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Eight Interesting Ideas To Make Your Bare Wall Pop

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Children Room Wall Decoration

Children Room Wall Decoration

Eight Great Ideas to Make That Blank Wall Pop

It is not surprising that homeowners sometimes find themselves unable to think about what to do with one or two bare walls. While other walls are used for storage, entertainment, and framed photos, at least one or two walls are just completely blank. It's normal for a home to have these empty walls, but sometimes, these empty walls make a home look boring, unattractive, and uninteresting. Of course, no one wants something as simple as a bare wall to make their home unappealing. Every homeowner wants the home to look like it jumped off the pages of an architectural magazine.

A Big Art Piece

Art pieces need not be expensive, but they have to mean something to you. Have you been eyeing an art piece by a local artist? This might be the best time to invest in it. If the room already has a minimalist design, go for a bright and bold painting. If the room is filled with colors, then go for something minimalist. A black-and-white painting will do. Abstract, landscapes, cityscapes, nature, and floral are just some of your options.


Gallery Wall

If you are not too fond of large art pieces, then a gallery wall might catch your attention. You can display a mix of paintings, photographs, quotable quotes, and many more. Basically, you will be creating a gallery wall. Extend the gallery to the ceiling because this creates an illusion of space. Don't hang the frames in straight horizontal or vertical lines because it will make your wall look like a gallery store.


Green Wall

What better way to use that blank wall than to create a vertical garden? You can check out what preserved reindeer moss is because you can create many textures, designs, and layouts with the different colors that type of moss comes in. Preserved moss is easy to maintain. You just have to spray it with a natural cleanser to remove dirt and dust. It's easy to the eyes, and it's a topic in every conversation with your house guests.


Accent Wall

Look around your house. Do you have an accent wall? It's that one wall that should draw the attention of the home's occupants and guests. The accent wall should be loud, bold, and bright. You can use wallpaper or other decorative painting techniques for the accent wall. A mural, of course, is the perfect accent wall for any home or place of business. You can also extend the design of the accent wall to the ceiling.



Hanging mirrors-small or large-on a blank wall will give an illusion of space. The room will feel larger and brighter. The light will bounce off the mirrors, which will then bathe the room in natural light. You can try hanging an oversized mirror or a mix of small pieces salon-style. Make sure to choose a mirror frame that will complement the rest of the room's designs.


Shelves and Storage Spaces

Floating shelves can be decorative pieces, too. Decorations are subjective. To some, a shelf full of books is sore to the eyes. For book lovers, that's a sight to behold. You can use that blank wall for your collection of books. Make sure to add some knickknacks, small sculptures, and other oddities so as not to make the wall look boring. A couple of framed photos will personalize that space.


Wood Pallet

It's so easy to install wood pallet planks on the wall since all you need is a nail driver. You can create many variations of the pallets. You can sand it and let its natural color complement the rest of the room. Or, you can also apply varnish, so the planks look more rustic. This kind of wall design will look better in a country home. Make sure that's the kind of style you want.


World Map

Another great idea to make use of the blank wall is to hang or post a photo of the world map. It's a nice reminder of the places you want to visit in the future. You may even want to mark the places on the map that you've already visited. Seeing the world map on your wall will push you to work harder to start crossing off the countries from your bucket list.

Don't be frustrated when you have a blank wall you don't know what to do with. There are so many great options to choose from. All you need to do is pick the best one to complement the rest of your home's design. Remember that this will last for years, so be 100% sure about your choice.



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