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Tips For Decorating Children Room With Affordable Price

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Children Room Decoration on a Budget | With Illustrated Images

Children Room Decoration Tips

Decorating Children Room

You’d be amazed how quickly costs pile up when you start to redesign a child’s bedroom. Thankfully, there are some nifty solutions to do it up without breaking the bank. Colorful storage, a bit of paint, and more light for a cozy glow are just some of the free or almost free ideas we have for you. These ideas can have a major impact on the appearance and atmosphere of the room.  

Planning a bit of tweaks or major renovation? It doesn’t matter. Don’t start working on the room before checking these budget ideas out.

Children Room Decoration Tips


Children Room Decoration Tips

Children Room Interior

We’ll start with bedding as it’s the most obvious way to save money. Check online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon for clearance – you can redo bedding sets for as little as $30. Choose solid colors because it’ll be easier to introduce innovations with blankets and pillows. On that note, these are often on sale too. 

DIY Storage

Children Room Decoration Tips

Children Bedroom Interior

You don’t need to spend thousands on designer shelves and closets that your kid may find less than ideal. One way to make your own storage is by converting old canvas bags. These will double as containers if you hang them from command hooks in different areas of the room. Paint or otherwise personalize them to introduce a feeling of freshness. 

We’ll explain about command hooks later in this post. 

Use Space Efficiently

Children Room Decoration Tips

Children Bedroom Decor

Interior designers are always telling us to make the most of our space. Yet, the details of this can be hard to fathom. One way to do it is by arranging the child’s workstation around the window to take advantage of natural light. This way, the desk won’t be in the middle of the room obstructing access or otherwise cluttering the space. 

Natural light is the best and healthiest light. Sadly, it is a resource not available to all of us. There could be little natural light in your geographic location. There won’t be as much if the room faces north. Maybe there are tall buildings or trees obstructing the view and blocking the light. If you’re in any of these or similar situations, you’ll find discrete, small neon fixture lights a nice touch. They’re effective, affordable, and will keep your child energized. You can also use you free space for climbing wall kits for children's room.

Shelving on either side or a narrow column of storage can hold school stuff. Clutter is a problem in most kids’ rooms, so these affordable pieces of furniture are a great solution.

Use space optimally by pushing the bed against the wall. This gives you a roomy floor to play on and, if your child is young, helps assuage fears of monsters hiding under the bed. 

Paint Old Furniture

Children Room Decoration Tips

Children Room decoration tips

This is a cost-effective way to keep up with your child’s ever-changing preferences. Get two paintbrushes (in case we haven’t mentioned it, the kid should be involved in the entire process of renovating their own room), ask them what color or colors they want, and go for it. To create a color gradient, mix a bit of white paint into your color or colors of choice. Remove the furniture from the room before you paint to avoid the unpleasant and potentially toxic smell from lingering in it. Wherever it is you decide to paint, lay old newspaper or plastic foil on the floor in advance because there’s bound to be at least a little mess! 

Create a Theme

Children Room Decoration Tips

Children Room

Most children have something they love: pirates, cowboys, princesses, a popular cartoon character, space, and more. Try to create a theme for the bedroom based on this. A comforter and a few wall decals may suffice to this end. Keep it simple. That way it’ll be easy to change things up as the child grows. It would be great to buy custom neon sign and place it on the wall to give a striking look to the room.

On this note, removable wall decals are a very easy and cheap way to create an impact. You can use them on the ceiling or one or more walls. Your kid will be delighted by the cool design options available. 

If the child has homework regularly, they need an area to do it comfortably in. They won't require anything complex – a comfortable desk and chair are more than enough. Get a loveseat or beanbag chair for them to relax in and reward themselves for their hard work.  

Command Hooks

These are small plastic hooks that can hold items weighing up to half a pound. You can position them on any surface and reposition them as often as you want. They hold strongly, remove clean, and are easy to apply and take off. They serve a multitude of purposes, from hanging artwork, photos, belts, and calendars to putting up Christmas decorations. They come in different sizes and have the additional benefit of not leaving holes in the wall. 

If you have two kids sharing a room, you need a divider between the beds to prevent incessant chatter and/or potential squabbles. A cost-effective alternative to shelving units and dressers is a curtain on a rod, mounted on the ceiling. It can become part of the bedroom theme.

In this regard, make an effort to explain the concept of personal space to your children. Tell them all people need personal space to feel comfortable and establish constructive approaches to positive sibling interaction.

Accent Rugs and Throw Rugs

Rugs are cheap and come in millions of styles and colors. The size can be as big or small as the floor space you want to cover. 

Wall Decoration

Children Room Decoration Tips

Children Room Wall Decoration

Finally, use your kid’s drawings or paintings to breathe life into white walls. These might not be as glamorous as canvas prints, but they’re free, and the child will be happy. You could frame their favorite pictures and make a gallery wall for them to be proud of. However, canvas photos based on existing airbrush paintings are ideal for the baby and children's room. They are excellent when you have moving plans or of course to give as a gift. These prints are a cheaper alternative to hand-painted custom paintings

Before you know it, your child will be all grown up. While you have these valuable childhood years, make the most of them. Save money and enjoy time spent together decorating their room. Don’t get bogged down in details and always let them have a say on the theme, furniture, colors, and accessories. It will be an experience they remember for years to come. 

Lara Douglas

Lara Douglas

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