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Which Water Purifier Should You Buy For Your Home?

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Levoit water filter

Levoit water filter

Pure, safe, and clean drinking water is not available everywhere. Some of the reasons for that are growing population, environmental degradation, and industrial development. In such a time, it is very important to be aware of the availability of water purifiers and water purification techniques in the market to make sure our drinking water is of epitome quality. 

Many minerals are present in natural water that are important for our body but consuming large amounts of it can cause diseases. What a good water purifier does is that it removes the excess suspended particles, salts, and microbes from natural water and retains only essential vitamins and minerals. With many water purifier manufacturers today, it may be confusing to know which is good and meets necessary standards.

A water purifier can remove bacteria and viruses that filters can’t. Purifiers use either chemicals or electro-static charge to capture viruses. Know which water purifier to buy for your home by knowing different water purifying technologies.

List of water purifying technologies used in water purifiers


1. Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology

RO water purifiers are great at removing the invisible impurities. They also reduce the hardness of water with the removal of lead, arsenic, mercury, chlorine, and harmful chemicals. RO water purifiers are majorly used for purification of water from underground water bodies and water from the water tankers. The method is also used for distilling and making seawater drinkable. Having an UV feature with RO water purifier is recommended for most places.


2. Activated carbon technology 

Water purifiers using this technology have two or more sticks that are made up of charcoal granules. The sticks absorb chemicals or pesticides present in water and thus improving its taste. They work without electricity and so are perfect for rural areas with freshwater reservoirs.


3. Ultra-filtration (UF) technology

Non-electric water purifiers with storage tanks have UF filtration technology. The water filtration technology is good at removing impure particles and solids present in water, but not good at removing the dissolved impurities.


4. Ultraviolet (UV) technology

UV water filtration technology is perfect for soft water sources like rain water or river water. They destroy microorganisms present in water. However, it is not effective in removing the dissolved water chemicals. It is best to choose a UV water purifier when the presence of microorganisms and bacteria is high in water.

Most water purifiers today combine two to three technologies for best water purification. Water purifiers have now become an integral part of every kitchen. You can buy water purifiers online as well.