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Modern Trend Of Using Glass In Kitchen Cabinets For Home Decor 2020

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Home Decor | Using Glass In Kitchen Cabinets

Glass In Kitchen Cabinets

glass cabinets

This year is the year to infuse some life into your kitchen, transform the engine room of your home and make things interesting again with kitchen remodel Vancouver WA. Glass In Kitchen Cabinets are one of the most important designs you are going to undertake. Not just because of how central a role the kitchen plays in your home, but also because getting it right in the kitchen is a different ball game. A second attempt at remodeling your kitchen after getting it wrong the first time would cost you a lot of money and time, both of which you would rather spend somewhere else. 

It is not mentioned to scare you or for any other reason. Whether you’re looking to remodel your old kitchen or give life to a new kitchen, it is pretty easy if you go through some of the amazing kitchen designs I’m going to show you. While recent designs are simple and elegant, most homeowners prefer customized styles reflecting their unique taste. Something you could try out too with some elegant glass cabinets to create a modern kitchen. These designs will serve as inspiration on your road to truly building a 2020 kitchen of your dreams. 


Why glass in kitchen cabinets become prevalent in modern kitchen design?

Glass kitchen cabinets are like the Great Wall of China; outliving even the most modern designs. Coupled with the unique qualities of glass, kitchen glass cabinet doors have become a constant sight in home decorations. Perhaps it’s because glass doesn’t hide anything. I guess people appreciate honesty enough. From cabinets with glass fronts to shelves, everything placed is seen because of their transparency. 

Glass In Kitchen Cabinets

white glass cabinets

If you are uncomfortable with displaying items in your kitchen, then go for anything aside glass. In the right hands and with the right designs, wooden kitchen cabinets can be a wonder too. Or you could choose other types of glass designs. Framing your items nicely and at the same time, keeping them safe from dust and damage, transparent glass tops the chart of the most chick designs for your kitchen. Even for small kitchens, glass fits perfectly. 


Types of glass used in kitchen cabinets

Textured glass - Visually appealing and great functionality

Glass In Kitchen Cabinets


Perhaps the idea of a frosted glass doesn’t sit well with you. Then textured glass is another option to relive that sleek. Visually appealing and at the same time functional, the textured glass would suit even the most modern kitchens like what you have in mind.

Textured glass has different patterns and colors to choose from to create that feeling of privacy that suits your kind of person. There’s no need feeling uneasy and uncomfortable about the mess in your cabinet anymore. The different patterns and styles will help further to conceal whatever you have behind revealing only blurred shapes and silhouettes.


Seeded glass – offers a unique aesthetic appeal

Glass In Kitchen Cabinets

wet glass

Seeded glass is another arsenal in your quest for a unique kitchen this 2020. Featuring unique tiny or large bubbles, seeded glass offers a different aesthetic appeal unlike frosted and textured glass above. The bubbles create a kind of vintage and traditional look that would any kitchen large or small. While it doesn’t hide anything, the bubbles help to obscure the contents of your cabinet.

I would recommend seeded glass if you’re looking to create a retro kitchen set with all the elegance of modern sleek design. However, the versatility of seeded glass for your kitchen cabinet is quite limited.


Frosted glass – display stuff with less disclosure, great way to hide clutter while maintain aesthetics

Glass In Kitchen Cabinets

cabinet door

This is for you that prefers some privacy in your kitchen. If displaying for all to see is not your thing, then you might as well opt for frosted glass. Agreed. Everything on display can cause a little unease sometimes, which is why frosted glass with its sleek and cool designs is perfect for you. Although it is not opaque, the only things they’re going to see when they come in are silhouettes and shapes of what’s in the cabinet. And that’s all. Mission accomplished. 

You do not have to conceal your kitchen items in a dull and bland glass as the frosted glass can be etched with amazing patterns and designs that reflect your unique style. 


Leaded glass – glass with unique decorative qualities

Glass In Kitchen Cabinets

glass design

Leaded glass is a type of decorative glass that contains lead. Strange right? So also are the unique qualities and look that it brings to your kitchen. The presence of lead in this glass gives it a dark tint that has become its trademark in recent years. Coupled with its unique decorative qualities, leaded glass is a gem very hard to find. But if you’re lucky enough to get a leaded glass, you can create a modern and traditional inspired kitchen that resonates with your style. Other amazing options include stained and tinted glasses which would give your kitchen the desired look and even more appeal.







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