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Ten Boiler Warning Signs That Indicate Repair Or Replacement Is Imminent

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Extremely harsh winter and your boiler breaks down! That’s not an ideal situation to be in. What you need is professional boiler repair that ensures that your boiler is up and running. And calling a professional company is a no brainer! You will get certified and excellent emergency boiler repair service.

But if you think that only boiler break downs need professional boiler repair, then you are wrong! Boiler repair services can help you tackle any issues that might be causing your boiler to work inefficiently.

If you are not sure, whether you should call a professional company for boiler repair, here are ten signs that indicate otherwise.

Strange Odours

Your boiler is not supposed to give off strange foul odours. But if you have observed any strange odours coming from your boiler, you must call a professional company for inspection and boiler repair. There are no reasons to wait until the last minute. If you're not familiar with all that can go wrong with a boiler, you should reach out to professionals when something stops functioning. Helpful websites such as https://iheat.co.uk provide step-by-step guides on how to fix these problems timely.


Frequent Service Calls

How many times have you called the nearest company for repairing your boiler? More than once? Did you call for repairing the same issue? Yes? You must determine the cost-benefit in this situation.

Sure, you can call the professional multiple times for boiler repair Worcester, but it would be economical to replace your old boiler with a new one. Invest in a new boiler right away.


No Heating

Boilers not only provide hot water in the bathrooms and other taps in your house but also provide heating to the whole house. If you have noticed that your house is not heating efficiently, it is a sign you must call a professional company for boiler inspection and repair.

This will help you identify the issue, rectify it, and get back efficient heating for your home.


Decreased Energy Efficiency

Sure, boilers use more energy than any other appliance in your home, but they shouldn’t shoot your energy bills to the sky. If you have noticed that you have increased energy bills for the past few months, chances are your boiler is sucking in the most energy.

This is a sign of poor performance and calling a professional for excellent boiler inspection and repair service. If the boiler issue can’t be repaired, it would be wise to invest in a new boiler.



Have you noticed that your boiler is leaking? If yes, let us warn you that it could be a sign of something more serious. Your boiler is not supposed to leak and if it does, it can damage your property, give rise to moulds, and damage the home structure.

If you don’t address the boiler leak right away, you might have to face serious consequences. You might have to shut down your home until the leak is repaired. This can cause major inconvenience. So, don’t ignore boiler leaks, call a professional right away.


Operating Issue

So, you were standing in your living room one day and you noticed that one part of the room is nicely heated whereas the other is ice cold. You observed the same for your whole house.

Your boiler is giving you a warning sign that it isn’t operating efficiently. Take this warning sign as a chance to call a professional company right away.


The Pilot Light Not Working

The boiler pilot light is extremely different than the pilot light of your stove. Remember when you could just relight the pilot light on your stove and move forward?

Well, such is not the case with boiler pilot light. You can’t just light it away and move forward. There could be several reasons that your pilot light is out. For example, yellow flame or oil stains might be causing the boiler pilot light to go out.

Don’t ignore this! Call a professional company right away for boiler repair.


Age of Your Boiler

Most boilers are meant to last for at least 10 years. How old is your boiler now? Is it older than 10 years? If yes, don’t make the mistake of keeping such an old boiler running.

You will certainly experience faults and issues regularly. Again, you will need to determine the cost-benefit in this situation. It will be easy and cost-effective for you to install a new boiler. It is also important that you take into account the new boiler cost and what kind of boiler would be suitable for your home when you finally decide to do it.

Call a professional company for efficient and certified new boiler installation Worcester now.


Unusual Sounds

Have you been hearing unusual sounds from your boiler such as hissing, clanging, banging? If yes, it could be a sign of sediment deposition in the boiler.

The moment you start hearing weird noises, call a professional company. In the initial stages of deposition, a simple routine boiler cleaning can solve your problem.

But if you ignore this sign and keep using your boiler, sediment deposition can increase causing a complete failure of your boiler. This will not be an ideal situation for you. So, take this sign as a chance to call a professional company for boiler repair.


Slow Heating

Just like no heating, if you have noticed that your home takes a long time to heat, it is a sign that your boiler is slow heating your home. If this issue persists, it can easily convert into no heating.

And you certainly don’t want to sit in a house that is ice cold, especially in the winter. So, as soon as you notice slow heating, call a professional company for boiler inspection and repair.



Your boiler is one of the most important appliances in your home. And keeping it in its top shape is important for a comfortable life.

These ten signs are a warning that something is wrong with your boiler. And hence you must call a professional company such as Elgar Services. They are based in the West Midlands and have been known to provide efficient boiler repair and regular maintenance services.

But if you find that the fault is unrepairable, you will need a new boiler installation. And for the same, you can contact BoilerChoice. This company will enhance your overall boiler purchase experience.

They provide an easy questionnaire to determine the boiler type and model. This is followed by professional installation.

So, whether you need a boiler repair service ora new boiler installation, both these companies have got you covered!

Contact them now to know more.







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