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What is the best smart plug to buy? What can you do with a smart plug? What is the purpose of a smart plug?

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What can you do with a smart plug? Uses of WiFi Outlet

One stop mother information on ETEKCITY smart devices

Smart Plug For Google Home

Smart Plug For Google Home

Making your home smart is the best thing to do if own home. Smart home means connected security, monitoring, visual, audio devices using internet, such that all can be controlled remotely using phone, tablet, computer. Voice command devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Echo can be used to speak and be able to function those connected smart devices.

Smart Plug For Alexa

Smart Plug For Alexa

Some of the popular smart home devices are Nest Learning Thermostat, Ring Door Bell, Smart WiFi Light Bulbs, smart plugs, WiFi plug outlet, Amazon Echo, Alexa, Google Home, smart WiFi enabled monitoring camera for home and stores and many more. Click here for top rated smart home devices.

Smart Plug Amazon

Smart Plug Amazon

Top 5 ETEKCITY WiFi enabled Smart Plugs, Devices

1 2 2 1 3 4
Etekcity 4 Pack Smart Plug ESW01 Etekcity 2 Pack Smart Plug ESW01 Etekcity 2 Pack Smart Plug ESW15 Etekcity Smart Dimmable Bulb ESL100 Etekcity 3 Way Light Switch ESWL03 Etekcity Smart Light Switch ESWL01
Control From Anywhere
No Hub Required
Alexa Voice Control
Google Assistant Compatible
Sunset and Sunrise Feature
Energy Monitoring


Top 5 ETEKCITY WiFi outlet, Devices

Etekcity WiFi Smart Plug, Voltson Mini Outlet with Energy...
  • VOICE CONTROL: Go hands-free with Alexa and Google Assistant. Turn on/off lights or fish tanks via voice command. Especially convenient when your hands are full, or you’re in the middle of a task....
  • CONTROL FROM ANYWHERE: Wherever you are, turn on/off home electronics. Manage unlimited electronic appliances - one electronic appliance per smart plug. One VeSync app can handle unlimited Etekcity...
  • SCHEDULE YOUR HOUSE: Schedule lights, lamps, fans, and other devices to turn on/off automatically, or control them remotely when you’re away. Have light fill your living room when sunlight starts to...
VeSync Smart Plug by Etekcity, 2 Pack Mini WiFi Outlets, Works...
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control. Power your devices without lifting a finger. Does NOT currently support Smart Things, Homekit
  • Track power usage for connected devices and figure out which devices use the most energy. You can effectively cut your usage so that you can save more on your next electric bill
  • Easy to install and stable connection. Controlled from different devices and manage your home on your smart phone or tablet from anywhere
Etekcity ESL100 Smart Light Bulb That Works with Alexa, Google...
  • Voice Control: Use voice commands to control your smart light bulb with Alexa or Google Home (via VeSync skill); just tell Alexa how much light you want for your romantic dinner
  • Control From Anywhere: Control your dimmable smart light bulb from anywhere you have Wi-Fi or an internet connection; with the VeSync app on your smartphone, you can turn house lights on/off from...
  • Dimmable Brightness & Favorite Setting: Create your favorite light effects by dimming the smart bulb from 1 percent to 100 percent; save the brightness settings you like for different scenes such as...
Etekcity ESWL03 Works with Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT...
  • Control from Anywhere: Thanks to the VeSync app, you can control your 3-way light switch from anywhere, whether you’re already lying down, or you’re coming home late at night, simply turn your...
  • Voice Control: Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, the 3-way light switch lets you easily control your lights via voice command, convenient when your hands are full or you’re far away from your...
  • Schedule & Timer: Set schedules and timers to turn your lights on or off, keep your home on your schedule, and enjoy the convenience of hands-free control, use Away Mode to boost your home security
Smart Light Switch by Etekcity, WiFi Remote Control Switch with...
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Our step-by-step tutorial video will guide you through the setting up; this is a single-pole light switch that requires NEUTRAL, LOAD, LINE wires and a 2. 4GHz Wi-Fi network(NOT...
  • REMOTE CONTROL: Control your light switch and monitor real-time light status from anywhere via the free VeSync app, you can also share control with other users, so your family members are able to...
  • VOICE CONTROL: Works with Alexa and Google Assistant, you can enjoy the hands-free convenience of controlling the lights in your home with your voice while you’re cooking or your hands are full; you...

Last update on 2024-04-20 at 02:38 PST - Details

Smart Plug Uses

Smart Plug Uses

Wifi Outlet

Wifi Outlet

Our Choice

Our choice for WiFi enabled Smart Plug is from ETEKCITY. ​I have personally tested this WIFI ​outlet and ​everyone in our family are in love with this brand. We will specifically talk about Etekcity Smart Plug, Works with Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT, WiFi Energy Today.

Last update on 2024-04-20 at 18:48 PST - Details

All you need to do is connect this new unit into your old electric outlet. Make sure you have WiFi working in your room/home. Download and install VESYNC app from App Store in Apple, Google Play if Android. Create account, login. Push power button till 10 seconds until light blinks, which will show this new device connection on your controlling device like phone or tablet. Connect to the device on phone using WiFi.

That's it! Now you can shut down, turn on any devices plugged into this new WIFI enabled smart plug. You can schedule to shut fown on certail time, you can monitor which plugged in electronic is using how much energy, you can limit energy use then automatically shutdown if exceeds that electricity limit. Even view which devices are connected and control from around the world with just simple clicks.

Manage your home, even from afar. Control from afar The Etekcity Voltson WiFi Electrical Outlet empowers you to remotely control your appliances, whether directly with your VeSync app (on your smartphone/tablet), or with Alexa voice control set up at home. Use it at home, from the office, or even from a cafe with Wi-Fi. Even create custom schedules so you can ditch double-checking your appliances all the time! Make your home smart at saving energy and costs Smart management actually helps eliminate excess consumption of electricity, since household devices can still eat up energy, even when not in use. This outlet also monitors a device's power usage via the VeSync app, so you know how much power each device uses. Be smart about home! Save on your bill, and save valuable energy. Streamline home security Moreover, for the extended days you're away, replace old-fashioned timers that are limited in function. This smart outlet can turn on lamps on a set schedule, or at a moment's notice as you're miles away. Amazon Alexa Setup 1. Open Amazon Alexa APP on your phone; 2. Search for Skill "VeSync" and enable; 3. Sign in to your VeSync account in Alexa; 3. Go to Alexa Smart Home section and Discover your Devices; 4. Finish. Control your devices using Alexa. Please note that your VeSync account is case sensitive, so make sure you have entered the right account in Alexa. Or they will tell you account doesn't exist.

Smart Plug

Smart Plug


They come with 2 years warranty. If you buy from Amazon, within 30 days, you shall get full refund.

ETEKCITY Smart devices Frequently Asked Questions |  FAQ

1. Why haven’t I received a registration verification email?

●Double check that you entered the right email address.

●Try checking your spam or trash inboxes for the verification email.

●If you still cannot find the email, please contact us.

​2. Why can’t I configure my outlet to the network? How can I get connectivity?

●Ensure your phone is connected to Wi-Fi. Please note that the smart plugs only support 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks, but you can use any available network—even cellular data networks—to control your outlets from your phone once you’ve finished configuration.

●Your outlet might be too far from your router. Try moving the smart plug within 164 feet (50m) of the router. 

●Make sure you have turned off MAC address filtering.

●Make sure you don’t have too many devices connected to your router (10 or fewer is best).

●To hard reset, press and hold the power button on the smart plug for 20 seconds. This will clear your app cache.

​3. How do I change my Wi-Fi network to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network?

●Make sure your router is a dual band router (most dual band routers support both 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks). If you are unsure if your router is dual band, contact your Internet service provider or the router manufacturer.

●You can check which network you are using on your phone by accessing your Wi-Fi settings. Most 5GHz networks will have a name ending in “_5Ghz.” You will need to select the network without the “_5Ghz” suffix.

●Some routers hide the 2.4GHz network. If you have trouble finding the 2.4GHz network, contact your Internet service provider or your router manufacturer.

●Once you have selected the 2.4GHz network, open the VeSync app and the smart plug should automatically sync with your network.

​4. ​The light blinks blue from time to time as I’m trying to configure the outlet. What does this mean?

●Putting in a wrong password causes the blue light on the outlet to blink. Make sure you have entered the right password for your Wi-Fi network.

​5. Why is the blue light on my outlet blinking? Why am I unable to control my outlet?

●If the indicator light is blinking,your outlets are offline. Reconfigure your outlets with your home Wi-Fi network.

●Make sure your network is working properly.

●Move your outlets closer to your router (within 164 feet).

●If your outlets are still blinking, perform a hard reset by holding the power button on the outlet for 20 seconds until the indicator light starts to rapidly flash blue. Then, reconfigure your outlet(s) with the network.

​6. Why aren’t my outlets turning on/off as scheduled?

●Make sure you have turned on the schedule.

●Ensure you have turned on Location Services on your phone.

●Make sure your outlets are not offline and are connected to a working network.

​7. Alexa/Google Home can’t find my app/outlets or discover my devices.

●Make sure your smart outlet is close enough to your wireless router (within 164 feet).

●Check that your Amazon Echo or Google Home is working properly.

●Make sure each device name is easy to read and simple to speak. Avoid names that sound similar or have numbers.

​8. After moving an outlet to another socket, it’s appearing as offline/the light is slowly blinking blue.Why is this happening?

●Check to make sure the device isn’t placed too far from the network wireless router. It must be within a 164 ft (50 m) visible range from the router.

●Check to make sure the network hasn’t changed and is functioning normally.

●Reset the outlet by pressing and holding the outlet power button for 20 seconds and releasing when the indicator light begins to flash quickly.Then, reconfigure your outlet(s) with the network.

​9. I believe my item is defective. What should I do?

●Contact us via email at support@etekcity.com, or through an Amazon message.We will get back to you within 24 hours.

​10. Can it be turned back on remotely after a power outage?
Answer: We have power outages all the time. I have never had to reset it. It Reconnects automatically.

5 Stat Review from Verified Amazon Purchaser

"Months later review: I've been using these now for a while, in a family of 'power' users, meaning our pg&e bill can get high. With these I can monitor what is running and for how long, and have the option to turn things off if needed (like my fridge).

A few handy things for me are:

1) I can track our refrigerator's usage over days/weeks, its not all bad until it turns on the defrost cycle!
2) I've used a few to turn on / off AC grid tie inverters (with battery packs) to mitigate our power usage during high-use times. And I can see the reduction on our rainforest smart meter monitor, confirming the power reading on these smart plugs which is a great feature to have.
3) I like the app, its fairly straightforward, and has triggered power on/off functions which I like. I use that to turn off chargers once they fall below a watt level where they are no longer providing much charge. I've inadvertently had the 'new trigger' turn off when power exceeds ___W, and they would instantly turn back off. I initially thought I had a problem, but the notification told me otherwise, cluing me on my error...

Some things I think would be helpful:
1) wifi access but no internet (you know, just in case it goes down LOL) the app can still access the smart plugs if my local wifi network is still alive and my phone is connected to it. (internet hasn't died just yet, but don't want to find out with working wifi, the smart plugs no longer work)
2) work with the Stringify app. Stringify needed a public API to be able to use Etekcity's smart plugs. This makes both a powerful tool when it comes to monitoring things. For example, if my smart meter goes over a preset power setting, I could tell it to turn on/off certain smart plugs. Alexa is nice to have, but its short lived. Alexa doesn't have the same monitoring Vesync has or any app pass-through feature which would allow other apps to use Alexa as a control or host.
3) if #2 is simply impossible, create a new function in the "new trigger action" menu to turn on or off other smart outlets in my menu. For example, if outlet 1 power drops below xxx watts, turn on outlet 2. This would allow you to cascade functions to accomplish doing more with them.
4) notifications don't show up on my cell, only within the Vesync app. email works, but it lags by minutes/hours.
5) for some reason, if I'm in a monitor menu and I press the super button to get me back the phone, when I reopen Vesync, there is a different smart plug picture and none of the readings work. Hitting back a few times gets me to the smart plug menu, guessing that's a bug.

You might be wondering, why all this? PG&E and deregulation (which hasn't happened). I pay rates 2-3x higher than someone who lives a few miles down the road. Does solar help? sure, but PG&E's payback is a nickel per kWh, and charge you 20c per kWh used and then there's the penalty stage if you go over the baseline which seems to be based on nobody at home from 8-5, m-f.

My bill is lower because I can see / manage my power usage better, thanks to Etekcity's smart plugs. Yeah, I've tried Dlink, range is worse, their update bricked one that actually measured power, and their cost is higher. And they were constantly losing connection even in line of sight (50') to wifi. So Etekcity's have better range (I have 4 smart plugs in another garage on my lot), better reliability (yeah i got 3 customer returns -poorly packed was the clue- that I returned, lost some hours I wont get back) but overall, better performance for your money.

Check the monitor watts menu to see you're within its power rating too. I'm working these fairly good, 2-3x / day up to 1000W for hours at a time, varying locations on my lot and with noisy equipment. So mine are seeing a fair amount of use.
Problems with initial connection? Closing the app and restarting helps. I've checked to see how many things were on my network and if it was full, there was no indication that it was...

I paid for all my smart plugs, received nothing for this review other than the (replacements for duds) and satisfaction using them. Hope that helps someone deciding to buy or not."

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