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Top 9 Airsoft safety tips for parents

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As a parent, have you ever been into this situation when your kids asked you to give them an airsoft gun? It can be expected that the first question to come to your mind will be, “What is an airsoft gun?”.



In this guide, you will learn about airsoft guns and, most importantly, are airsoft guns safe for your kid?. Also, you can refer to airsoft safety tips from How To Tactical

An overview: What is an airsoft gun?

Airsoft guns made their appearance between the years 2021-1970 in Japan. It is an imitation of air rifles that people now use in airsoft games such as military-style games, like paintball guns or BB guns, and also kids have airsoft guns as toys.

An airsoft gun may indeed resemble a real firearm, but the only difference is that it fires plastic pellets in comparison with a powdered gun. But we can't stress enough how dangerous are airsoft guns.

An airsoft gun needs to have an orange tip on its gag. This will help differentiate between whether it is a real gun or not. Someone who is over 18 is allowed to buy an airsoft gun, but no such law tells what’s the correct age for someone to possess an airsoft gun.

The top 9 Airsoft safety tips every parent should know


1. Is there any specific age to play with an airsoft gun?

Airsoft guns are fun and provide plenty of physical activity for kids. Each country has different laws regarding what age someone is allowed to play with an airsoft gun. You need to retain here if your kid is not an adult (18 years old) and is between 11-16 years old, you continuously need to have them under your supervision whenever they are playing with an airsoft gun. There are many things that can be done to make a game more realistic and safe. A common way to do this is by adding air gun accessories to the Airsoft. These accessories include scopes, pellets, wheeler hammers and Streamlight attachments.

NOTE: You need not offer your kids an airsoft gun if they are below ten years old.


2. Know your country’s law about airsoft gun

This is where many parents go wrong. If your kid is asking for an airsoft gun and you are unable to find it in your country, then you undoubtedly need to check your country’s law about airsoft guns. It can be that your government has banned airsoft guns, or there are strict penalties to pay if you bring an airsoft gun from another country.

Find below some of the countries where airsoft gun is banned or have strict rules:

  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Korea
  • Singapore
  • Canada

3. Are airsoft guns allowed in public areas?

An airsoft gun has a high resemblance to firearms, it is not permissible to play with an airsoft gun in public areas.

An airsoft gun is not allowed in public for the simple reason; you would not want other people to freak out and create a chaotic situation in public areas just because they thought to have seen a real gun in your kids’ hand when it’s actually not the case. Or worst, you would not want the police to reach you and verify if the airsoft gun is real or not.

4. Can an airsoft gun kill someone?



Airsoft cannot kill someone even if the design is almost similar to a real gun. The airsoft guns fire plastic BBs with a reduced density. Hence, there is no chance that such a low velocity will kill someone. However, if the airsoft gun is not utilized correctly, you can be sure of potential body injuries.

Airsoft guns are a lot like paintball guns, both will hurt and leave some bruises, but an unprotected shot at the head or face can be extremely dangerous. That is why a quality paintball mask or airsoft mask is more than necessary.

A mask that has an anti-fog thermal layer, dual-pane lens, comfort fogging, and that supports glasses inside should be a good choice.

The reason I am suggesting a paintball mask is that those are more durable and advanced compared to airsoft masks. Both games are extremely similar you can read all the similarities in gear and playing rules in this article.

NOTE: That is why it is essential to continually keep an eye on your kid whenever they play with an airsoft gun.


5. Does it hurt when you get shot with an airsoft gun?



A regular airsoft gun shoot revolves around 250-500 FPS (Frame Per Second). Therefore, you must tell your kids to shoot from an exact distance to avoid hurting someone. You need to watch on your kids to ensure that they are not shooting someone else; instead, ask them to hit something (an object), which will eventually avoid any mishap.

To answer this question, YES, you will get hurt when you are shot with an airsoft gun, especially if you have not worn thick clothes to protect you.

NOTE: A kid is more prone to get more injuries with an airsoft gun than an adult.


6. Safely introduce an airsoft gun to your kid

An airsoft gun is a safe way to introduce your kid to how to react and live around the world of real firearms safely, especially if you consider getting a real gun in your home. You can teach them many safety rules to consider when playing with an airsoft gun, such as loading and pointing the weapon safely.


7. There are different airsoft guns: Choose wisely

It is crucial to choose the right type of airsoft gun for your kid. It is advisable to choose a lightweight and medium-size airsoft gun if your kid is small in size. For instance, you can consider the airsoft M4 or MPX Airsoft. Additionally, Spring Pistols are the best option for beginners in the airsoft guns world.


8. Be Responsible: Airsoft gun safety is essential

If you do not provide your kid with accurate guidance about how to play with an airsoft gun safely, then you can be sure of one thing: Things will quickly degenerate. You imperatively need to impose strict rules on your kids so that you can be sure they will not get hurt or hurt someone else while playing.


Below is what they need to know and do when playing with an airsoft gun:




  • Wear protective glasses
  • Choose a safe direction when shooting like rifle.
  • Do not put your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to shoot.
  • Wear thick clothes
  • Do not forget the helmet.


9. The advantages of safely introducing airsoft guns to your kid

There are several advantages that airsoft can bring to your kid’s life, which are:
More active

An airsoft gun will allow your kid to be more physically active instead of spending their time watching TV or playing video games.

Mental Enhancement

If you allow your kid to play with an airsoft gun safely, you can be sure that they learn and experience new essential things in their life.

The Bottom-Line: Airsoft gun can be a fun game

An airsoft gun will indeed be a fun game for your kids only if you provide strict safety rules when they are playing. Additionally, it will be fun for your kids, but it will also provide them with essential life lessons.






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