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Expert Advice: How To Tell If Your Windows Are Stormproof

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Windows are often overlooked when considering home construction, but they can be an important detail when it comes to your property's safety. Windows are often overlooked when considering home construction, but they can be an important detail when it comes to your property's safety. Stormproof windows are specially designed with severe weather in mind. They include hurricane screens that allow for quick passage of wind without damaging the window or you, and they also come with anchors that will prevent them from flying off their hinges during a storm. They shut out all wind, rain, and debris. They are custom-designed for your property. The screens are made of hurricane-rated glass that can withstand high winds without breaking or being pushed out by the pressure of the wind.

Hurricane-rated windows must be specially designed to withstand hurricane winds. These windows are strong, but that doesn't mean that they are invincible. The National Hurricane Center warns that "most stormproof windows will not withstand a direct hit from a hurricane." Therefore, before you invest in new replacement windows, make sure that you consider the severity of the storms that your area is likely to experience.

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How Do I Know If My Windows Are Hurricane Proof?

Built from a combination of steel and aluminum, hurricane windows are designed to withstand the force of a storm. Their frames are welded together for sturdiness and then reinforced with steel or aluminum clips. In addition, they have specially designed screens that allow the wind to pass through without causing any damage to the window itself. Hurricane-resistant glass cannot be installed on its own – you have to use it with a strong frame.

The best way to pick out your perfect stormproof window replacements is to look at the ratings. Windows are rated based on their ability to withstand hurricane forces, and some are better than others. Check how much weight the window can hold when looking at ratings because this will determine how strong the window replacement is overall. Here is some advice on how to tell if your windows are hurricane proof.


1. Check the Frame Around Your Windows: The part of the window that you can usually see when it's closed is just the front surface of the windowpane, but what you can't see is what's holding that pane in place. That is called the window frame.


The frame around your windows supports the glass, and it's what allows your windows to resist wind. A-frame made of metal or wood is the best type of frame. A stormproof window has a metal or wood frame that will provide resistance to strong winds. A storm door can also have a stormproof window installed on it, but just because they have the same name doesn't mean they are essentially the same thing. If you can see cracks or that it's lifting or lifting away from the wall, then that window isn't stormproof.


2. Your Windows for Leaks: Take a piece of masking tape and mark both sides of all of your windows with it at precisely the same height for comparison. Now turn off all the lights. Pull all of the curtains and blinds. Get out a flashlight and look carefully around the window. Does the flashlight beam shine through both sides of the window? If so, then that window is not stormproof.


3. Check for Blowing Glass: The next step is to notice anything between your glass and strong wind. Wind can be a serious problem for stormproof windows, but it's not the only thing that can cause them to fail. If you suspect that your windows are not stormproof, there is probably a good chance they aren't.


Are Double Pane Windows Hurricane Proof?

No, they are not. Double pane windows are specifically designed for weather conditions below 32 degrees, whereas hurricane screens are designed to withstand winds up to 250 mph or more at speeds of 75 mph or more. If your residence is prone to hurricanes, you can protect your home and even save it from damage. Hurricane windows include reinforced glass inserts that will allow them to withstand the force of a storm without shattering your windows. If your windows are shattered, you could be left with thousands of dollars in damages.


How to tell the Difference Between Hurricane Windows and Impact Windows?

By definition, impact windows are created from glass that has been treated with a particular chemical to make it more resistant to breakage. This type is the most common and easy for most homeowners to install.

Hurricane-resistant windows are created from glass that is specially designed for use in severe weather conditions. It is custom molded and handcrafted by a fitter specialist. They can be easily installed on any frame or opening, and they look great and provide the extra protection you need. Hurricane windows are custom-made to fit your frame. Whereas you can purchase impact windows with or without frames, these are called "frameless" or "double Hung" Impact Windows. Impact windows have a larger area that needs to be protected.

For this reason, they can be more expensive than hurricane windows. The way they are held in place is very different also. Impact windows are held in place with stronger fasteners than hurricane windows. The fact that they are held in place with direct fasteners can lead to more damage in the event of high winds.


How Do I Check My Wind Rating windows?

You can find information on the company that manufactures your windows on the boxes or their websites. You can also look for a label with a number, such as a V-label, indicating a window's hurricane rating. This allows you to know what your window is capable of concerning the weather. here are the window frame performance ratings for hurricane protection:

  • One star rating – Does not protect against hurricane-force winds. Don't waste your money.
  • 2-star rating – Provides some protection against hurricane-force winds. It is not recommended except in areas with minimal risk of hurricanes. If you live in an area with any chance of hurricanes, look for 3-4 stars instead.
  • 3-star rating – Provides good protection against hurricane-force winds for most coastal areas. However, if you live in an area with heavy winds or very high wind speeds, you should consider a higher-rated window.
  • 4-star rating – Provides excellent protection for almost all coastal areas. If your residence is prone to having heavy winds or very high wind speeds, this is the ideal option.


In Conclusion

If you're in any way concerned about the effectiveness of storm protection on your windows, then talk with an expert. You can also get a free quote for new storm shutters from many companies who manufacture them, and one of those companies is Storm Defender, Inc. They offer free estimates on custom storm shutters and new installations.