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Top Questions To Ask Before You Decide To Repair Or Replace Your Home Appliance

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Signs To Maintain Home Appliances

Our home appliances have made our lives easier. From cooking food in minutes to cleaning the house, washing clothes and dishes and even throwing our garbage we use different appliances all the time. Indeed they make our work easier and save our time.

Most of them if not all are highly functional pieces of technology. Like every other gadget and gizmo out their, these appliances also break down and need repairs. They might even stop working at the most unexpected of times. You can always buy a new one in that case then, right?

Well, some of Signs To Maintain Home Appliances come at a pretty steep price. So, it’s not so easy to just decide to go buy a new one. In some cases, it’s not even the price. The amount of different types each product has is mind-boggling. It could take you days to pick the one you like. It’s often best to repair the machine if it has broken down only once or twice but depends on a lot of things.

And so it comes down to the question:


Should you replace or repair it?

Signs To Maintain  Home Appliances

Old appliances

Sometime sSigns To Maintain Home Appliances might stop working for the simplest of reasons like a loose screw, wire or fuse. If you know your stuff then you can handle it on your own but in lots of cases, it is more complex than it looks. In those cases, it’s best to leave it and call in an appliance repair service to do the job.

Whatever the case, you must always take precautionary and safety measures while handling these pieces of technology.

Here are a few things you should consider before going either direction

Signs To Maintain Home Appliances

1. Is the warranty still available?

This is the first thing to do. Check if the product is still under warranty. Based on the product there are different lines of warranty for different products. Some can have even up to 5-10 years apparently. Some retailers even offer extended warranty for a purchased product. In some cases, extended warranties can even be purchased.

In lots of cases, you are given a card or receipt as warranty and sometimes there are stickers attached with QR codes that work as proof of the purchase. So be sure to take care of the paper that works as proof that you bought it. And if your appliance is still under warranty then lucky you! You will have it back in shape and running in no time.


2. How much is the repair going to cost you?

If the product is not under warranty then cost is definitely the first thing that comes to mind when deciding whether to buy or repair. Before repairing you have to think about how much is this repair going to cost? How many times have you repaired it before?

At first glance, it may seem that repairing is always the best solution. That is not true entirely. Sometimes some machines break down pretty often so the amount of time, effort and money you have to invest in it is pretty tiring. In those cases it’s best to go out and get yourself a new one


3. How old is your product?

No matter how technologically advanced or how expensive your appliance is it still has an expiry date. Some appliances like fridges and washing machines are extremely durable but even the best of the best have deadlines. And it won’t matter how much work you put in to repair these machines after a certain amount of time.

But, if it has only been a few months then you should repair it. It is not always certain how long a machine might last but there are estimations of how long your appliances might stay active. For instance. A microwave can last 5 years, a dishwasher for 9 years. Washer, Freezers and Ranges can last up to 10-15 years. So it’s not always a good decision to repair those products which are almost at the end of their life span. In most cases its best to go for a new one if the product has exceeded 50% of its lifespan.


4. Is the newer one more energy efficient?

Every day there are some brands that are coming up with new and Signs To Maintain Home Appliances, more environment-friendly and more energy efficient. Most of the appliances if not all run on electricity. Sometimes the newer products in the market come along with saving your electric bills as well. Newer technology is all about efficiency and also environment-friendly. Do your research and decide if in the long run, the new product benefits you by lowering your bills. Take your time and think about it. Sometimes you can save hundreds of dollars just by switching to more energy-efficient appliances. If that is the case then instead of repairing maybe it’s probably good to invest in a new one.


5. Do you have a change in style?

The kitchen interior can change the look of your entire home. The amount of variety there are in kitchen interior designs is astounding. Often the look also depends on the appliances you use. There are now designs that have matching refrigerators, oven along with ranges that match the walls, paint, and cabinets. So if you are a stickler for style then it is completely your personal choice whether you want to buy a new one that matches according to your style.



Home appliances are used daily so they are built to last a while but even so we should be careful when using it and take care of it as well. Regular dusting, wiping and cleaning can help a long way. Even when cleaning it be sure to learn about the product and use the guidebook provided by the company or authentic internet websites to see how to take care of your Signs To Maintain Home Appliances.

Normally repairs are not that costly and most appliances last for a few years if not more but do consider the above-mentioned things, do your research and decide whether you want to fix it or buy a new one.







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