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Point of Sale Problem? Find Why Clover 2 Is The Best For Any Business

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Find Best Point of Sale System -  Clover 2 to the Rescue

Tired of long lines, restricted payment options and costly POS systems? Upgrade your point of sales system to the new Clover 2. Whether you’re using an old Clover system or another POS provider, find out how this innovative technology can boost your sales and resolve these common problems in your business. A new point of sales system could be all that your business is missing to succeed.

Cut Down Customer Wait Time

Whether you’re operating a retail franchise, independent restaurant or other business venture, long lines can harm your customer satisfaction and reduce sales. No one wants to wait in a line. The issue with your long lines could be a technology issue, rather than an issue with your employees.

The latest POS software speeds up processing time and offers an intuitive interface for your employees. This allows them to quickly select the right item, offer a range of payment options and complete the transaction in less time. Once a purchase is made, a reliable POS system can immediately track the sale and offer you reporting and inventory management to streamline other areas of your business.

Offer Diverse Payment Options

Another drawback to your old POS system is the payment options. If you’re only offering credit card, debit card and cash sales, then you’re falling behind. Today’s customers are using contactless payment, EMV chip cards and mobile apps to pay for their merchandise. Offering your customers’ preferred payment methods increasing satisfaction and speeds up the process of safely checking out.

The Clover system allows you to accept all of these payment options, in addition to a cash drawer and standard credit/debit cards. You can even create a rewards system for your loyal customers to earn points and receive promotional deals. Clover Rewards is integrated with Perka and is an intuitive system for customers to sign up, receive emails and instantly start earning points on all their purchases. You can tailor the system to fit your current rewards program or to match your business model.

Find Affordable POS Solutions By Best Point Of Sale System

Best Point Of Sale System

Point of Sale

Many POS systems advertise exciting features but come with a steep cost. Don’t pay excessive installation fees or purchase hardware and software that will quickly become obsolete. Many Clover POS systems are free with an account, while others are very affordable. Choose an account that doesn’t charge installation fees, applies reasonable transaction rates and helps you get the most out of the latest software.

Clover POS software is highly customizable and intuitive to learn. It’s not only useful for your employees handling transactions, but can also provide you with in-depth reports of sales, track your inventory and perform other essential business functions.

Ditch Your Old System Today

Learn more about the best POS merchant account available. Compare the Clover 2 with your current POS system to find out how you can improve your business model, decrease wait time and increase your profits with a comprehensive POS system today. Don’t let an outdated POS system hold your company back or turn customers away, but accelerate your business growth and outpace the competition with the latest features at affordable rates.

First Data POS Software Clover Tutorial - How to run a sale, void, refund, tips, and closeout

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