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Boiler Service: Why? And What Happens During The Boiler Service Visit?

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Water heater repair

Water heater repair

Boilers are one of the most important appliances for homeowners in the UK. Boilers have become crucial to comfortable living. And hence, they must always be maintained in top condition for them to work efficiently and have longevity.

How can you achieve an efficiently running boiler? The short answer is by getting a regular boiler service from a professional gas engineering company.

With a regular boiler service, you can detect any issues promptly and ensure your boiler is running at its full capacity when needed. Let’s see other reasons why it is important to have a regular boiler service.

Importance of boiler service

Energy Efficiency

One of the most important reasons you should get your boiler serviced is to enhance or maintain energy efficiency. Over time, your boiler will age and might need more fuel to keep running. Servicing your boiler will ensure that all the components are working smoothly to provide higher performance and avoid unnecessary waste of fuel.


Some issues a boiler presents can put you and your property at risk if not corrected. Therefore, a regular boiler service will allow a professional to look for any safety issues such as a gas leak. Gas leaks should be treated with urgency and you should contact your heating engineer if you suspect a leak. To avoid leaks in the future and maintain safety on your property, boiler servicing is crucial.


When you purchased your new boiler, you might have received a warranty of 1-15 years. Warranty means that if your boiler experiences any faults, it will be repaired without any extra charges. But remember that this warranty is valid only when you get your boiler serviced by a Gas Safe engineer every year.

Avoid Breakdowns and early installations

Servicing your boiler regularly also helps you avoid breakdowns. Any faults and issues will be detected during the boiler service visit and rectified at the same time. This reduces the chances of your boiler breaking down suddenly without notice or worsening problems that can’t be fixed quickly. In a worst case scenario, you might even end up needing an early boiler installation, which could cost you thousands of pounds.

A boiler service will always benefit you in the long run. The only thing you need to make sure of is booking your boiler service appointment with a professional and Gas Safe Registered engineer for gas boilers and OFTEC registered for oil boilers.

What happens during a boiler service? 

Boiler Service Visit

During a boiler service visit, the engineer will perform several checks on different parts of the boiler to ensure that everything is working perfectly. These are a few boiler service checks that the engineer will perform:

Gas Pressure Check

If you have a gas boiler, having the right pressure for working is important. The engineer will check if the boiler is getting the right gas pressure or not.

Visual Inspection

The engineer will also perform visual checks that will include looking for any leaks and corrosion. They will also inspect that your boiler is meeting the current guidelines. If it isn’t, they will make the required changes to meet the guidelines.

Flue Check

When your boiler is running, it produces water vapour and carbon monoxide during combustion. And flue pipes ensure that these gases escape outside efficiently. If the flue is blocked, it can cause serious damage. Therefore, the engineer will perform a flue check to ensure that flue pipes are not blocked, and gas can escape easily.

Boiler Cleaning

Regular boiler service will also involve boiler cleaning. The engineer will clean the main components of the boiler such as the main injectors, burner, spark probe, and heat exchanger. This allows the components to work smoothly without any obstruction.

Firing Up the Boiler

Lastly, the engineer will fire up the boiler. This will allow the engineer to look for any further faults while the boiler is running, allowing them to rectify them right away.

The boiler service visit will end with your engineer giving you a brief about the things they have done. This is also a good time to ask any questions you might have regarding the visit.

Usually, a regular boiler service will last for 30 minutes. But the time can vary depending on the make and model of the boilers.

As a landlord/landlady, you are legally required to service your boilers annually to get a certificate. The best time to call is during the summer because you don’t rely on the boiler during the hot months.

Most professional engineers are not as busy during the summer months as they are during winters. So, it will be easier for you to book your regular boiler service appointment. This will also ensure that your boiler is running in winter without any issues.


Boiler service is of the utmost importance to maintain your boiler throughout the year in the best condition. This is also important to maintain the safety of your property and prevent any emergency repairs being required.