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How To Use A Circular Saw Guide

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Guide To Use Circular Saw Guide

Circular Saw Guide

Best circular saw

The circular saw is an essential item for every artisan, cabinetmaker or a carpenter. With a circular saw, you can be able to get a clean cut of various materials. In this article, How to use circular saw guide, you will learn the different saw guide steps in making a clean cut. As long as you follow each step mentioned in this article, in no time, you will be able to cut the appropriate angle or depth with your blade.

Before you begin any sawing, you have to get familiar with the blade and how it works; from making a cut, lining up materials, and measurements. Make sure you protect yourself with glasses for your eyes and gloves for your hands.


Circular Saw Guide



Step 1

Getting The Right Blade

Circular Saw Guide

Circular Saw Blade

Remember, all blades are not the same, so if you are getting a saw blade, make sure it has more teeth. With more teeth, your cut will be clean and finer. When picking a saw blade, be sure you choose the blade that will give you the type of cut that is suitable for you. If you want to purchase a circular saw blade, ensure that the kind of blade indicates what material it can be used to cut. The saw blades are in different sizes for various types of material cutting. Some blades are for heavy-duty while others are for common nominal material.


Step 2

Adjusting Saw Blade

If you are ready to use your saw blade, make some adjustments, for instance; Utilizing the handle on the rear of the circular saw by lowering the blade below the bottom of your material. This offers you enough space to cut your material and also helps you to maintain the sharpness of your blade, so it doesn’t get blunt. When you make a cut with your blade in enough space, it is safer and makes an excellent cut. There are different designs and brands of circular saw blades in the market; they all have the same features.


Step 3

Starting Far From The Edge

Circular Saw Guide

Circular Saw Reviews

When you want to begin making your cut, make sure your blade is running at full speed; before the blade and your material makes a connection. Doing this, you will reduce kickback risk and get an amazingly clean cut. Since your blade is far from the edge, place the blade on the straight line drawn on your material before switching on the saw blade. Remember, cut slightly beside your line, so you don’t cut into your measurements. If you cut directly on the line you have drawn, you may end up getting the imperfect measurement. So cutting slightly beside your line is the best way to get the perfect measurement.


Step 4

Making Your Cut

As soon as the blade is moving at maximum speed, push and move the circular saw ahead and let the blade take every necessary step and do the work. Be sure that there is nothing under your project that could catch the blade. Ensure that your blade ultimately comes to a stop, after you finish with your cutting before lifting the blade. At the point when the piece of the material falls off, the thickest piece of the circular saw should, at present, be perched on the material. The part of the material should easily fall off that the cut.



How do you use a circular saw guide?

Circular Saw Guide

Circular Saw

When using a circular saw guide, you will have to determine the depth of the blade by holding the saw parallel to your board. After that, you will have to loosen the depth and then adjust the lever or knob below the board. Lastly, ensure that your knob or lever tightens and you are good


How do you use a circular saw rip guide?

You can use a circular saw rip by sliding the saw’s shoe against your circular saw rip guide to help rip the plywood. To guarantee a straight cut, ensure that you push the saw vehemently against the straightedge as you drive it along.


How do you cut the perfect circular saw?

It is easy to make a perfect square crosscut with a circular saw if you manage to guide the saw with a unique layout square. You are holding the saw set up with its blade directly on the cut line. At that point, you will slide the square against the saw's base plate and press it firmly against the edge of the material.


Can you cut 2x4 with a circular saw?

You can use a circular saw with fourteen teeth to cut on 2×4 lumber, and it will cut very fast. But using this saw on very thin material, it will ruin it.


Final Consideration 

If you are nervous using a circular saw, then you should use the steps above; it will guide you and help you achieve a clean cut or click here to know better idea about Circular saw or other woodcutting tools.







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