrees centigrade. You are going to be warm when under your duvet, but a little nippy when you get out to go to the bathroom. Your body temperature will be easily regulated, and it is not going to interfere with your sleep.

4. Setting your alarm

Many people will often stress about their bedtime because they think that is the most important thing. The regulator is the time you get out of bed, not when you go to bed. The one thing you can control is when to wake up. Have an alarm clock that you have set to the same time every day, including the weekend. The time you get up should not be dependent on when you went to bed.

Fatigue makes a person sleepy. You start accumulating sleepiness (How To Sleep Better )  the moment you wake up. The sleep fuel tank starts to be filled up, and you will fall asleep when it is full.

If you sleep for five hours, then you are going to be awake for 19 – which means you have 19 hours refilling your sleep tank. If you get up at 7 in the morning, then you are going to sleep at 2 am. If you get up at 9 in the morning, you are going to sleep at 4 in the morning. When you get up the same time every day, you are going to feel sleepy at the same time every day, which makes your sleeping schedule more regular. This makes it important to work on the time you wake up.

How To Sleep Better

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5. Your sleep fuel tank

By not sleeping during the day, you will be guarding your sleep fuel. When you sleep during the day, you will be stealing from your nighttime sleep (How To Sleep Better ) . One way to avoid sleeping during the day is getting fresh air, exposing yourself to bright light, exercising, and taking caffeine (within limits). Another trick is chewing gum – this technique is used for soldiers so they can keep awake.


6. Get comfortable

If you are trying to sleep on an old lumpy mattress, chances are the quality of sleep isn’t going to be great. Invest in an Avocado mattress and benefit from comfort and support.







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