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4 Best Types Of Cladding For High-Rise Buildings

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cladding buildings

cladding buildings

Whether you are building a new high rise property or whether you are moving into one, here are the four best types of cladding to keep your building safe.

High rise buildings in the UK are often clad with extraneous materials. There are many diverse types of cladding, but it is often completed in stone, wood, or metal. High rise buildings must undergo regular safety cheques before this cladding can be applied. They must also make sure they are compliant with the EWS1 forms when the cladding is added.

With so many considerations to make before you rush out and buy cladding for your high rise building, we reviewed the four best types.

The 4 Best Types of Cladding for your High Rise Building

If you have a high rise building, consider one of the following types of cladding materials.


1 – Weatherboard Cladding

While timber and other wood types should be used sparingly (or never), weatherboard cladding is made from reconstituted wood. This is wood which has been processed to be denser, more durable, and less likely to rot. Weatherboard offers good fire resistance teamed with excellent protection for the exterior of your high rise building. It gives you good thermal regulation indoors, making for better energy efficiency[i].

Drawbacks to weatherboard are that it will eventually rot over time. Exposure to extremes of weather can mean cracks appear. If you want a cheap option with maximum fire resistance, though, weatherboard is a good, light, safe option. Although High Pressure Laminate is sometimes used instead of weatherboard, we have left it out due to safety concerns.


2 – Metal Cladding

Aluminium composites which are not filled with flammable materials are good for cladding buildings. Composites are blends of metal smelted together to create stronger, tougher materials. Metal cladding looks good, although it doesn’t have the colour range of weatherboarding. It is tough, long lasting, and will protect your building from anything the neighbourhood kids can throw at it.

The drawbacks to metal high rise cladding are that it needs to be EWS1 compliant. You may need an assessor to check it for you if you are moving not a home which already has metal cladding. Metal cladding can also corrode and deteriorate around the bolts and the edges. Keep on top of maintenance for best results.


3 – PVC

Vinyl cladding is weatherproof, won’t chip or crack, and takes the least maintenance out of all cladding types. It is lightweight, making it ideal for cladding high rise buildings. PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride, which is a thermo plastic made by adding polymer to vinyl chlorides.

Vinyl cladding can come in any shape and size that you like. It is tough, weather resistant, and lightweight. It will last for years when placed and takes no maintenance. The downside of PVC is that it doesn’t have the excellent thermal regulation of other cladding materials like brick or stone. We don’t usually see these on a high rise building, however, because of the added weight.


4 – Fibre Cement Cladding

Fibre cement board cladding marries the innovation of nature with the world of cement. Partially man made and partially made with wood, fibre cement cladding offers a lightweight alternative to cement cladding. It is lighter than concrete facades and it offers great protection. It deals with the rotting problem of weatherboard by way of cement reinforcement[ii].

Fibre cement boards are weatherproof, corrosion resistant, long-lasting, and are infused with chemicals that improve fire resistance. They are much lighter than traditional materials while still giving good protection.


Unsure What Cladding You Need?

Remember – if you still don’t know which cladding you need, you can always call in the experts.



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