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Better Indoor HD TV Antenna Reception: How To Get The Most Channels With Your Outdoor Antenna 

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HD TV antena

HD TV antena

Watching Television with your family is a splendid way of recreation after returning from work. But this crisp HD TV over the air (OTA) programs can sometimes be cut short by problems like a breeze, obstruction of the antenna by metal objects, or even faulty equipment.

Fortunately, you can solve poor reception that reduces your TV channels or other types of television issues. In this post, you will learn how to get the most TV channels with your outdoor antenna or you can get help SignalSolutions

Causes of Poor Reception of TV Signals

External problems that block the TV signals from your TV antenna could be trees, Iron bars, high buildings, and streetlights. Inside your home, the cause could be due to lead bulbs and broken down HIFI systems.


How to Get the Most Channels with Your Outdoor Antenna

Now that we have listed some likely causes of poor reception, let show you how to get the most channels with your outdoor antenna. Follow the tips below.

  1. Raise the height of the antenna

First, mount the TV antenna on the roof and let it be at least 20 feet off the ground. If you live in the city and you were unable to mount it on the roof, install the antenna on top of the highest place outside your home. If nothing is impeding the signals like trees, plateaus, and high buildings, elevating the antenna's height might solve the problem.

Next, in your locality, there must be a place where the TV transmission mast for that area is located. To find it, use a tool like TV fool website or AntennaWeb.org, and position the antenna to face the source of signal transmission.


  1. Move the location of the antenna

If the first solution fails, move the antenna to another site entirely. You might improve the antenna's performance and reception of TV channels, by transferring the antenna slightly from where you mounted it initially.

That might work if you know the obstruction of the reception signals or suspect the cause. Ensure the antenna is upright and ask someone inside the house to rescan the TV to confirm that signals are clear and sharp once again. 


  1. Clear the cache memory of TV tuner

Clearing the cache of the TV tuner is another solution you can try. Locate the TV tuner in the settings section of your TV. This device changes inbound TV receptions into digital form to enable the Television to show them.

This tuner saves stations that let you change channels anytime you want. Try to clear the cache to wipe off the Television stations it had saved on its memory. After doing that, rescan the TV to reprogram it with the correct stations and their exact channels. That might restore crisp pictures and sounds again. Try it.


  1. Remove things that could impede the signals

 The signal solutions you need could depend on discovering some items near the antenna that are reflective. Other things that may impede TV reception include electromagnetic machines in the house. One thing that could affect the reception of TV channels inside your home is when a power conditioner is installed to protect your home equipment like TV and HIFI systems from the excessive power supply. That device could cause noise and filtering for the TV.

Cellular phone masts could cause interference to TV reception if they are close to your home. Likewise, LTE receptions for 4G and 5G networks could interfere with the UHF TV signals because they are almost of the same kind. To stop the LTE interference of your TV signals, including all the other factors listed earlier, mount a filter, and plug your tv power cable into it instead.


  1. Amplify the TV signal

You can amplify the coaxial cable that carries the signal from the antenna to the TV. To do that, fix an AC power to the coaxial cable to pass electricity into the line and enhance the television signal's power to your home. That could boost weak reception, and let you watch TV that show clear pictures and sound.

However, before you amplify your TV signals, check to see if the TV transmission towers are far from your area. If the distance is up to 20 miles (32 km) away, you may benefit from amplifying the TV signals. Besides, if the coaxial cable is less than 50 feet (15 m), you don't need an amplifier. But f the TV antenna serves many televisions in the house via a splitter; you might need an amplifier to boost the TV's signal strength.



Here are tips and tactics to help improve your signal solutions. We hope these strategies are helpful. Apply them today and start enjoying crisp HD TV. If you need help installing, repairing, or replacing your antenna, contact a good company.







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