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Boiler Installations: Where To Spend And Save Your Money

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Boiler installations can be a significant investment for homeowners. Knowing where to spend and save your money is critical to ensure you get the best value for your investment. 

Depending on factors such as your home’s size, the type of boiler you choose, and the complexity of the installation, new boiler installation costs can vary significantly. This blog post will explore some tips on spending and saving money on boiler installations.


Spend Your Money On The Right Boiler

Investing in a high-quality, energy-efficient model is critical when choosing your next boiler. Even though these boilers are more expensive up front, they will save you money in the long run on energy bills. 

Consider choosing a condensing boiler, the most energy-efficient and cost-effective option. They can significantly reduce your energy bills and pay for themselves over time. You may also want to consider a combi boiler that combines heating and hot water in one unit and can save space and money on installation costs.


Invest In A Professional Installation

One area where you should consider spending your money is on a professional installation. A qualified engineer will ensure that your boiler is installed correctly and safely. Even though hiring an unqualified installer or installing the boiler yourself may seem like a good way to save money, it can result in expensive repairs or even accidents. Professional installations save you money in the long run because they prevent costly repairs and ensure your boiler is working properly.


Consider Ongoing Maintenance Costs

When choosing an updated boiler, it’s important to consider ongoing maintenance costs. Some boilers are more expensive to maintain than others, but regular maintenance can prevent costly repairs and extend the life of your boiler. So consider ongoing maintenance costs when budgeting for a new boiler installation.


Save Money By Choosing The Right Size Boiler

Another area where you can save money is by choosing the right size boiler for your home. Oversized boilers can be more expensive to install and operate and may not be as energy-efficient as a smaller boiler. So be sure to choose a boiler suitable for your home’s size to avoid wasting money on an oversized boiler.


Shop Around For Competitive Pricing

You can save money on a boiler installation by shopping for competitive pricing. While it’s important to invest in professional installation and a high-quality boiler, you may be able to find installation companies that offer competitive pricing or discounts. Research the company and check their qualifications and reviews before hiring them.


Determine The Size Of The Boiler You Require 

There are several boiler types as well as various boiler sizes to take into account. Size doesn’t refer to your boiler’s actual size but refers to its kW output. This is a boiler’s power output to make sure it has enough energy to heat a dwelling of a specified size. 


Choose A Reputable Brand

This advice might cost you a little money now, but it will ultimately save you money and stress. In addition, the likelihood of a brand failing decreases with reliability. 

Depending on the problem and the boiler’s age, boiler repairs can cost anywhere from £150 to £400. However, the price difference at the time of purchase is often only £200–£300, or about the amount of one repair bill if something were to go wrong.


Get A Long-Term Warranty

You will typically receive a considerably longer guarantee when you purchase from a reputable brand, which is another argument. If a company is willing to provide a lengthy guarantee, they are confident there won’t be any problems with their goods during that time. You not only avoid future repair costs but also benefit from warranty assurance. 

A long guarantee will also save you money if you believe in boiler insurance because you won’t need it since the manufacturer’s warranty will cover you.


Seeking A Second Opinion

Getting feedback from others is usually helpful, whether from close friends and family, nearby engineers, or online review sites. Someone you know may have used a brand you were thinking about and might offer insight into how reliable it has been for them. 

Local experts undoubtedly have a lot of expertise in installing various boiler models, but occasionally it can affect the boiler they advise. For example, one boiler may be simple to install for one professional while being a headache for another.


Energy Efficiency

The good news is that you will save money each month on your energy bill if you replace your old boiler with a new one. 

By replacing your old boiler with an energy-efficient A-rated boiler, which normally performs at 90% and above energy efficiency and is much better for the environment, you may save up to £305 per year on your fuel bills, according to the Energy Saving Trust. 

This won’t allow you to purchase a new boiler for less money, but it’s a solid reason to replace an outdated boiler as soon as possible.



It’s essential to consider ongoing maintenance costs when choosing a boiler. While some boilers may be more expensive to maintain, regular maintenance can help prevent costly repairs and extend the lifespan of your boiler. So be sure to consider ongoing maintenance costs when budgeting for a new boiler installation.

Overall, it’s important to invest in a high-quality, energy-efficient boiler and a professional installation when it comes to boiler installations. Be sure to factor in ongoing maintenance costs when budgeting for a new boiler installation, and choose a boiler suitable for your home’s size. Shop for competitive pricing, but research the company and check their qualifications and reviews before hiring them. Following these tips can save money on your boiler installation without sacrificing quality or safety.







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