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5 Budget-Friendly Lawn Care Ideas

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lawn care ideas

lawn care ideas

Whether your lawn is a sprawling corner lot or a small patch of grass, investing in it allows you to fully enjoy your space. Your lawn is part of your home and gives you your own piece of the great outdoors. However, creating the yard of your dreams can be expensive. 

Fortunately, there are tons of ways to save money on lawn care. From taking care of your grass to planning your landscaping, there are plenty of cost-saving options. You can even create eco-friendly, low-cost outdoor decor and furniture. 

Your creativity will help you make your yard functional and beautiful. By thinking outside the box, you can save money and make your yard uniquely yours. Even with a budget, you can create an appealing and relaxing outdoor retreat.

1. Competitive Grass Care Rates

Finding an inexpensive lawn care company can be a challenge. This is especially true if you are looking for a full range of services. However, comparing rates and researching deals can save you some big bucks. 

Taking care of your lawn can be time-consuming. It can be tough to eliminate weeds and keep your grass healthy on your own. Plus, sometimes setting the hours aside to mow the lawn can be impossible. Finding a reliable company to take care of it for you can be well worth it.

Using an online service can help you research lawn care companies and compare prices. You can easily get quotes and check out reviews. This will allow you to find the perfect combination of quality and value. 

Finding a company with a full range of services will likely save you some cash. You’ll be able to choose and pay for only the services you need. Many will allow you to create a bundle at a discounted price.

Once you find a company that you love, ask about referral discounts. Some will give you a deal for recommending them to friends or neighbors. Others will shave a little off the price if you place their sign in your well-kept yard. Use your loyal patronage to lower your lawn care costs. 


2. Starting Plants from Seeds

Filling your beds with flowers in the spring can be costly. Creating a well-stocked vegetable garden can be an investment. However, starting your plants from seeds can save you a ton of money. 

A flat of flowers from the nursery can give you sticker shock. Instead, plan ahead and invest a few dollars in several packets of your favorite blooms. Start them inside a few weeks before the outdoor planting season in your zone. You can even use egg cartons for low-cost seedling trays. Then, plant the emerging flowers in your beds after the last frost. 

Vegetables can also be started inside from seeds. A small indoor greenhouse is perfect for giving these plants a strong start. Planting your seeds in peat pots are ideal for making the transition outside. Not enough space for all of the veggies you need? Work together with a neighbor to each start specific plants then swap in the spring. 

When planting indoor seedlings outside, it’s important to carefully acclimate them. Move them outside to the shade first, then into the sun. Finally, plant them in the ground on a mild day and water them thoroughly. 


3. Repurpose to Create Outdoor Decor

lawn care

lawn care

Outdoor decor can add a lot of character to your yard. A colorful accent piece can add curb appeal and brighten up your space. Luckily, you don’t have to invest a ton of money to have beautiful outdoor decor. You can even repurpose items you already have in your home. 

A vintage wagon makes the most charming flower planter for your bed. An old, metal watering can is perfect for planting herbs. Use an old colander as a well-draining container for adorable succulents. 

Repurposed items can create great functional outdoor items. An old crib rail makes a perfect trellis to grow green beans or peas on. An old platter on a stand can make a super cute bird feeder. You can even use old knives and spoons to create plant markers to label your vegetable garden.


4. DIY Lawn Furniture

Lawn furniture can be a huge investment. However, it’s important to have a place to sit and enjoy your beautiful yard. Even the least handy people can create an outdoor living space out of do-it-yourself furniture.

You can create stunning outdoor furniture out of repurposed wood. There are countless tutorials online to make everything from loungers to bars out of pallets. With a coat of paint or stain and some cute cushions, your DIY furniture will add a great vibe to your space. 

Bringing new life to old furniture can save you the cost of replacing it. A coat of spray paint can make your shabby table look new again. Sanding and staining old Adirondack chairs can make them look polished and refreshed. Purchasing outdoor fabric and sewing your own low-cost cushions can bring new life to your outdoor furniture. 


5. Low-Cost Landscaping Materials

Landscaping can bring beauty to your yard. It can also come at a hefty price. However, by considering different materials, you can create creative landscaping at a low cost. 

Mulch usually needs to be replaced each year. Consider an alternative that will give you longer-lasting results. Lava rock looks beautiful in flower beds and will last much longer than traditional wood mulch. River stones can give your beds a textured look for the fraction of the cost of mulching every year.

A patio brings so much function to your backyard, but concrete can be super expensive. Create an outdoor living space with pea gravel instead! Choose an area and remove the grass. Then, line it with a border of half-buried pavers. Fill the area with pea gravel and you have the perfect low-cost patio for your space. 



chairs, lawn

chairs, lawn

Planning ahead can give you a bountiful vegetable garden and beds full of blooms. Repurposing old items can add cheer to your outdoor spaces. Your unique ideas will add curb appeal without breaking the bank.

These budget-friendly lawn care tips can help you create the perfect setting for the next backyard barbeque or playdate. You will have a stunning space to host friends and family. With creativity and a little effort, you can have a great lawn you can be proud of.







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