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Cleaning Service 101 – Types Of Services On Offer

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cleaning window glass

cleaning window glass

As a home or property owner, you will need to hire a cleaning service from time to time. From the customer's perspective, all cleaning services must look alike. However, this is far from the truth. There are different types of cleaning services and depending on your requirement you should choose the right kind of specialist for the job. A professional cleaning service can offer most types of service, but you should make it a point to ask about the specialty, if any, before signing the contract papers. 

Here is the type of services offered by a cleaning company.

Residential cleaning

Residential or domestic cleaning is the most common service available at your local cleaners. Customers acquire the services of domestic help for all the household chores and cleaning activities. Since household jobs tend to be manageable, it requires a smaller crew. Residential cleaning includes rooms, kitchen, and bathroom cleaning. However, depending on the customer's demands, services can also include washing, ironing, and strata cleaning. Residential cleaning usually requires customers to supply the cleaning tools and products.


Commercial cleaning

Commercial or office cleaning is the next most common service offered by the firms. And it is not just the commercial buildings like schools, community halls, and public libraries also require professional cleaning. You can schedule the cleaning after the working hours or during depending on whichever suits the customer. Commercial cleaning involves a crew of 6-10 since there is a larger area to cover. The services commonly include wiping, floor cleaning, window cleaning, dusting, vent and duct cleaning, toilet cleaning, upholstery, and carpet care. Commercial cleaning crew usually carry their equipment and cleaning supplies.


Janitorial services

Janitorial services are a subset of commercial services, but offices and organizations often hire a cleaning service for the sole purpose of obtaining janitorial facilities. Janitorial services cover day-to-day operations and maintenance of office spaces and other commercial facilities. This crew works all-around the clock while being posted on-site in longer shifts. It involves deep cleaning a few times a year along with the daily cleaning services. Everything from the garbage disposal, sweeping-mopping to changing the light-bulbs are a part of commercial janitorial service.



Laundry and dry cleaning are the next cleaning services in demand. Keep in mind that laundry service is quite different from the dry cleaning facilitates. However, both laundry and dry cleaning will require specialized equipment and a trained crew for operations. As the customer, you can choose a self-service laundry cleaning service or hire a team to do it as per your requirements. When it comes to selecting laundry and dry-cleaning services, make sure to check the equipment without fail.


Disinfection and sanitization

The recent COVID scare has shifted the focus towards a medically sanitized and sterile work environment. Office spaces are incredibly susceptible to harmful microbes that can cause flu, allergies, and other symptoms. Sanitization services use chemicals and disinfectants to sterilize commercial buildings and even personal homes to make the living quarters safe for human habitation.

These are the primary services offered by a cleaning company. Choose your expert according to your need. All the best!



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