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Best Ways To Tackle a Termite Problem

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One of the last things you ever want to discover inside your home is termites. Termites can rack up thousands of dollars of damage to a structure if they go a long time without being discovered. Termites are found in almost every state but are more prevalent in warmer climates. If you suspect you’ve got an infestation, here are several ways to tackle the problem.

Look for Signs


It usually happens like this: you see something fly by, it resembles the picture of a termite you once saw and you immediately freak out. Before you stress, calmly look around and see if you can find any signs of termites. Evidence that could indicate a termite infestation include shed wings, mud tubes around the foundation or paint that looks bubbled.

Many people confuse flying ants with termites. There are slight differences between the two, most noticeably in the body. Ants have a thin waist where the termite’s body is wide. Termites also have one length to their wings while ants do not.

Get an Inspection

If your worst fear has come true and you’re sure you’ve got a termite problem, call for a professional termite inspection Fort Myers FL and find out exactly where they’re coming from. An inspector will check both the inside and outside of the home looking for many of the same signs you searched for. In addition, they’ll check for damage you may have missed in walls, floors, windows and crawl spaces

During the inspection, a qualified tech should be able to tell you if the house was ever treated in the past and what the extent of damage is currently.

Hire Professional Extermination

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If termites are inhabiting your home, an exterminator will discuss several options with you. Different kinds of treatment depend on the magnitude of the infestation and can range from a localized area to complete house encapsulation.

Be Vigilant in the Future

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Following the successful elimination of termites from your home, it’s crucial to remain vigilant in the future. Start by clearing away any wood from your home including branches and old stumps. Never  put mulch directly against the house. Make sure you have good drainage and no moisture around your foundation. Most importantly, get a termite inspection every year.

If termites have taken up residence in your home, it’s time to show them the door. Get your house inspected, treated and take future steps to protect your home.