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5 Tips For Choosing The Best Painters In Perth

How To Choose The Best Painters In Perth

Steps to Follow for Spray Painting

Steps to Follow for Spray Painting

When you are considering choosing a painter in Perth, you will have a few things in mind to help you make a decision.  The most common ones that people tend to think of are budget and time frame to complete the project.

A professional painter can add value to your house, help transform a space from sorrowful to stunning statement maker and leave you to spend time on other important things.

To help you make the right decision, here are five tips to help you choose the best painter in Perth.

First, let’s answer the budget question...

1. How much should a painter in Perth charge?

When you are speaking to painters, you will want to have a full list of all the works that are going to be done.  This includes any minor repairs and preparation work to walls, whether they provide the paint, are they quoting per hour or a fixed price for the works.

While some hourly rates may be cheaper, you may want to consider their experience, and whether the type of work they are completing for you is complex or simple.

If an hourly rate is higher, they still may complete the work faster, so be sure to ask for a time estimate when you are sourcing painting quotes from trades in Perth.


2. What is their reputation like?

Online reviews can give you some good insight into the experience of previous customers with the painter, and likewise, word of mouth can be very helpful.

When you are looking at their reviews, here are some points to focus on…

  • Did they complete the works on time
  • Were they polite and professional
  • Were they knowledgeable
  • Would they recommend using them again
  • What type of work is the review in relation to?


3. Have they got a portfolio of work that you can look at?

You want to find someone experienced in your type of painting project.   There is a difference between painting an exterior of a commercial building and painting the interior of a period home where restoration work is required. 

If you can’t find a project portfolio on their website, or media features,  you can ask to speak to some of their customers so that you can ask some questions to make an informed decision.


4. Are all their insurances up to date?

When you are having a painting team come into your home or workspace, you want peace of mind that they are insured. We don’t like to think of accidents happening, yet they still can.

Up to date insurances also help indicate that the business you are dealing with takes what they do seriously, and it's not just a side gig.


5. They are able to provide you with a detailed quote of the works to be completed

A professional quote from a painter will have inclusions and exclusions detailed, and also how they will handle any surprise issues that might arise.  Things like finding mold or issues with a wall.  A really clear quote makes it easy for both parties to communicate and understand what the obligations are so that you are happy with the completed works.


So, should you hire a professional painter or do it yourself?

At the end of the day, that comes down to budget, available time, and the quality of the finish you would like to achieve.   What might seem like a cheap DIY option could blow your financial and time budget if you come across an issue, or worse, have an accident.

A professional painter will have all of the necessary tools of the trade, insurances, and expertise ready to go. 



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