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7 Tools Every Homeowner Needs In Their Toolbox

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Various carpentry, repairing, DIY tools on wooden background

Various carpentry, repairing, DIY tools on wooden background

As a homeowner, there are obviously many things that you will have to do on a regular basis to keep your home in good shape. In fact, fixing minor issues on your own such as broken water pipes, repairing broken furniture and installing new appliances on your own helps you save money. In addition to that, it teaches you to be a critical thinker. But there is no way you can get things done in your home when you don’t have the right tools. The problem is that homeowners imagine that they have to be in possession of a huge collection of tools to be able to fix things. No. You don’t have to. Just because you are a DIY person doesn’t transform you into a jack of all trades. All you need is a collection of tools that are commonly used in handling DIY projects and you will be good to go. Here is a list of essential tools that every homeowner should consider acquiring.

1. Claw Hammer

This one goes without saying. You can’t consider yourself to be a DIY maniac when you don’t own a hammer already. The tool comes in handy when you want to join pieces of wood together, such as when making garden furniture or kitchen shelves. You can also use the tool to repair worn out chairs and beds. And in case of a mistake, you can always use the claws of the hammer to pull out the nails. When shopping for a hammer, it’s recommended you opt for one that has a gripped handle because it can’t slip away when you swing it around.


2. Screwdriver Set

A screwdriver is designed for fastening things using screws. Besides that, it’s needed when you want to open the hood of any device or gadget. And since there are different types of screw heads, it’s important you invest in a set that has multiple screwdriver tips. This means you have to narrow down to the type that comes with detachable bits. Some of the most used screwdriver types include flat tip, star tip and Allen tip bits.


3. Measuring Tape

If you are a serious DIY homeowner, you can’t afford to not have a measuring tape. And even if you will not be working on any project on your own, you will still need it when shopping for new stuff. As a smart homeowner, you can never buy things blindly without considering the space that’s available in your house. You will also need to measure the dimensions of the various rooms when shopping for materials to avoid running into a deficit. There are actually so many decisions that are guided by a tape measure.


4. Pliers

There are many different types of pliers. However, locking and long nose pliers are the ones that are used the most in DIY projects. The pliers are used when installing stuff that comes with wires or cables. The good thing is that they allow you to handle live electric cables without getting electrocuted. You can also use them to fasten micro-size bolts and nuts.


5. Adjustable Wrench

Ideally, a wrench can be used for two purposes. When you want to open or tighten giant nuts and bolts, you have to use a wrench. In fact, it’s commonly used for fixing plumbing problems. Besides that, you can use a wrench as a clumping tool, especially when dealing with complicated bolts and nuts. The benefit of having a wrench is that no bolt or nut will be too much for you. This is because you can always increase or reduce the size of the wrench.


6. Electric Drill

An electric drill is reserved for drilling holes on wooden surfaces. It can also be used for driving screws through wood. It actually comes in handy when you want to create furniture such as cabinets and drawers. There are actually two categories of electric drills; corded and cordless. If you really value convenience, you should opt for a cordless drill because it will allow you to work without being tethered around the wall socket. The drill is normally equipped with a battery that stores power for several hours.


7. Spirit Level

A level guarantees that you work with high precision to avoid doing a shoddy job. A spirit level has a bubble that lets you know when the surface that you are working on is on the same level. The level is commonly used when installing stuff inside the house such as a new floor, TV set or a wall. There are actually many instances when a spirit level would be needed.  



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