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6 BRILLIANT Automation IDEAS FOR Your Home Comfort

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high tech smart home controlling tab

high tech smart home controlling tab

Multifunctional automation systems for homes, which ensure the comfort and safety of housing, are gaining more and more popularity every year. Firstly, this is due to the increase in the technological literacy of ordinary people at a time when digital and automation areas are currently in perfect step and are rapidly evolving.

Secondly, such equipment is gradually becoming cheaper, which makes it more accessible to the broad masses of the population. But, of course, the price depends on the complexity of the installation itself and the applied devices for the project. Currently, smart home systems are installed on both residential and commercial real estate: apartments, cottages, offices, hotels, SPA centers. Today, we are going to describe the hottest solutions for homes with brilliant functionality for different needs.

To learn more about possible variants that might make you interested in your individual application, visit the following website to get additional inspiration or ideas. Remember, that it is not necessary to follow the home automation examples of your neighbors or friends, as you should realize the purpose of all this stuff within your vision of comfort at home. Only you know perfectly your needs and the way you want to simplify some regular duties to give yourself more time and opportunities.

Top six automation options for your comfort and security

With such a huge variety of smart products available today, it becomes challenging to decide which of them are the most eligible exactly for your family. Everyone wants to have a fully connected system with an easy-to-control panel or tablet. That’s why it’s essential to select the best reliable brands and use their products with no hesitation.

Choose devices that correspond with your way of life, can improve your life, and allow you a more digital way of life with absolute control of all the conditions. First off, try to answer the following questions to make the proper choice for your home automation plan:

  • Are there any start technology implementations already available in my home?
  • Do you consider home security as a paramount solution for your home?
  • Do you often leave your home for a long period?
  • Is home automation so important for you to apply?
  • Is there anyone who will also use your home and how to make it possible for them to use your home so easily as well?


Smart lock

Using a smart lock you can make your life convenient and a little bit fun. This is not the only reason people start to think about the replacement of their traditional lock with keys. Due to this innovative solution, you can both upgrade your home security and get a certain convenience when using your phone, numeric code, or even a very popular variant with a fingerprint to unlock a door. Forget about a big bunch of metal keys which can become an obsolete option for many smart home owners. Moreover, it is very easy to install such a lock.


Security system

Today it is possible to incorporate various security gadgets into your general home automation system. Let’s explore the most widespread and reliable element of safety - intelligent cameras of a doorbell. The system involves the incorporation of a miniature camera in the button of the doorbell to give it additional features. In such a way, when someone touches the bell button or just comes near the door - the homeowner immediately receives an alert to the smartphone, making the camera active. So, the system gives a precise picture of the person near the door, regardless of whether you are at home or somewhere else.

There are versatile options for security system applications including additional lighting components, sensors, invisible cameras, and other smart gadgets. Learn more about extra features you can get for your home before purchasing any security system.



Heated enough air as well as cooling and bringing outdoor air inside of your home are essential units for comfortable wellbeing which you can obtain due to an automated thermostat. This smart device can provide the users with essential benefits as follows:

  • Automated approach when a thermostat has been programmed in a way to generate cool air when the temperature in the street measures up your settings. So you will not need to provide regular changes of parameters as the programmed system can do everything without human assistance.
  • Energy efficiency becomes possible when using this fantastic home device, allowing you to save some costs on the process of heating and cooling that will not operate longer than intended. One of the most favorite features people like about a thermostat is that it can be easily connected. You just need to have good Wi-Fi in your abode and use a tablet or a smartphone to start your installation. You will find a special app in accordance with your thermostat’s manufacturer.
  • The high-level precision of up-to-date thermostats amazes with their reliable accuracy. Since special algorithms, new automation systems and innovative software make the device work smoothly, you can enjoy absolute temperature comfort in your home without any malfunctioning. Still, if the latter case happens, the user will immediately get an alert to the phone. Let the related specialists know about the problem to fix it quickly.


Automated windows

Motorized or automated windows can give you more freedom in terms of the absence of necessity to open and close the windows in your dwelling regularly. Current automated windows have reliable linear actuators to provide quick and seamless work when it is required. At the same time, it is recommended to install external sensors to let your windows know about the temperature outside to open the windows to bring fresh air into the room. It is a sort of natural cooling and heating when the outdoor temperature and weather allow it. So, the system can work automatically in accordance with the provided settings and just by the press of a button.


TV lifts

Depending on the purpose you can install the necessary type of TV lift in your room. Many families are concerned about the amount of space they have in the bedroom or living room trying constantly to replace or even remove something for the sake of free space. The same about the kitchen - you have finally found a small TV for this lovely room but do not know where to locate it so that it holds enough space for other no less important devices. Contemporary automation appliances allow us to place large and small TV screens whenever we want and hold your room free of clutter.


Fully adjustable worktops for your ideal kitchen

This perfect technical solution works the same way by implementing appropriate linear actuators. Hide everything you regularly use into special places under the worktop and use them when it is necessary simply pressing the button. There can be installed several compartments with often-used devices or kitchen accessories beneath. Let others be astonished by the way everything is ordered.



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