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Common Clothes Dryer Problems

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Common Clothes Dryer Problems

clothes dryer

clothes dryer

Most of us try to air-dry our freshly-washed clothes in the sun or on a folding stand to save money and use less electricity each month. However, sometimes we have no choice but to use a clothes dryer.

As such, it’s helpful to have a well-maintained, properly working dryer available. If your machine stops running or won’t operate correctly, investigate the issue as soon as possible. There are some common clothes dryer problems to be aware of today.

Won’t Start

One of the first signs you need to call in a specialist to conduct a dryer repair is if your machine simply won’t start in the first place. If the power cord hasn’t come out from the wall or your power-board, and if you’ve tested the electrical outlet with another device to be sure power is coming in, the issue lies with your machine.

Numerous problems can lead to this scenario. One is when the thermal fuse in the dryer needs replacing. Alternatively, sometimes devices don’t turn on when the door switch (what makes dryers stop moving when you open the door) has broken in the “off” position. The switch could also be blocked due to a build-up of lint, dirt, dust, etc.

Also, dryer power cords can fray over time due to age and the movement that occurs during operation. If your appliance doesn’t turn on, the problem may be that the cord isn’t sending electricity where it needs to go.


Doesn’t Heat

Sometimes you can tell your dryer is switching on, but it doesn’t actually heat and therefore isn’t working effectively. If you notice this, check to make sure that you – or more likely your child or pet – haven’t accidentally changed the settings to the air-dry option that fluffs contents rather than heating them.

If this is all fine, check the supply line valve, if you own a gas clothes dryer. This valve needs to be open fully for the machine to operate correctly. Another problem could be the dryer’s thermal fuse. If it has blown due to a mechanical reason or even a power surge, the machine won’t generate heat. A qualified electrician or appliance repair person can check for these issues or any others causing the appliance to stay cold.  



 Too Much Heat

On the other hand, you might face a case where your dryer is generating way too much heat. This is a dangerous situation that can lead to a house fire, so have someone look at the machine ASAP to ensure it doesn’t cause such issues in your home. Also, keep children and pets away from the dryer, so they don’t burn themselves on it if it’s too hot to touch.

Some of the reasons why your clothes dryer may heat up include issues with the machine’s thermostat or heating elements (coils). An electrician should be able to repair or replace these parts. Also, if your appliance isn’t getting enough ventilation, this can cause a problem. Ensure the vents on the machine aren’t obstructed and causing it to overheat. You must also clean the lint trap often – after each load is best.


No Tumbling

Another clothes dryer problem is that the machine turns on, but the drum inside it isn’t spinning, so your clothes stay wet. If this happens to your appliance, you may need to get the dryer belt replaced. These can wear out and break over time, or occasionally even end up out of place. Alternatively, a repair person could find that the dryer’s motor or switch, or the drum support rollers, have stopped doing their job.


Items Covered in Lint

After you’ve washed your clothes and popped them in the dryer, you expect to take them out fresh and clean. However, unfortunately, sometimes the opposite occurs. If you pull out your items and notice lint covers them, the likely issue is something you can take care of quickly yourself.

The problem usually stems from the lint screen being full due to a lack of clearing. It can’t hold any more lint, so the fluff gets all over your belongings, instead of staying in place on or within the lint holder. Create a habit of removing lint after each dryer use, and you shouldn’t have this issue again.

Also, it pays to wipe out the machine’s drum occasionally to pick up any leftover lint or balled up tissue that may have gotten into the washing machine earlier and then transferred to your dryer.

A clothes dryer is an essential appliance for many people. Limit downtime on your machine and the resulting stress by troubleshooting, then enlisting the help of a specialist.



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