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A Guide To Purchasing The Best Woodworking Router Bit

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How To Purchase The Best Woodworking Router Bit

Best Woodworking Router Bit


One of the best decisions to make as a woodworker is to have the best router bits for your modern workshop. No matter the type of project which you are working on, it is possible that it will need you to utilize a router. This means that, when you have the right router, it will make your job quite easy.

With so many routers available in the market, it might be difficult for you to choose the best among them all. By knowing some of the key features to look out for, it will be easier for you to come up with the right choice based on your needs. Your selection should be based on the application  that you want the router for.

Steps To Choose Best Woodworking Router Bit

  • Speed options: There are some routers that offer an operation for single speed, while those which are versatile will offer you a variety of speed or adjustment for multiple speeds. The ability to adjust the speeds based on the type of operation, the diameter of the bit, and the wood species that is being machined will in the process increase your work quality as well as ensure that you are working in a safe environment.


  • Router classification: Just like with any other tools, you will find routers in various sizes of motor configuration with each having its own pros and cons. They include the following:
    • Mid-sized routers: They range from 1 ¾ HP to 2 ¼ HP, making them the size which is most popular because of their versatility and the ease of operation. They have a capacity to handle a variety of operations which include everything that a palm router is capable of doing plus the large scale dovetailing, template design, panel cutting, and circle cutting. They are routers which will readily accept ¼ an inch shank and also ½ inch shank bits. You will get them on various bases. Most of the aftermarket routers are in this class of routers.
    • Palm routers: They might be less an HP or just at 1 HP. These types of routers are compact in size and have a performance which is very impressive. They might come in handy when hinge mortising, trimming, slot cutting, edge forming, window cutouts, small scale dovetailing, and decorative inlays. Due to having the limitation of ¼ inch shank, these type of routers might not be good for operations involving large routing.
    • Full-sized routers: In the router family, these are the workhorses. They are rated 3HP up to 3 ¼ HP, designed for production purposes. They are mostly used to CNC operations or router table operations. Due to the large size of these particular routers, they might be cumbersome to use as a day to day handheld tool.


  • Base styles: In many instances, the base style which you select for your router is as important as the motor size. With various styles available in the market, picking the right one will depend on the operation or projects which you plan to work on.
    • Plunge base: It is a base that is much versatile as it can be used on everything which a fixed base can be used for and also operations requiring the bit to be able to be plunged into the wood far away from an edge. it is ideal for operations such as fluting, grooves, mortising and dado cuts operations.

 Its mechanics are such that the motor will have to move up and down on the columns of the machined springs. Traditionally, this type of base offers various depths for setting on the top with several adjustments that can easily be fine tuned to your individual specifications.


  • Fixed base: This is a base that is standard and mostly comes with handles that are fixed or knobs fixed on the opposite sides of the base guiding and holding the router. While they are the type of bases that you can mount on a router table, they tend to be limited as far as the edge routing applications are concerned.

It is a base that is ideal for operations that utilize guide bushings such as box joint and dovetail jigs. It can easily incorporate a quick setting adjustment for a ring style depth.


  • Handle base: Instead of having two knobs like the case with the standard base, this particular type has a D-shaped handle and a knob that provides pistol grip control and ensuring that the locking on and off power switch is automatically triggered.

Equipped with the above, you will be able to purchase the best woodworking router bit that will work well for you, making your work smooth and easy. Depending on your budget, get the best out of the many in the market that your money can buy.







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