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Relocating To Washington DC: Tips To Ensure A Smooth Experience

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Best Tips On Relocating To Washington DC

Relocating To Washington DC

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Making a shift to any new city is just as exciting a proposition as it is a scary one. As we are discussing Relocating To Washington DC, it means that you are going to be in the capital for a significant amount of time too, so it essentially means starting a brand-new life altogether. The good news is that as far as relocations are concerned, DC isn’t a bad choice by any means!

Then again, a relocation does mean at least a few major changes, and likely a whole number of minor ones. Today’s list of helpful tips is about making sure that anyone who is relocating to the capital has the smoothest possible experience. When you are well aware of the major learning curves ahead, they won’t feel so steep anymore.


Employment Beyond Politics and Administration

Most outsiders believe Washington DC to be a city of government employees, and while they are right to a degree, it’s not entirely true. There is certainly a strong presence of the government in DC, and thousands of residents work for the federal government, just as one would expect. However, it also has a strong private industry, especially in and around the tech sector.

As a matter of fact, the presence of the government has allowed a number of local private companies to primarily work on highly lucrative government contracts. In other words, if you are looking for employment, DC has more to offer in variety, quality, and opportunity, than you may have imagined.

In case you are not moving to DC on business, but plan to find a job after getting here, it shouldn’t prove to be too difficult, given that the capital has an unemployment rate of only 2.6%, which is 0.8% lower than the national average of 3.4%. Having said that, you should at least have a decent idea and a good set of connections beforehand, in case the plan is to find a job after getting here. Job opportunities are high in DC, but so are the living costs, as we will discuss next.


The Cost of Relocating To Washington DC is the Fifth Highest in the US

It currently holds fifth place on the list of most expensive cities in the US, left behind by only the likes of San Francisco, Honolulu, Boston and of course, New York City. It was estimated that roughly $83,000/year on average would be necessary for a small family to live well in Relocating To Washington DC. Therefore, unless you already have a job with high prospects, or you have a substantial plan to either find employment or start a business of your own here, you may find the capital to be a very expensive relocation idea.


Finding the Best Location Which Suits Your Needs Can be Tricky or Simple!

In spite of the high rent for furnished apartments  this residents have to shell out, a new resident may find it particularly difficult to match their budget with their expectations from the place and the neighborhood. However, this hopeless house hunt has become a more convenient process than ever before.

For example, the presence of Blueground’s apartments in Washington, D.C. has turned the capital into a place where relocators can just show up, move into an apartment that they like, and start living in it immediately! All their apartments are fully furnished and completely equipped. They are alllocated in safe neighborhoods, and even have access to the best commuting options nearby. The user-friendly Blueground website allows you toview apartments, their locations, neighborhood info, real-time availability info, respective rent rates and even customizable lease tenures to find the best possible match.  Once you move in, there’s a guest application for your smartphone, which will be your handy assistant. This tool will help to manage everything from housekeeping to scheduling maintenance.


Traffic is Pretty Much as Congested as It Can Possibly Be

When your new home city has managed to beat NYC, Chicago, and Los Angeles in terms of having the worst traffic congestions, then you know that can be a serious concern. Back in 2019, traffic congestions had cost $4.6 billion to the city, with drivers losing roughly $2,161 that year on account of the same.

If getting to work on time is on the agenda, then you will have to rely heavily on the subways. This isn’t an inconvenience since the subway system is very well connected and fairly reliable for the most part.

Another solution would be to find one of the many new furnished apartments Relocating To Washington DC builders have constructed over the last decade for facilitating easy commuting to the office areas. If your place isn’t that far away from work, you can simply walk to the office, like so many people in Washington do, to avoid the terrible traffic conditions here.

If you can get used to the subway, or find an apartment near to work, rest assured that living in Washington DC can be an Impressive experience. Sure, the cost of living is high in DC, but so is the average paycheck! For example, $85,203 is the median income for an average household in the capital, while the national average is only $61,937! If you want to earn more for the skills you have and live better, it can truly be the perfect city to start a new life in.

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