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Car Maintenance | 5 Tips to Maintain Your Vehicle’s High-End Performance

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Learn Car maintenance tips & save money

According to Consumer Reports, a car can run up to eight years in average with a coverage of 150,000 miles. It goes without saying that cars, much like human bodies, also need constant care to keep it on its best performance otherwise it will result in a junk car due to lack of care. Its condition wears down as it covers more miles on the road. But with proper maintenance, getting your car beyond the average mark is a possibility.

Run beyond the average miles, still on high-end performance, with the right steps. We’ve rounded up five of the best tips to keep your vehicle’s performance on its top shape. Read below on how to Make Car Last Longer to save money and boost vehicle performance!

Replace Brake Pads before They Wore Down

Tips to Maintain Vehicle

Tips to Maintain Vehicle

The grinding noise you’re hearing when stepping on your brakes might be the first yet biggest sign of the brake rotors are failing. Get your car checked by a professional right away. At around 25,000 miles, some brake pads start to wear down.

However, some cars take until 50,000 to 75,000 miles before it needs replacement. This depends on your driving habits, the frequency of use, and the hardness of the brake pad you have. Knowing the component installed on your disc brake system will help you identify worn-out signs better. Other tell-tale signs to look out for includes wobbling when braking and thinning of the pad.

Add Protective Parts and Accessories

Installing protective gears on your car can save you money in the long run. Take for example the Ford Ranger fender flares and other fender flares for SUVs and trucks. Not only do they prevent water sprays when driving on wet roads, but they also keep debris from flying back and scratching your truck. 

Another protective accessory that you can get your hands on is a sunshade. It deflects sunlight while your car is parked outside, keeping its core temperature to an optimal level. It also preserves the interior of your car from discoloration and other heat-induced damages. This also decreases car maintenance cost.

Check the Spark Plugs Every 30,000 Miles

Although small in size, spark plugs actually have a big impact on your car engine. Ideally, you should have it checked every 30,000 miles to see if it needs replacement. The reason behind this is that bad spark plugs will slow down your car’s acceleration, making it inefficient. This also results to a higher consumption of fuel in the combustion cycle and could cause engine misfire.

If your car starts showing these signs, have a mechanic check your car right away. Spark plugs inevitably wear out, but before it does, replace them ahead of time.

Change the Car Oil Regularly

Auto enthusiasts have different say on when it is ideal to change oil. Some say after 3,000 miles while others say after 5,000 miles. The best way to determine the frequency for your vehicle is by checking the car’s manual. The way you drive also plays factor when determining when to change oil. One of the advantages of changing the oil on a regular basis is that the engine is kept lubricated, not to mention the car is tuned up to par.

Educate Yourself

Lastly, educating yourself will take you a long way. It’s not just enough to know the names of car parts. Take the time to acquaint yourself to its functions and, in turn, easily identify signs of component failure. Knowing which malfunctioning part to check will help you find a more accurate solution and method of fixing the component. Take advantage of the owner’s manual to know every nook and cranny of your vehicle. Get to know your own car and communicate better with it by paying more attention to its performance. Auto ODB2 Scanners

Every car has its own lifespan, and eventually, your vehicle will reach the end of its road. But you don’t have to worry; the inevitable doesn’t have to happen sooner rather than later. Remember these five tips to proper vehicle care and maintain its high-end performance for a longer period of time.

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