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Carpet-Cleaning Secrets From The Pros

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cleaning carpet with vacuum cleaner

cleaning carpet with vacuum cleaner

Carpet cleaning seems to many a serious and complicated process, so cleaning is often postponed until the last minute, and then it is sent to dry cleaning. In fact, if you remove stains on time and carry out preventive washing, then it will not be hard to clean the carpet yourself.

Cleaning Methods with Household Chemicals

According to carpet cleaning Spokane specialists, the easiest way to renovate your carpet at home is to use carpet cleaners. They are divided into two broad categories: for dry and wet cleaning.

Dry cleaning products

There are two ways to remove stains without water: powder or foam. They are especially good for natural woolen rugs, shaggy products, or large floor coverings where wet cleaning is contraindicated.

Whatever you use, the procedure is about the same:

  1. Vacuum the surface, removing accumulated dust and motes.
  2. Sprinkle the powder evenly or distribute the foam.
  3. Leave for reaction (time indicated on the package).
  4. Vacuum to remove powder or foam residue along with dirt.

You can use the dry method to remove unpleasant odors or to refresh the appearance of the carpet. Separate strong contaminants are pre-cleaned with special stain removers - most powders cannot cope with them.


Carpet shampoos

Even if you do not have a washing vacuum cleaner, you can wash the carpet with your hands! For this it is enough:

  • purchase a special liquid;
  • dilute it in warm water in the correct proportions;
  • then apply the resulting soap solution to the surface;
  • rub with a brush, wait until it dries: the carpet can be vacuumed.

Not all shampoos need to be removed (this information is indicated on their packaging).

vacuum cleaner living room

vacuum cleaner living room

Features of Cleaning by Material

According to the material, natural woolen carpets or synthetic products are distinguished.

  • Wool requires careful handling, does not tolerate moisture and dampness, and dries for a long time. Therefore, the best way to clean natural carpets is a dry one. Sprinkle a special powder (not washing, but a special one!), sodium carbonate, or salt, wait a little time, and remove residue with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Artificial fibers are more resistant to water, the carpet can even be washed with powder. But in winter, it is better to use the good old way of care: take it out on clean snow and beat it. The cloth will become fresher, accumulated dust will come out of it.


The length of the pile also affects the cleaning method:

  • Short pile. Any method of cleaning is suitable, except for wet cleaning for carpets made of natural wool.
  • Long pile. In cleaning carpets, it is not recommended to use abrasives (soda, salt) - it is almost impossible to clean them from the piles. The wet method is possible only in the summer - the carpet dries quickly in the sun and does not have time to fade. In the cold season, you can apply active foam or rub stains with soapy water.

If you doubt that you can get rid of dirt yourself, give the product to dry cleaning. Don’t hesitate: remember, the older the stains, the harder they are to get rid of.