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The 8 Best Ways To Improve Garage Lighting

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If you own a garage used as a workshop, parking for your car/s, or a storage area, garage lighting is important, and it has to be good enough. The issue with garages today is how badly lit they can be. This makes navigating through difficult, especially when you are handling projects. In addition, a poorly lit area leads to injuries and falls, which can be very bad. As such, boosting the illumination in this important part of the home is necessary. It improves aesthetic value, efficiency, visibility, and safety of the user.

The 8 Best Ways to Improve Garage Lighting

Boosting lighting

There are some ways that you can Improve the lighting in your garage. They include:

  1. Overhead lighting is good but not the only thing: artificial lights include accent, task, and ambient, and a garage needs all three. Ambient light is used overhead so that the walls and floors are safe to walk on and park as needed. Tasks lights tend to be brighter, and they are the best for storage and work as they boost visibility when you are paying attention to details. Finally, accent light is a hybrid of task and ambient lighting in terms of brightness. You can have this on any showpieces that need to be highlighted.
  2. Make measurements: to tell how much light is needed, the garage has to be measured. For every square foot of the garage, 50 lumens are needed in residential garages. If you have a workshop, 300 lumens for every square foot should be adequate. Ambient lighting should be 50 lumens, accent lighting 75 lumens, and task lighting 300 lumens.
  3. Find the right bulb wattage: if you want to know the number of bulbs that will be adequate for your garage, the footage of the area should be multiplied by lumens to meet requirements. Again, there are guidelines for this.
  4. Fixtures and functions should match: to improve garage lighting, it makes sense to choose the best fixtures in every lighting category. For example, ambient lighting fixtures can be used on the door openers or liner flush mounts. Accent fixtures cover sconces mounted on the wall or pendants on the ceiling. Task lighting can include shop lights or trouble lights.
  5. Pick fluorescent or LED over incandescent bulbs: the last thing you want is a hefty electric bill. So finding energy-efficient bulbs is important. The fluorescent and LED bulbs give adequate light at lower watts which mean lower electric bills. In addition, you should note that LED battens don’t rely on any chemical reaction to produce light. This is why LED batten tribes remain consistent and steady for a long time. They are also easier to install.
  6. Fixture arrangements: it is wise to arrange your fixtures based on function and type for best results. Task light casts light on a storage area or a work surface to reduce glare, which is what they get fixed on ceilings. Ambient light needs to cast light on the floor and should be even. That is why they get positioned on the door openers and ceiling. Accent lighting should shine on areas that need to be showcased and therefore should be directly above the display.
  7. Pick high CRI bulbs: when picking the best lighting for garages, you need bulbs with a good color rendering index of about 85-100. This guarantees that the color of your items is realistically rendered.
  8. Natural light: when on a budget or when you are remodeling the area. A skylight or a window is a good idea. Adding natural light boosts the brightness and warmth of your space, and it is friendly in terms of bills.


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