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Top Tips When Buying The Best Pool Cleaners

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Tips To Buy The Best Pool Cleaner

swimming pool

swimming pool

Owning a swimming pool isn't all it takes to enjoy a great day in it. Maintenance of the Pool is a way bigger headache than purchasing one. You have to keep your pool clean year long and keep it ready to dive at any time at any weather. Keeping it clean depends on how wise you are while selecting the cleaning gears and tools. Investing in the best cleaning tools will worth your time and money when you will be satisfied with the service of your tool. I will get you a step by step guide which will help you get the best Pool Cleaner for your Pool.

Type of the Pool Cleaner

There are two primary types of Pool Cleaner you can decide to go with, Manual and Automatic Pool Cleaner. Follow along to get the idea of perfect cleaning rig for you Pool:

Manual Pool Cleaner

The manual pool cleaners consist of the cheapest, yet some of the most important tools to keep your pool clean. Using the Manual Pool Cleaners means you have to get your hands dirty. However, to keep your Pool nice and sharp all year long requires you to do so. The great thing about manual cleaners is they don't come with any mechanical parts that could break down quickly. The manual cleaners are the best fit if you own an Above Ground Pool or a small In Ground one.

Manual Pool Cleaners can be categorized into three main types: Brush, Vacuum, and Skimmer.


Pool Brush

pool brush

pool brush

When you need a precise start of cleaning your Pool, this tool name speaks for the job it does. Pool brushes are designed in variations to be able to clean any surface you have. You may need variations on the brush type to reach the narrow channels and brush off the Grimms and stubborn dirt. Using pool brushes is a great way to kickstart the cleaning of a pool, and they don't come with too big of a price tag.


Pool Vacuum

Manual Pool Vacuums are also an excellent tool for cleaning your Pool, it can pick up all the debris from your Pool. You will need three to four things while buying a New Pool Vacuum: A Vacuum hose, a Vacuum head, A telescopic Pole, and a Skimmer vacuum. First, you have to attach one end of the hose to the telescopic pole, then put the vacuum head into the Pool.

Attach the other end of the hose to the return jet, and you will see some air bubbles coming up. Now you have to attach the other end of the hose directly to the open suction hole without letting the water out. Or you can use the Skimmer Vacuum to the open suction cup. Now you can slowly maneuver vacuum the Pool to clean it all, go slow, and don't go too fast.


Pool Skimmer

The biggest cleaning hack for a pool is not to clean the bigger debris and leaves from the surface before they hit bottom. You need to attach a skimmer to a telescopic pole and take off all the flotsam debris from the Pool. Use a good quality skimmer basket to filter out the big debris to prevent bigger damage to your pool filter.


Automatic Pool Cleaner

Using manual Pool Cleaners is a great way to clean your Pool, but you may not always have the time to do all these manually. In that case, you must opt for some automatic pool cleaning solutions. There are three types of automatic pool cleaner, such as Robotic, Pressure-side, and Suction-side cleaner.


Robotic Pool Cleaner

Robotic Pool Cleaner

Robotic Pool Cleaner

The robotic Pool Cleaners are the most popular Pool Cleaning solution among the Pool owners. Robotic cleaners are so popular because the machine will take care of all the cleaning jobs in the Pool. All you have to do is, plug the machine into an electric outlet and through it inside the Pool, it will do all the hard work on its own. Automatic cleaners come with motors and pumps that are controlled by a control unit. But remember, not all pool vacuum models are the same. Make sure you're buying good robot pool cleaners from trusted brands and sources to avoid problems down the road.

It will be convenient to preset a cleaning cycle for the robot, and it will clean the Pool on time. The robotic cleaners suck in water with all the debris from the bottom and pump the water out from the top after filtering it. While filtering, it holds on the debris in a filter bag. After cleaning, you can take out the filter and clean it once in a while.


Pressure-side Pool Cleaner 

The Pressure-side Pool Cleaner models are different for In-Ground pools and Above Ground Pool types. This automatic cleaning system uses the water of your pump system of the Pool to power up the cleaner. Some of them also require an extra pump to power it up thought. When it runs around the bottom of the Pool, it creates a vortex of water that lifts up the big debris from the bottom. When the leaves and debris are up, the suction cup grabs them and takes them into a filter bag attached to the cleaner.


Suction-side Pool Cleaner

Suction-side Pool Cleaner also need the water of your pump and filter system to run. It will drive around the bottom of the Pool and walls of it, scrub the walls and suck in all the debris. However, a downside of it is this type of automatic pool cleaner takes the dirt and debris directly into your filter system. They don't come with any self-containing filter system. I'd suggest to get it only If you are more into a budget buying, or just starting with automatic cleaning.


Bottom line

Now when you have the whole idea about all types of cleaning gears for your Pool, You may ask which automatic cleaner to get! The answer depends on what kind of Pool you own and how much budget you have for it. If you are more into a budget system but want a very high efficient cleaning system, go for Robotic Pool Cleaner. They can be an excellent investment as they don't need your Pool's filter to power up and come with a self-contained filter system. Another significant advantage of a Robotic Pool Cleaner is that you can program it for the cleaning cycle, and it works with a low-voltage electric motor.



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