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10 Reasons You Need To Buy A Track Saw

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Advantages Of Buy A Track Saw

 Buy A Track Saw

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There are some power tools that make life a lot easier. If you are an avid woodworker, or perhaps you like to get into DIY around the home, you know the problems when it comes to cutting longer straight edges. What do you need? Without a doubt, what you need is a track saw! If you haven’t seen one, you may at first think it’s just a fancy circular saw, but it has a major advantage. Professional track saws have guide rails. According to tool expert Bill Allen, "these rails are available in different lengths and can be joined seamlessly using connecting pieces".

The track saw attaches to a long stretch of aluminum rail; this is the ‘track.’ As you push the saw, it moves along the rail, and the result is a perfectly straight edge. Sometimes the track can be fixed to a bench-top, while others have rubber strips that stop them from moving when in use. The track saw can be portable if you wish – some tracks can break down into shorter lengths for portability – which adds to the appeal.

Does this sound like a good investment? They’re not expensive either, so let’s have a look ten reasons why you need to buy the must have power tool that will make your life easier.

Buy A Track Saw Advantages

1: Straight edges every time – the track saw runs in a straight line as defined by the track itself, so there will be no wobbles or uneven lines. You really do get a perfectly straight line. You need to trim the edge off a door? The track saw is your answer, and you will find that it really does make things a lot easier.


2: Time-saving – how long does it take you to set up your circular saw or other types of saw and edge your way to as good a straight line as you can get? With a track saw, you simply set up the saw on the track, and away you go. There’s no time wasted getting back on course, and no sanding afterward to get the edge even – that’s all-time saved.


3: Ease of use – as you push the saw, so it plunges into the wood; this is why they are known to some as ‘plunge saws.’ This efficient method of working means that there is less effort involved than if you were using a standard circular saw, as the machine is designed specifically for the job. You’ll wonder how you lived without a track saw when you start using one!


4: Dust collection – we know the score; all those power tools that come with dust collection systems that simply don’t work or are utterly impractical. The track saw, thanks to its clever design, comes with a collection and extraction system that really does do the job it’s intended for, so that’s a lot less dust for you to breathe in, and less debris in your workshop.


5: No clamps – setting up your tools with clamps for the wood and so forth can also take a lot of time. With a track saw, you either have the track permanently bolted to your workbench, or you can buy one where you simply lay it flat, and it sits on non-slip rubber strips, and away you go. There’s time-saving in every element of using a track saw.


6: Versatile – if you want a non-permanent track saw, it may be because you have limited space. This is where this tool comes into its own, as you can make very large cuts in small spaces, thanks to the clever design and convenience of your track saw and track. Any room of, say, 10’ x 8’ could be used as a viable workshop, and you’ll find you are ready to start cutting in no time at all. Remember, that dust extraction system does work, so you won’t make a mess of the room.


7: Easy to carry – you can carry a track under your arm, and the saw in the other hand! This sort of portability is not possible with other types of saw and adds to the attraction of what is a precision power tool. Wherever you need to be, you can take your saw with you, and most tracks break down into smaller lengths should you need them to.


8: Very long cuts – you need to make an extremely long cut? No problem! Just link two tracks together – they are not expensive, and you can buy them separately – and you will find you can tackle any length of cut required. It’s simple to do, as the tracks will have been designed for the purpose, so you are ready to go quickly when you need to.


9: Very clean cuts – for many, the benefit of a track saw is the resulting cut, which will always be very clean and smooth. This is because there is no variation in the direction of the saw at any time that it is in operation – it follows the direct line of the track – so you won’t get any unevenness at all. This really is a revelation in terms of straight-edge woodworking, and you’ll see the difference immediately.


10: Affordability – not only is a track saw an affordable power tool, but it is also one that will recover its cost in terms of time and effort very quickly. It cuts the time you spend down considerably; the ad will also encourage you to attempt more complex jobs. You can achieve perfect cuts no matter how long your wood is, in no time at all, and with added efficiency.


Those jobs around the home that you have been putting off for some time – perhaps you want to build cupboards, or fit new doors but don’t have the correct tools – will be easy to tackle once you get to grips with your track saw, and it is an easy tool to use correctly. Buy one, and you’ll soon find you are attempting carpentry jobs that you would not have tried before, and the result you get are simply excellent. Have a closer look at the track saws on the market, and you’ll find one that suits your budget and needs.



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