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14 Cleaning Secrets To Cut Cleaning Time In Half

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A clean and tidy house may make you feel good, but the process of getting there isn’t always joyful. It’s not recommended to procrastinate when you finally decide to clean the house.

You shouldn’t put off cleaning your tub or your appliances for later. Especially if you want your house to look excellent.

However, you can clean your house in less time than you ever thought possible with a little know-how.


Secrets for Cutting Your Cleaning Time in Half


1. Create a Checklist to Clean Accordingly

Due to time constraints, end-of-lease cleaning cannot be rushed. Making your own cleaning checklist is essential to save time and money.

Maintaining order in the house is much easier when you have a checklist at your disposal. Cleaning windows, ceiling fans, and light fixtures increase the likelihood of cleaning them. You’ll also be able to avoid last-minute panic and keep the area tidy.


2. Organize Your Tasks Based on Priority Order 

Not every part of house cleaning won’t be safe for you if you choose DIY steps. So, make sure that everyone is safe before you do anything else. 

Start with the most vital activities, such as inspecting smoke alarms. You should also clean and test carbon monoxide detectors in each room. 

After doing the most prioritized tasks, you’ll know how much more time you need to do the rest. It will be a time-saving approach from your end.


3. Engage the Services of a Specialist

If your DIY cleaning techniques aren’t helping, you may pay professionals to assist. There are various window cleaning service providers on the market. All you have to do is research and find out the best pick for your house.

You don’t want to go in over your head, so be honest about what you can handle. Consider if you can take the task yourself.

If not, then always hire a more cost-effective and time-saving professional. For example- it is not easy to clean the gutter by yourself. For that, you can consider gutter cleaning services.


4. Pick One Room and Go With the Flow

One room at a time is a good starting point to work with. If you do all the room by yourself, it will take a massive amount of time. 

Cleaning one room at a time also helps you focus and avoid distractions. You’ll be able to complete each area in record time since you’ll spend less time wandering around the home.

Also, you can cut that time in half by scheduling a window cleaning service for one or two rooms at a time. Providers like Charlotte window cleaning offer the best window cleaning services. 

Users are giving excellent reviews to providers like them. It would be better to work with someone qualified who can advise on other cleaning aspects as well.


5. Soaking Steps 

Simple planning and preparation can be utilized for practically any household cleaning task. Before cleaning, treating the surface helps rid old dirt, stains, and food residue. It takes half of the unnecessary efforts away which you would have spent later.


  • Kitchen

Pour hot water with dishwashing detergent over baked-on food. Remove with a soft brush or scourer after soaking for a few hours. 


  • Laundry

A presoak cycle in your washing machine may help remove difficult stains. And restore the freshness of your linens. You may also use a pail with some diaper soaker or liquid washing presoak. All these steps will really cut your cleaning time in half. 


  • Bathroom 

Apply a pre-spray of bathroom cleaning and let it soak in for a few minutes before you begin scrubbing. Rinse well after removing with a gentle brush or scouring pad. 


6. Coffee Filters Work Well for Removing Lint From Surfaces 

Mirror, window, and other glass lint can be cleaned using standard kitchen equipment. The remaining lint could be vacuumed out using coffee filters or old cotton t-shirts.

It’s always better to use alternatives like these to cut the cleaning time in half. Without them, removing the lint could be a hectic process.


7. Mold May Be Eliminated Using Bleach Gel 

Do not buy new cleaning supplies if mold has begun to develop in your bathroom. Instead, use the same gel bleach you’ve been using to keep your toilets fresh.  

The pressure washing company knows which bleach gel would be suitable for cleaning. So, if you are confused about which one to buy, you can always ask the professionals. It will help you save so much of your time that you can spend somewhere else.


8. Speedy Window Cleaning Methods

girl cleaning windows

Window cleaning takes so much of our time in the house cleaning process. It can be overwhelming if we don’t know what we are doing. If you are thinking about speeding up the process of cleaning windows, there are a few things you can do. 


  • Scrub 

Window scrubbers, glass-safe sponges, and warm water are all you need to clean the glass. If you haven’t had your windows cleaned in a while, this may require some elbow grease. 

Massage the window’s top and side corners using a clean, dry cloth wrapped around your finger. It gives the squeegee a dry, clean edge to work from. 


  • Clean the Windows Using a Squeegee

Create dry regions on both sides of the squeegee using your towel-covered finger. After each stroke, wipe the squeegee off with a clean, dry cloth. You don’t have to worry about missing places with the dry edge since you don’t have to be up against the window. 

This method eliminates squeegee residue, making the procedure considerably more efficient. The window is streak-free when you’ve finished squeegeeing it! If you don’t have a squeegee, taking assistance from a commercial window cleaning service would be wise here. How? 

  • They have goods and tools of the highest quality 
  • You will gain improved security 
  • Residential window cleaning services with a focus on detailing

9. Clean All of the Surfaces of the House Thoroughly 

Dusting, rubbing, wiping, and scrubbing are some of the most common cleaning methods. These steps may need a lot of your time, but they’ll take much longer if you don’t know how to execute them correctly.

Regular cleaning can help you remove dust, filth, lint, and other contaminants quickly. On the broader picture, it will save your time by cutting it in half.

Don’t forget to go over everything one more time to ensure that no speck of dust was missed. Understand that you can’t apply this method for roof power washing. Why?

  • To clean the roof thoroughly, you’ll need a pressure washer. Using a pressure washer on a sloped and slippery surface might be dangerous. Falling from a roof can cause significant harm, if not death. In that case, a professional roof pressure washing service could assist. 
  • The dark color of the roof tiles obscures dirt and debris buried in the shingles’ cracks and gaps. 
  • Excessive roof cleaning pressure may loosen and thin granules on shingles. A power washer may even loosen old and loose shingles or blow them off a roof. Since you are not an expert in it, you shouldn’t force yourself. 
  • Using a pressure washing business to do some of these problematic tasks like roof cleaning will cut your cleaning time in half for sure.

10.Make Sure to Possess All the Cleaning Supplies You Need 

Before you begin cleaning, ensure you have all of the tools you need. If anything is lacking, utilize what you have or go to the store.  

Or utilizing a service like power washing Charlotte would be okay too. Because the experts will have knowledge about all the necessary ingredients.  

You might have spent a lot of money while buying some of these items. But working with professionals will save you both time and money in this case. Remember that reducing your cleaning time in half can only be done if there are no or very few delays. 


11. Make Sure to Clean Your Appliances Regularly 

Keeping your appliances clean can help you spend less time cleaning. Cleaning your house in minutes could be achieved by regularly cleaning these devices. Wipe down all machines, including refrigerators, televisions, and air conditioners.  

Pressure washing services could be hired for refrigerators, part-time maids, and air conditioners. It helps to cut down the cleaning time in half in the long run.


12. Avoid Using Any Screen Time  

It will need more than arranging, wiping, and mopping if you want to slash your cleaning time in half. A no-texting and no-calling rule should also be included. Put your phone on silent or in a position where you can’t see it. 


13.Regular Decluttering and Organization

lady bedsheet

A cluttered and disordered atmosphere accounts for around half of all cleaning time. Tidying up a room with books, journals, magazines, newspapers, etc., is difficult.  

To find a solution, place storage baskets strategically around the room. It’s easy to fill these baskets with anything that needs to be organized instantly. 


14. Motivate Others to Avoid Needless Messes 

Getting the whole family involved can help you clean faster. Keeping the home neat will make your deep cleaning more manageable. 

If everyone in the house is aware of this fact, they will not let the mess build up. It will help the cleaning process by cutting the time in half in the long run. 



Cleaning your property is not a simple job. But with practical creativity, you can always cut the time in half. If you have read this informative post of ours, you have already learned a few tactics. Applying them will help, and you can finally get to see your beautiful, tidy home.







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