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Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence For Your Home

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Why Do You Need Artificial Intelligence For Your Home?

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence

smart home

The word ‘smart’ has long transcended into the digital world, especially from the moment touchscreens progressed beyond styluses and started responding to our fingers.

One of the undying quests of humankind is to continuously make machines smarter or ‘intelligent’ to be precise. The satisfaction in even assuming that machines would understand and interact with us like a human being is similar to being satiated after having a desirable meal.

Artificial Intelligence is one of our most celebrated technological inventions. Its potential is enormous, and so far, it is mostly realized in several Hollywood movies! Most of which are based on how we visualize machines in the future to ‘behave’. You know Jarvis from the Iron Man movies, don’t you? It’s an incredibly smart AI system developed by the Iron Man himself, Tony Stark.

In reality, though, AI is making its impact on our lives more subtly. From industrial applications to personal usage, AI is used to increase work efficiency, as well as convenience, by making machines capable of studying work-patterns and then learning from them to carry out the tasks with better results.

There’s little doubt that AI is entering our lives more and more with each passing year. More devices and gadgets are becoming ‘smart’. One of the most basic examples of the increasing use of AI on a daily basis is the use of a voice assistant in our smartphones, smart music speakers (Amazon’s Alexa), and televisions. As per the Bureau of Justice Statistics, on an average, about 3.7 million burglaries take place in US homes on a yearly basis. No wonder then that people are increasingly opting for smarter AI-driven security systems to safeguard their residences when they are away.

So the importance of Artificial Intelligence in making our homes more secure and personal is slowly, but steadily, becoming undeniable.

Let’s take a look at how AI is changing our homes and our lifestyles:

  • Voice command in home appliances
  • Domestic robots for household chores
  • Home heating with smart thermostat
  • Home security with cameras, facial recognition and intruder alarm systems


Voice command in home appliances

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence

AI home assistant

From a particular perspective, people are divided on using smart devices in their homes, like speakers, lighting systems, etc. A common argument is that using voice commands to turn a light on or off is bound to make people lazy. While it is arguable, of course, but think about its usefulness for the elderly as well as differently-abled people.

Looking at technology where it impacts the most always highlights its most convincing reason to exist.

There are so many devices today that use a voice assistant to perform a number of functions. For example, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant can be used to ask whether updates and make calls from our smartphones. Then there are Amazon Echo speakers powered by Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. It can play your choice of songs. These are quite basic instances of AI that we use today daily. And combined with the Internet of Things (IoT), we can simply use voice commands to dim the lights without even approaching the light switch on our bedroom walls!


Domestic robots for household chores

Remember Will Smith’s futuristic movie I, Robot? It showed a future where people are using robots as domestic help and for other social services. While the movie visualized the robots as sophisticatedly as the actual humans, the reality is comparatively very mechanical and a lot simpler..

Domestic robots are quite popular as cleaning robots that can wipe your living room floor, for instance. They can also mow the lawn if you would like them to. There’s a company that actually goes by the name iRobot and has an ‘intelligent’ vacuum cleaner robot called Roomba. Its latest variant, Roomba i7+, is smarter than ever. It uses Imprint Smart Mapping technology to learn, map, and adapt to your home to devise the most effective way to clean the rooms. And now, it gets Amazon’s Alexa to entertain voice commands as well.


Home heating and security with smart thermostat and cameras

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence

home automation

Places with mostly cold environments require permanent heating solutions for homes and other infrastructure. Companies that make such heating systems for homes have realized the potential of AI in making their devices capable of delivering customized heating solutions depending on usage.

Nest is one of the most popular companies which specializes in building AI-powered thermostat systems. They not only can be controlled remotely through a smartphone app, which doesn’t sound like a big deal, they also learn. After the first few days of manual inputs of varying temperature preferences by the user, the Nest Thermostat remembers and learns your preferred temperatures at different times of a day. It then automatically adjusts the heating temperature accordingly, leading to energy savings. It can also be set to turn off automatically when there’s no one at home, which means you don’t have to turn it off manually before leaving.

Then there is home security. Usually, conventional cameras and alarm systems are required to run 24/7 to provide home security. Thanks to AI, smart home security systems are now programmed to run, trigger, and send alerts only when there is a security threat to your home, family, and property.

Netatmo is a company specializing in creating smart home security systems. For example, their Smart Indoor Camera is not a typical security camera, of course. It is intelligent enough to recognize the faces of your family members so that it triggers and sends a security alert to you only when an actual intruder enters your home. It also has a feature that detects the movements of your pets so as to avoid accidental alarm.

Artificial Intelligence is an extensive subject and beyond its core purpose, its application differs from industry to industry. If you are someone who is considering using AI-powered devices to make your home and lives smarter, do thorough research on them, and weigh down on your options. Indulge in discussions, talk about it, and ask home-related queries concerning home improvement.

Besides several websites specifically dedicated to AI and supporting devices, there are Q&A websites where you can interact with people from around the world on this subject. There can be a lot of information exchange, especially regarding possible risks to privacy surrounding the use of AI in homes.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the inevitable outcomes of technology. It is almost as if we are destined to use AI sooner or later, regardless of how people feel about it. There are even polarizing opinions on giving too much power to the machines.

I believe, and I would like to continue believing that the ultimate control will remain with the humans.


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