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Types Of Water Filters For Your Home

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Different Types Of Water Filters

Types Of Water Filters

Levoit water filter

There are many options when you are looking to filter the incoming water in your home.  There are a few factors that will determine which system would be best for your home to produce the highest quality of water in your home and what you are exactly looking to accomplish.   The type of water filter for your home will depend on a few factors that we will cover and help you narrow down your buying choices as there are a lot of opinions on the market.

How To Get Types Of Water Filters

First, Get A Water Test

The first thing you should do when looking to get a Types Of Water Filters is get a simple water test.  You can find a relatively cheap test kit from amazon.com and get your water tested for the most commonly found water contaminants that could be in your home water supply.  A decent water test will test for hardness, chlorine Iron, lead and more.   If you get your water from a private well make sure that you get a more extensive test that covers specifically for well water.   THese are generally more in depth and cover a lot more contaminants.


Type of systems

Next are you looking for a point of use or point of entry system?  POE systems are installed usually in the garage or outside the home on the main Types Of Water Filters line so that every tap in your home has quality water.   These systems are a great option for homeowners that want one central filter in their home.  These are also considered a whole house water filter system.  For point of entry you can also get a water softener if you are interested in removing hard water and limescale from you home


Under the Sink Systems

Under the sink systems are installed under the sink in the kitchen.  These systems use carbon filtration or reverse osmosis to remove impurities in your Types Of Water Filters.   It is a great option for those that are looking to replace bottled water and get drinking water right in their home.   THese systems are also lower cost and a great starting option for those on a budget.

RO systems will need a little more extra space because the process requires a holding tank for the filtered water as well as a connection for a drain.   These systems will require a little more plumbing as well making a plumber a necessity for those that dont know basic plumbing.   RO systems are an ultra filtration system and some people say that reverse osmosis removes everything from the water including natural minerals.   If you are worried about that you can get a remineralizer added on to the RO to add in natural minerals that are removed completely from the water with a reverse osmosis system.  


Shower filters

Shower filters are a great option for those with sensitive skin that are looking to remove harsh chlorine from the water.  Chlorine is a drying agent and can cause your skin to dry and hair to become brittle.   A good shower filter is a great addition and can really help improve your skin and hair.


A water softener system

If you live in areas of hard water you may need to get a water softener system.  Hard water has higher amounts of calcium and magnesium as well as other minerals in the water making it hard.  You will usually see white limescale deposits as a result.  A water softener system will generally reduce or remove these minerals to reduce the effects of hard water.  Hard water is not bad for you but it can wreak havoc on your home plumbing and appliances making for costly  repairs.  

There are now both the traditional salt based ion exchange systems and also new salt free water softening systems that condition hard water so that it does not cause issues.  These softening systems are becoming more popular as people are looking to move away from having to add salt and sodium to the water which can harm local  farmers. 

Remember water softeners are not generally considered a water filter.   A water filter will remove inorganic compounds in the water like chlorine, pesticides, herbicide and industrial solvents.   If you are in the market for a water softener make sure that it has a carbon filter for filtration as well.







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