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Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower – What to Look For

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The main function of a leaf blower is to make your task of cleaning the messes that nature has left behind much easier and faster. If you are still on the process of deciding which type of leaf blower to choose, let this best walk behind leaf blower review help you.

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Top 5 Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower

Here are five of the best walk-behind leaf blower you can consider buying:

Troy-Bilt TB672 208cc Leaf Blower – The Best Pick 

Troy-Bilt TB672 208cc Leaf Blower

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Is your concern not just the leaves but other debris as well scattering in your yards? The Troy-Bilt leaf blower can help you collect them all with ease and fast. The machine is gas operated with an OHV 208cc engine.

This leaf blower can easily get rid of your walkways, driveway, yard or other backyard debris. Semi-pneumatic ball-bearing wheels can help you clean the area easily. This TB672 model makes use of a front discharge chute together with a 14-inch high output impeller. With its 1000 CFM airflow volume capacity, the leaf blower works with proper air ventilation.  

This leaf blower is easy to assemble since it only has three parts, the main unit and the two-part blower tube. All you need to do is to take out the two parts and then twist it in the jet to lock it in position. And you are all done.

This Jet blower is gas-powered, with 27 cc 2-cycle engine just add oil to the gas before using it. When filling the oil, follow the instructions included in the package. The Troy-Bilt package also includes a sample packet of fuel stabilizer.

Filling the gas is easy since the gas tank is located just under the engine. Simply unscrew the cap and pour the gas. Starting the engine is easy as well. Just prime it by pushing the primer ball several times, open the choke and pull the cord. You might need to pull it 4 to 5 times, but it does not require too much effort to pull.

This jet blower is very powerful. It can blow a mountain of leaves, grass clippings, clumps of wet garden debris, pine needles, and twigs.

We like

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to start
  • Maneuvering it is not a problem
  • Blows away debris with great power
  • Filling the gas is easy

We do not like

  • Some complaints of the machine having some defects
  • There are instances the blower outlet requires modification to achieve higher blowing velocities

Southland SWB163150E - For Budget Conscious Buyer

If your task is to clear out a whole lot of leaves in a one-acre yard – the Southland SWB163150E is here to help you. This leaf blower is about three to four times more powerful as compared to an average backpack leaf blower.

Southland 163cc, 4-stroke gas engine enclosed in a 95-pound behemoth of a leaf blower can produce 6.5 ft/lbs of torque. As a result, it can produce an airflow rate of 1200 CFM and 150 mph air speeds. Unlike other leaf blowers, this machine is well-balanced to reduce vibrations, and the fan housing is made of steel for better durability.

The advantage of having a tool with steel parts is that it reduces vibrations and boosts its lifespan. Its tapered crankshaft and high-grade air filters enhance the engine durability and endurance. Southland walk-behind leaf blower air chutes are adjustable, so you can easily direct the air to the front of the blower or you can switch the vane to let the air flow out to the sides.

It has a tough handle and is made of steel tubing covered with anti-rush black paint. The machine’s motor housing and air filter assembly are installed on a sturdy wheelbarrow style metal chassis having a smaller lead wheel in front and twelve-inch tires at the back.

Starting the tool is easy, it applies manual recoil system and produces less noise at 76 dB, which is standard to any walk-behind blower. It is a bit quieter as compared to other backpack leaf blowers. You can fill the fuel tank up to 0.87 gallons. The manufacturer includes a 2-year limited warranty on the blower, and this covers the motor.

We like

  • It can remove moving leaves fast and easy with less fatigue for the user
  • It comes double boxed for added protection
  • Easy to assemble
  • More reliable than a backpack blower
  • Offers great value to your money

We do not like

  • Some complaints of broken handles
  • Switching from straightforward to 90-degree air flow is quite tedious

Merry Mac Walk-Behind – Heavy Duty Walk Behind Leaf Blower

The Merry Mac Walk-Behind leaf blower has 11 pounds gross torque. The engine is enclosed in a Briggs and Stratton OHV engine to provide all the power you will require to remove the mountain of leaves in your backyard. It can produce an incredible air speed up to 185 mph to get rid of any yard waste.

This tool has a balanced and high-speed impeller. Have a lightweight design which makes it easy to operate and won’t tire out the user. It is easy to move around because of its two twelve inches pneumatic wheels at the back. The handle is equipped with an adjustable loop to reduce vibration and to provide more comfort when using the blower.

It makes your work much simpler and it will take you less time to complete the job. The tool is very powerful but still, you can easily move it around. This machine performs well as expected and is highly-recommended. Merry Mac comes with a deflector for low or high airflow and the capability for side or front discharge.

We like

  • Easy to operate
  • Changing the chute angle is easier
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Its grips can make it comfortable to operate
  • With vibration radiation reduction 

We do not like

  • The motor does not have a vacuum option
  • It does not include batteries

Patriot Products CVB-2465B – Best Gas-Powered Leaf blower

This gas-powered leaf blower is very versatile. It is a leaf blower, chipper, and lawn vacuum all in one. The Patriot machine has superior chipping capabilities with high-quality steel chipping blades. The machine can chip thick two inch freshly pruned branches by putting them into the solid cast aluminum cone. It has five inches feed chute opening and shrinks down to two inches at the bottom of the chute, which makes the two inches the maximum size.

With the use of this gas leaf vacuum blower, you can clear a 24-inch wide path as it vacuums up leaves and other debris. Patriot CVB-2465B snout can be adjusted from one inch to six inches of ground balance, enabling it to provide the best service on rough terrain and smooth hard surfaces. Thus, it is great for cleaning driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks.  

The Patriot has special Y-flail blades that cut the debris and blow it inside the leaf collection bag. You can also choose to direct the mulch back to the lawn. The collection bag has a hooded vent which brings down and away from the user. The collection bag can be emptied easily and conveniently as the bag is still connected to the machine, which makes it ideal for spreading chipped material on your garden.

When the machine is in vacuum mode, you can easily chip branches without modifying the setup, this unit likewise converts into a powerful leaf blower. This 3 in 1 cleanup machine is powered by a 6.5 HP Briggs and Stratton 675 series engine, which keeps this lawn quiet, easy to start, and powerful.

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We like

  • It has a heavy-duty suction power that can handle heavier debris like wet leaves. 
  • Very versatile enables you to shred, chip, blows, and vacuum debris away.
  • Can cut leaves smaller up to 12:1 ratio. 

We do not like

  • Has heavy mechanism making it hard to turn on. 
  • It does not have a self-propelled option thus it requires manual pushing. 

Little Wonder C5 Leaf Blower – Powerful Leaf Blower 

The Little Wonder comes with helpful and interesting features. Its engine is using 170cc Subaru engine to power the tool. This type of walk behind leaf blower model can produce air volume up to 1150 CFM with the speed up to 200 mph. You can control the airspeed easily because it is equipped with a throttle control mounted at the handle.

Little Wonder C5 leaf blower is equipped with a 16-inches composite impeller to help blow the leaves effectively. The air output nozzle is adjustable, and you can point at any direction you want. Even if you do not have a bigger storage area, it is easy to store the leaf blower since it has a folding type handle.

The size of the wheels is yet a good feature of this walk-behind blower model. It is 16-inch and you don’t need to monitor the air pressure regularly. This tool is very effective in cleaning yards, driveways and curb areas. It can easily clear debris from hedges, fence lines, and flower beds. The machine is also effective in cleaning out cracks and crevices to fix cement.

We like

  • The air stream can be easily adjusted in various directions
  • Great maneuverability and stability
  • Provides great comfort with its foam padded handles
  • Occupies less storage area because of its foldable features

We do not like

  • Not as heavy-duty as it claims to be

Buying Guide – What Features to Look For


Most of the walk-behind blowers are created with a soft-grip handle, having a soft cushioned material and is positioned at the right angle to reduce the strain on your hands while blowing the leaves off your lawn. Other features of the leaf blower should also fit your requirements. If you have plans of using the blower for different functions, you need to look for one with adjustable extension tubes. Also, the overall size of the blower and the ease of carrying it can affect the way on how you will use it.

Most of the power tools and machines produce vibrations. The more the machine vibrates, the harder it can be for the user for a long time. The anti-vibration feature helps reduce  the vibration and add comfort on it, making this tool easy to maneuver with less annoyance. It is best to look for blowers with this feature to minimize the amount of vibrations.

Noise Level

Most of the leaf blowers produce annoying sound, so it is important to choose the one with least potential to disturb others. Some leaf blowers produce less sound and others are louder than 85 decibels. This means that an ear protection is required when using the leaf blower.

Power Supply

You need to decide whether you prefer a gas or an electric powered model since each type has its own strengths and weaknesses. If you choose a gas-powered blower, you need to exert some effort to start the engine. This type of leaf blower uses a cord to be pulled to turn on the engine. Also, most of the gas-powered blowers include a two-stroke engine which needs a mixture of gasoline and oil that you need to prepare and should be available all the time.

With an electric-powered leaf blower, you need to charge the battery before using it. For corded model look for the nearest and the most convenient electrical outlet. Another important thing you need to consider before you buy a leaf blower is the cord issue. You might encounter a problem getting tied up on objects like a sprinkle, shrubs, etc.


The best leaf blowers offer different speeds. This will let you set the speed of the blower, most of the time via a series of numbered knobs situated near the machine’s handle or by how far you can squeeze the handle lever. If your blower is equipped with a vacuum, choose accessories that enable you to do the job well.

Support and Warranty

A good leaf blower is backed with support and great service. For instance, the package should include an instruction manual since most blowers need to be assembled. It is best to choose a brand that provides you both online and a hard copy. Also, a multiple-year warranty is a good choice, especially if you use the blower frequently. Other machines include different commercial and home-use warranties.

How Can You Take Advantage of Your Walk-Behind Leaf Blower?

The leaf blower machine is an important investment in the gardening machine. In the past, a leaf blower is a novelty item and not a necessity. But now it is a useful device that every household should have. The machine helps minimize the amount of time spent working on the leaves and other debris. They are of great help to gardeners in keeping the yard clean and can be used in large companies or small home landscapes. To take advantage of the machine, there are things you need to adhere to and it should start before making a purchase.

Determine the Right Tool for the Job

Some people are not aware that there are other types of walk behind leaf blowers. It’s important that you do your research before purchasing. The most common types of leaf blower are handheld petrol, handheld electric, and backpack.

  • Handheld petrol is a bit smaller. It has shorter exhaust thus recommended for areas with less amount leaf. This model requires more energy since you need to move the machine using your wrist to aim at the parts of the ground that requires clearing. 
  • Handheld electric blower is known to be more helpful for the domestic user since it is much lighter than the other models. However, the cord might be an issue since your movements are restricted.
  • A backpack leaf blower is recommended if you need to clear leaves and debris in a bigger area. It is more powerful compared to other handheld devices.

Leaf blowers are designed for different applications so knowing what type of machine ideal for the task is a good starting point to achieve optimum results. 

Final Verdict

A 3-in-1 leaf blower like Patriot could be a good choice but there are some drawbacks in the design that should be noted. One is that the unit is quite heavy and hard to push as compared to others. Those with larger properties might have a hard time using it.

After considering all the features mentioned above I find Troy-Bilt as the best walk-behind leaf blower. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver across the yard. You don’t have to exert a lot of effort to operate the tool. Troy-Bilt is a powerful machine that can complete the job fast and efficient. You will never regret buying this machine.

If you find this best walk behind leaf blower helpful to you, feel free to share this post with others or you can make a comment below.





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