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How To Fix Broken Wire On Solar Light?

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Broken Wire On Solar Light

solar light

Solar lights are the most appealing power alternatives to all homeowners for illuminating there compound, or for landscape lighting.

When they seem not to work, figuring out what's wrong with your solar light can always be a pain in the ass. You must have read a lot of troubleshooting approaches on how to fix broken wire on solar lights to get your solar light device back to its performing state. But to no avail.

Before considering sending your solar light into the junk yard, you might want to have a second thought. Maybe you consider your investment or the amount of headache it has brought you, or even thinking about how to save up to buy another one.


Broken Wire On Solar Light 

There are majorly two manifestations of problems associated with solar light, Dim illuminations and No illuminations. The former can arise for a number of reasons, such as  grumpy solar panel, under glass exposure, vegetation out-grow, and the list is on.

The later is caused most times by a technical problem whose solution can be found and fixed by google search. There is a main problem of solar light which all online instructibles try to shelve, maybe because of how complex it appears or just a ignorance of thing. This problem; Broken wire can be the reason behind either of the manifestations above.

Even if you are no techy, fixing broken wire in your solar panel can be easy-peasy, the only quality you need is just your calmness and courage. Plus, a simple step-by-step approach to fixing broken wire in your solar light.

Mostly, when broken wire is the problem,  The results in no illuminations at all. With guides like this you will be well equipped with the necessary knowledge on how to fix broken wire on solar lights.


Identifying Broken Wire in Solar Light

So, how do you identify broken wire in solar light? Let’s dive in!

Maybe you just unboxed your solar powered light or you've been enjoying it for quite long, and surprisingly it stops working. A very common scenario amidst users.

When dealing with broken wire in solar powered light, there are 3 main areas of attention. That is, broken wire problem can come in three different ways;

  1. Broken wire connection between the light strands and wire to the solar battery
  2. Broken wire connection between the battery pack wire and the switch buttons
  3. A disjoint wire connection somewhere along the circuit.

To get these problems fixed, it's imperative you know you will have to take your solar light and panel boxing apart. Meaning you are ready to invalidate your purchase warranty. Hence you might want to consider using it, provided it's still active. The better alternative is to bank on the warranty.

But if you can pack up the courage to deal with the problem manly let's get you to business.


How to fix Broken Wire on Solar Light?

Whichever the problem is amidst the 3 highlighted above, you can't know until after taking it part, Before concluding and moving to this part, it's better to err the side of caution, Remember to have tried all other possible causes and solutions, be certain and very sure they are to no avail.

NOTE: Tampering the internal working system of your solar light box invalidates your warranty.

Now you are ready,

Step 1

This is a general step, it's applicable irrespective of which amidst the above the problem is.

Taking it apart:

Most electrical appliances are bind together with fitted screws on their edges. With the help of an appropriate size screw driver, you can easily remove the screws.

Uncover the light:

After total unscrewing, you are ready to open up the light to see what the inside look like. Remember you are not an expert, hence you must ensure you study how to reassemble as you disassemble. You can consider taking pictures of the process, this can be very handy when you are done.

Remove the batteries:

If inside there, there is a rechargeable battery, try to remove and recharge, else, if the batteries are soldered in position, you will have to leave them where they are.


Step 2

Identifying the problem:

Remember, you are looking for one of this possible problems,

Case 1: Broken connection between the light strands and wire to the solar battery

Case 2: Broken wire connection between the battery pack wire and the switch buttons

Case 3: A broken wire connection somewhere in the middle of a critical part joint. connection somewhere,


Step 3

Fixing Broken wire problems

Fixing case 1:

Broken connection between the light strands and wire to the solar battery

Once you identify this as a problem, take this easy-fix steps:

  1. Once you've identified the broken wire,
  2. Remove the adhesive heat shrink
  3. Separate the wires
  4. Strip off the insulating layer
  5. Twist the wires together again
  6. Solder the connection
  7. Add another layer of adhesive heat shrink for reinforcement.

Fixing case 2.

Broken wire connection between the battery pack wire and the switch buttons

  1. Once identified this as the problem
  2. Just get a solder and resoled the joint back to position
  3. Glue the wire on the battery pack
  4. Add additional layer of hot glue to prevent possible pulls.

Fixing case 3.

A broken wire connection somewhere in the middle of a critical part joint connection somewhere,

  1. Identify the broken wire
  2. Separate the insulating wire if not exposed already
  3. Use a wire cutting plier to strip the wire again
  4. Add a spare wire if need be
  5. Twist both ends together



Before bringing the piece together, verify by your powering up your solar light through the power switch.  Reverse the reassembling process as you've captured above. Couple the repaired piece together then switch it on. Light up? You have been able to get your solar light working again successfully.

There are several other problems that can cause your solar light to malfunction, if you've tried all your best and unable to figure out what the problem is with your solar light. You might want to get an experienced neighbor have a look or your baby is destined for landfilling.

Generally, the rule of thumb is that, it's advisable you discuss with the producer of your solar light beforehand, most manufacturers have favorable warranty policy for such occasions, when a customer try to get something right for cases like broken wire if it's going to violate any warranty.


Tips and Warning

Make sure you position the solar light device in a place where it can receive up to 8 hours of sunlight daily. This is to ensure it get enough charge to work effectively. Also, if you’re having doubts or afraid about your ability on how to fix broken wire on solar lights, kindly reach out to an electrician to do the job.



Hope this article help fixed your solar light device. However, if after applying the instructions above and the solar light is still malfunctioning, then it’s best you replace the battery with a new one of the same type.







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