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Choosing The Right Furniture Company

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If you’ve ever had to furnish a whole house, you know it’s quite overwhelming to shop for furniture pieces across various stores. Most of the time, it’s best to find one or two furniture companies that can supply your furniture needs. In this article, we’ll talk about the best ways to find the right furniture shop for you. Read on!

Look at Reviews

Reviews about a furniture store are a treasure trove of valuable insights and opinions about the company. These reviews may talk about the furniture pieces’ quality or price, and they may even give you insights into the store’s after-sales service. Reading them helps you set realistic expectations about the store.

More importantly, you get to read about people’s positive experiences and complaints about the furniture store. If a store has many low-rated reviews, check the common complaint trends. Most of the time, these complaints are real, and they help you make an informed decision. Anne Quinn Furniture has hundreds of five-star reviews that help their customer make smart purchases.


Check the Store’s Catalog

Browse the furniture store’s catalog carefully by checking whether they have furniture pieces for every room in your home. If they do, that means they can provide all the furniture items you need to achieve cohesion in your house’s interior design. Check for all available furniture styles and designs, and scrutinize the materials used in their furniture pieces.

The best furniture stores also sell pieces in various sizes, pricing them accordingly. Pro tip: if you find a piece of furniture you like in one store, search it in other stores and compare the businesses’ catalogs to see which one offers better options in terms of style, design, and pricing. This way, you have greater chances of stumbling upon unique finds that are a great fit for your house.


Read Descriptions

Every time you check the store’s catalog or website, always read descriptions. Example the information available about the products, and pay special attention to their measurements. Check the materials used to manufacture the piece, and list the company’s contact number if you’ve decided to inquire about their product. If possible, ask or read about their after-sales, refund, and return policies.

If you can find such information easily through their website or elsewhere, then the store is a decent and reliable one. If not, then look for other more trustworthy stores.


Check and Compare Pricing

High-quality furniture pieces tend to be more expensive than low-quality ones. However, you still have to avoid unreasonably high prices. Calculate all the fees you must pay for a purchase — the actual product’s price, the delivery fee (which can be quite high depending on your location), and tax — and then decide if you’re making a worthy purchase.

Again, it’s best to compare prices from a variety of stores. Don’t settle for the first one you find. Check three or more stores and get a feel of the market’s average pricing for a furniture piece with the same design and materials across stores.


Avoid Common Mistakes

Finally, the best way to find the right furniture company is to avoid making the following mistakes:

  • Not Visiting the Shop in Person: even though online furniture shopping is the norm these days, visiting a shop in person and examining the furniture pieces with your own hands when you can is never wrong. This helps you verify what you see online and visualize more accurately the furniture you’re buying.
  • Not Considering Your Existing Furniture: when looking into a furniture company, it’s important to see whether their designs and materials fit your existing furniture pieces. Think about how the new purchase will look with the rest of your furniture.
  • Not Measuring Enough: while the furniture company provides the dimensions of the product, it’s also best to measure it yourself. You might find that one of their dining tables doesn’t quite fit the mold. Maybe one of its legs is slightly shorter than the others, or maybe it’s bigger than advertised, and it may not fit correctly through your doors or room.
  • Rushing the Purchase: the worst you can do is rush the purchase. Not because the product looks great in pictures or the showroom doesn’t mean you’ll buy it right away. Again, it’s best to compare various stores and take your time in vetting each one.







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